Neural Network Libraries - Examples
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Neural Network Libraries - Examples

This repository contains working examples of Neural Network Libraries. Before running any of the examples in this repository, you must install the Python package for Neural Network Libraries. The Python install guide can be found here.

Before running an example, also run the following command inside the example directory, to install additional dependencies:

cd example_directory
pip install -r requirements.txt

Docker image

If you have Docker and NVIDIA Docker on your system, you can build and run a CUDA-compatible Docker image which contains dependencies for running most of the examples in this repository.

The following command creates the Docker image.

docker build -t local/nnabla-examples . --build-arg CUDA_VER=9.2 --build-arg CUDNN_VER=7 --build-arg PYTHON_VER=3.6

The options followed by --build-arg specify the versions of some dependent software. You can ommit these arguments if you use the default. You can find the default versions at the lines containing ARG commands in the Dockerfile.

A Docker container of the created image can be launched by;

nvidia-docker run {options} local/nnabla-examples {command}


  • You must use a CUDA toolkit version compatible with your CUDA driver version on your host system.