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Add key for Google Cloud on
Ahrefs bot IP
Animate marker on Google
Animate route on Google
ArangoDB CRUD samples with
BolaBanget domain
Browser driver with
Bypass CloudFlare DDoS protection on
CSS box shadow
CSS on how to center IMG horizontally and vertically inside a
CSS on how to make image background on DIV centered in
Campaign URL builder (contains utm generator).md
Can HAProxy and Nginx on the same server?.md
Check or get last character on a string in
Common Nginx
Concept of validating transaction in
Copy string in vi (some tricks).md
Country flag sprites and
Create attribution on bottom right of an
Create new user in CentOS 7 and add it with sudo
Detecting bot in apache log with
Developer tips in the form of animated
Did you know the difference of let and var in
Difference of $() and $$() on
Doing Facebook login with
Duplicate line removal
Easy for lazy crontab
Enable SVG compression on
Error during update
Example of Chrome headless
Example of using scp command to upload
Example working with Javascript object and
Facebook sharing debugger and open graph
Free proxy
Get PHP info by using
Git checkout on multiple
Good .htaccess
Good image processor for
Good library to send tweet to Twitter with
Google Analytics Web Tracking (analytics.js)
Google Analytics setup for multiple
Google PageSpeed User
Google crawlers
Google latest web
Google reCAPTCHA v2 for client
HTML template
HTTPS is not enough, implement HSTS as
Handle image load on Javascript that
Here is very good modern color
Hot to get last node in
How I clean the access_log that contains
How I update from IUS PHP 7.0 to PHP 7.1 on my CentOS
How To Partition and Format Storage Devices in
How To Redirect www to Non-www with Apache on
How To Redirect www to Non-www with Nginx on CentOS
How To Set Up Password Authentication with Nginx on Ubuntu
How do I find the largest top 10 files and directories on
How show list of files from a particular commit in
How to "Leverage Browser Caching" required by Google page speed
How to Modifying the Size, IOPS, or Type of an EBS Volume on
How to activate Doctrine DBAL on Symfony
How to add IP on CentOS on current
How to add PATH on RHEL 7 for all
How to add additional data on select option tag and read it with
How to add branch name on command prompt at MacOS
How to add git branch on bash
How to add index to existing MySQL
How to add new column in MySQL with default
How to add path in CentOS 7 for all
How to add remote connection to
How to add timeout when using ZendHttpClient on
How to add user to sudo member in
How to address semver problem on npm on
How to allow slash character in Symfony route
How to alter table in MySQL from column type varchar to
How to alter table to create FULLTEXT index on MySQL
How to animate Google Maps
How to avoid Amazon AWS DNS appears in SERP using
How to avoid CloudFlare DDoS protection with
How to avoid SSL error on stream context on
How to avoid connection broken pipe in SSH in Mac
How to avoid forbidden access when you create virtual host in Apache web
How to avoid gap below img inside an a
How to backup MySQL database using Percona
How to backup crontab
How to block WordPress wp-admin login screen from an IP
How to block web access only from particular IP
How to block website such as spotify or facebook using Layer 7 on Mikrotik
How to build Go program to other architecture, for example for
How to cancel commit on
How to cancel file that already git add but before git
How to change bind to IP address on MongoDB
How to change data directory for MySQL in
How to change language on Google Sign-In
How to change timezone from one to another in
How to cheat Google Page Speed
How to check Apache access log with some
How to check IP address in CentOS
How to check Java and JDK version on
How to check MySQL down or not in shell
How to check Twig version on Symfony
How to check a date string is valid using
How to check a function is exists in
How to check available entropy on
How to check bind address setting on MySQL using variable
How to check connection of Redis to remote host with
How to check element exists using
How to check folder usage on
How to check how many kernels installed on my CentOS
How to check if CentOS 7
How to check number of Apache processes in
How to check open ports on
How to check open ports on Linux using
How to check package that should be updated on
How to check service is it enabled on CentOS
How to clear   in
How to clear browser cache on
How to clear cache in
How to clear core and create core on
How to clear the local DNS cache in OSX, Windows and
How to combine node or doing union in
How to commit in Solr after
How to complete remove of Atom on
How to compress JPG to JPG for smaller
How to configure Nginx for Symfony
How to configure and install Samba on CentOS 7 to share folder for Windows
How to connect to other database in Symfony controller using connection
How to connect to remote ArangoDB with
How to continue numbering in
How to convert curl command line to
How to convert from ppk to pem for SSH private
How to convert timezone in
How to copy folder with subdirectories in
How to copy image from remote URI to local in
How to copy multiple files defined on text file to a target folder on
How to copy table without copying data in
How to copy whole line in
How to count array based on specific key on associative array in
How to count how many files staged for commit in
How to create FULLTEXT index on existing table on
How to create QR
How to create SSH keys for CloudKilat support
How to create SSL cert with certbot certonly
How to create Symfony Twig
How to create URL rewrite in
How to create a branch from specific commit on master and skip some commits on
How to create alias command in MacOS in
How to create alias command in
How to create branch from a branch in
How to create composite index or key in
How to create event listener on pure
How to create keypairs for new user in Linux using
How to create nested folder when using
How to create pretty URL in
How to create private key from ppk based key on
How to create profile in
How to create server block in Nginx in CentOS
How to create slug generator in
How to create submodule on
How to create time remaining function in PHP (using Bahasa).md
How to create user in MySQL and give
How to customize notification prompt message on OneSignal using custom
How to cut long string to only certain characters with respecting full word in
How to delete LVM volume on
How to delete array element in
How to delete branch in
How to delete branch on
How to delete history items and all history in history command in
How to delete old kernel on
How to delete remote branch in
How to delete unused kernel on CentOS
How to deploy Go app to
How to deploy Nodejs application on
How to detect   present in nodeValue in
How to detect 404 error code in an URL using
How to detect <li> click on generated <li> using
How to detect broken image on
How to detect if a script running from CLI in
How to detect parameters on URI using
How to detect retina display using media query in
How to detect selected option on SELECT HTML tag using just plain
How to disable ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY on MySQL
How to disable SELinux on RHEL
How to disable animations on Ubuntu
How to disable password validation scheme in MySQL
How to disable query cache temporarily on
How to disable root login in SSH in linux
How to disable root login on SSH daemon on CentOS
How to discard unstaged changes in
How to display all SHA1 commits on your repository on
How to display full path of command on top
How to display object using alert in
How to display original JSON object string in
How to display staged files (ready to commit) with
How to do DIFF in Git for a particular file with
How to do Facebook login with Facebook SDK for
How to do Git log without displaying
How to do Google Chrome headless to capture the
How to do MySQL server monitoring with
How to do PHP curl with extra or custom
How to do PHPUnit with procedural style of PHP
How to do PM2 with
How to do SSH CLI with password as
How to do Symfony 4.1 with MongoDB on Windows with PHP 7.2 from
How to do XPath evaluation on Firefox dev
How to do XPath for select node that has class name starts with particular
How to do XPath in
How to do XPath on
How to do XPath to get only first 10
How to do XPath to get only odd <tr>.md
How to do XPath to get string after a particular
How to do XPath to query node that relative to parent
How to do XPath to search all text on all p
How to do XPath to search class that contains particular
How to do catchall for routing in
How to do child theme on
How to do composer update that no problem with PHP memory
How to do firewalld on CentOS
How to do git diff from previous commit or last
How to do grep that contains unwanted
How to do grep with OR
How to do mount and unmount on
How to do mysqldump in
How to do partition in
How to do proxy with copy or file_get_contents command in
How to do regex on Twig to match a
How to do regex to find the latest substring from last
How to do replace on string with Javascript to replace all substring
How to do rsync to copy files between remote
How to do rsync to move files between Linux
How to do shell exec on PHP cli to do a Git
How to do substring in reverse in
How to do union or combine node in
How to doing regex to remove something between
How to download file with curl in
How to download file with wget in
How to duplicate line in
How to duplicate user permission on
How to duplicate whole line in Sublime
How to dynamically set zoom value on Google Maps API during
How to enable Forward Secrecy in
How to enable apache on Mac OSX
How to enable compression on Apache web
How to enable profiler toolbar in Symfony
How to executing multiple commands from a Windows cmd
How to exit from scaled mode display on
How to export database to AWS RDS using
How to extract MySQL database but only the structure without
How to extract tar.bz2 file in
How to extract
How to extract tar.gz file in
How to extract tar.gz without the first
How to fake user agent on copy function on PHP to download a file from the
How to find a string from files in a directory in
How to find a string from files in a folder in
How to find files in Linux for particular date based on
How to fix "setlocale: LC_CTYPE: cannot change locale (UTF-8): No such file or directory" in MacBook
How to fix Docker permission problem on Ubuntu debian
How to fix blowfish passphrase error in
How to fix if yum says has no more mirrors to
How to generate CSV file from data array in
How to generate SSL certificate using Let's Encrypt
How to get <content:encoded> node on RSS using DOMDocument in
How to get <media:thumbnail> node on RSS using DOMDocument in
How to get HTML content inside a node using
How to get Linux command from history on
How to get alt content using regex in
How to get arguments on
How to get current IP address in CentOS
How to get environment status in
How to get full HTML source in
How to get full path of itself from a bash
How to get img src using
How to get key if your key has problem in
How to get list of columns or fields from MySQL
How to get nearby places using Google Maps
How to get node's HTML instead of plain text on PHP
How to get nodeValue without child
How to get particular commit from Git repo to a new
How to get public key from a .pem
How to get query data GET method on Symfony
How to get text from a node without including text from child nodes using
How to go to particular line number in
How to grep with AND
How to handle 404 on PHP
How to handle DOMDocument and UTF-8 encoding in
How to handle error when updating Ubuntu with apt-get
How to handle http or https with no-www to
How to handle possible null on MySQL database for Go
How to handle to get original image on WordPress image
How to hide Nginx
How to hide X-Powered-By PHP on
How to implement flash message in Symfony
How to increase entropy on CentOS
How to increase inodes in
How to inject data into SurveyMonkey with PHP
How to inject something on WordPress
How to install AWS client CLI tool on
How to install Ansible on
How to install ArangoDB client tools only on
How to install Composer
How to install Docker CE on RHEL 7 safely according to
How to install Docker CE on RHEL
How to install Docker on AWS EC2 Linux AMI
How to install Elasticsearch on CentOS
How to install Google Chrome for doing headless browsing on CentOS
How to install Homebrew on MacOS
How to install ImageMagick on CentOS and integrate with
How to install JDK on CentOS
How to install Java SDK 1.8.0_xxx for Elasticsearch and
How to install LAMP stack on AWS EC2 on fresh
How to install LEMP on CentOS
How to install MongoDB PHP extension on PHP
How to install MongoDB on
How to install NTP on
How to install Node.js 9.x on
How to install Node.js on CentOS
How to install OrientDB on Ubuntu or
How to install PHP 7.2 on new EC2 (RHEL 7.5) with MySQL
How to install PHP 7.3 CLI on AWS Linux
How to install PHP GD library on PHP
How to install PHP from remi repo using their
How to install PHP mbstring on Centos 7 with PHP 7 with ius
How to install Redis on
How to install SSH server on
How to install Selenium webdriver python
How to install Solr on CentOS
How to install Sublime Text 3 on
How to install Symfony not using composer or anything
How to install Twig functionality on fresh Symfony
How to install UglifyJS and UglifyCSS on
How to install WordPress inside web folder on
How to install cerbot manually on EC2 for Let's Encrypt SSL
How to install certbot on Ubuntu 18.04 without any web server
How to install depot_tools for Chromium on
How to install
How to install libvips from source without imagemagick
How to install memcached from remi repo on
How to install ntpd for time syncing in
How to install ssh2 extension from source for PHP 7 on
How to install the latest Nginx on CentOS
How to install vips-devel on CentOS
How to install webpack and best practice
How to install xvfb on CentOS
How to install yarn in CentOS
How to jump between directory in Linux or Mac very easy (with Directory Jump).md
How to know CentOS version
How to know Linux version and codename and
How to know MySQL 5.7 default password after first
How to know Redis
How to know Symfony
How to know Xcode version on your Mac using command
How to know how many lines in text file in
How to know list of commits waiting to be pushed to
How to know memcached memory usage on
How to know network hardware name or manufacturer or type in
How to know our IP
How to know service that has auto-wiring feature on Symfony
How to know version of Memcached you've been
How to know version of NTPd that run on the
How to list all the files in a Git
How to list symbolic links on sub directory in Linux.
How to load RSS feed using Puppeteer and
How to load and print source html to console with
How to loop to all active sheets on Google Apps
How to match and replace multiple substring in
How to mount Windows 10 partition from
How to navigate browser with Chrome headless and simple-headless-chrome npm
How to open or close port on CentOS 7 with firewalld
How to open port to MySQL on firewall-cmd
How to output command with line number in
How to post multipart data with PHP that contains same
How to prepare user in Linux by using SSH
How to prevent NetworkManager change |etc|resolv.conf on CentOS
How to prevent Wordpress from asking FTP during plugin
How to prevent highlighting when tap on a link using
How to prevent slow login on SSH on CentOS or
How to print Linux
How to print current URI in Symfony
How to proper handle Symfony behind proxy
How to properly install libvips 8.6.3 on RHEL
How to properly scraping content with
How to query for showing last 7 days data in
How to query with XPath that start with particular
How to read last string start from last
How to redirect from non-www to www in
How to reinstall all plugins in WordPress using WP
How to remoge image tag on HTML using Regex in
How to remove duplicate value in array in
How to remove frame from animation GIF file with
How to remove git submodule from your
How to remove httpd in CentOS
How to remove line in text file with condition using
How to remove multiple whitespace with mixed unicode and non-unicode whitespace inside a string with PHP and
How to remove new line in PHP with
How to remove new line in a string in PHP and remove space more than
How to remove related videos from end of embedded YouTube
How to remove string starts with in PHP with
How to replace bullet character in
How to replace newline on MySQL
How to replace substring in Javascript for all
How to reset auto increment value in MySQL
How to reset content of log file to
How to reset local credential when Git push
How to rollback in Git and push back the rollback to remote
How to run PHP script that run another PHP script with shell
How to run WordPress inside Symfony2 web
How to run or install mysql client command in Mac
How to save image from URL in
How to scan folder for viruses with
How to search first URL from a string using
How to search text on folder in
How to search with XPath for all nodes that have child
How to see what PHP packages installed on your system on CentOS
How to select 30 days or older entries using MySQL DateTime
How to select column in MySQL that contains Unicode
How to select data in MySQL that will comming on the next 12
How to select several condition on
How to serialize data for query string with
How to set IP on PHP curl on multiple NICs
How to set JAVA_HOME on
How to set autoCommit with Config API on
How to set chmod 775 to folder and 664 to file on its
How to set color on menu item on
How to set hostname on CentOS
How to set timezone on CentOS 7 or
How to set value to dropdown in HTML using jQuery and also trigger change
How to setup Node.js app in production on CentOS
How to setup basic auth for Nginx on CentOS
How to setup basic auth realm with Apache and
How to show .git folder on Sublime Text
How to show all dangling images in
How to show indexes on
How to show line number in
How to show number of CPU on
How to show only SHA1 commits on Git with limit by maximum
How to show unicode chars in
How to shutdown Redis
How to skip first element on
How to solve ERROR on npm
How to sort array in PHP that contains date
How to sort multidimensional array in PHP based on particular
How to start cmd in Windows with window
How to stop and disable saslauthd from
How to stop and remove docker
How to sync server clock with ntp in CentOS
How to test Nginx configuration are all
How to transfer files from local Windows to remote Linux using WinSCP command
How to trigger hidden file input from a
How to trim Unicode string in
How to troubleshoot Puppeteer installation on Linux AMI or any other
How to undo deleted file in Git before
How to unzip for certain folder and its
How to update Node.js in several
How to update
How to update Redis on
How to update
How to update symbolic link in
How to update virus definitions in
How to upgrade MongoDB to
How to upgrade PHP to 7 in Nginx in CentOS
How to upgrade Symfony between minor
How to upgrade WP
How to uppper or lower case a string in Sublime
How to use SSHFD to make interconnection between server in the form of folder through
How to use WP CLI to update
How to use flash message in Symfony
How to use task scheduler schtasks in
How to use your subdomain and attach it to AWS
How to validate e-mail address on
How to zip folder and its subfolder in
How to zip with symlinks in
I am using Flysystem for file IO handle in
I am using this for date and time formatting in
I bought SSL from Domainesia (Comodo PositiveSSL) and I install it on my Nginx
I buy Comodo SSL and here is how to install on
I have dual boot Windows and Ubuntu and I want shared Git
Image resizing with
Instagram API to get latest
Install Docker on Linux
Install SSH2 library pecl on PHP
Install memcache in PHP
Install smartmontools to monitor disk on CentOS
JSON and PHP by
JSON validation and beautifier
Jest cheat
Let's learn Python from
Let's play headless
Lexical scanning in
Make composer on Symfony obey PHP
Map style manager for Google
Media query
Memcache sample in
Modern benchmark for
MongoDB repository for CentOS based
Multiple database connection on Symfony
My AWS RDS MySQL server password is expired, how to resolve
My Ansible learning
My Go sample of
My boot folder nearly full on CentOS 7, how to fix it?.md
My checklist after buy a dedicated
My favorite SQL
My favorite SVG online
My favorite XPath online
My favorite plugins for my Sublime
MySQL how to make root exposed to
MySQL tree
NPM module simple-headless-chrome that easy to
Network subnect and CIDR
Nice HTTP tester for GET, POST or any
Nice SVG loaders for web
Nice dropdown styling with jQuery
Nice photo
Nice preloader
Nice remove line break tool on the
Nice simple
Node.js for get image
Nodejs sample of connect to
Note about PHP array from PHP 3 to 5 to
Note about media query and breakpoints in
Note on "primitive" in
Note on
Note on CSS media
Note on
Note on REM vs EM in
Note on UI & UX for form
Note on advertising
Note on document.cookie in Javascript
Note on history of GMT, UTC and
Note on how to choose a
Note on the Twelve Factor
Note on the difference between GMT and
Note on time
Note to how to use systemctl command in
Notes about CSS
Notes about Exception in PHP and how to understand
Notes about Nginx gzip
Notes about Symfony parameter in
Notes about color shades for web (grey).md
Notes about colors on
Notes about setting-up SSL certificate on a
Notes about what's new in language feature on
Notes for Google
Notes of YUICompressor on removing
Notes of jQuery document ready
Notes on "internal dummy connection" on Apache
Notes on CRUD on
Notes on CSS
Notes on DROP vs
Notes on DevOps knowledge for better
Notes on DevTools console
Notes on Disable Transparent Huge Pages (THP) for
Notes on Dockerfile and Docker
Notes on Facebook
Notes on Go lang
Notes on Go slash
Notes on Google AdSense on placement
Notes on Google Structured Data (Breadcrumb).md
Notes on HAProxy with
Notes on Javascript arrow
Notes on Javascript browser
Notes on MySQL join case A and
Notes on MySQL
Notes on Node.js handling
Notes on North Star
Notes on PHP use of 'and' and '&&' on our source
Notes on Selenium WebDriver with headless
Notes on Symfony assets
Notes on Twig include with
Notes on Twig parent()
Notes on difference between guarantee and
Notes on doing scraping in Go
Notes on git reset command that impact your
Notes on goals on Google
Notes on how to bring Solr to production
Notes on how to create virtual pageview on
Notes on last inserted ID on
Notes on name based VirtualHost on
Notes on nth-child pseudo
Notes on online advertising
Notes on operating system (OS) configuration when running
Notes on parsing RSS feed using DOMDocument in
Notes on php-vips for image
Notes on request object on Symfony
Notes on rm -rf that results "Argument list too long".md
Notes on server side processing on
Notes on shell_exec in PHP and
Notes on software testing
Notes on switch on
Notes on type assertion and type conversion in Go
Notes on upgrade MySQL 5.7.23 to 8.0.12 on CentOS
Notes when updating instance on Amazon (AWS).md
Official BPS government data for area in
On Ubuntu 19.04 how to change Right Alt to become like Left or Right
Online media experience for securing their
Online tools to check domain propagation, ping, ns, mx and
PHP function to create time "ago"
PHP installation notes using remi
Pay Facebook ads with Bank
Proof of concept for impression mechanism using
Proper way of git pull to deploy
Puppeteer device
Puppeteer sample to get view source of a web
Puppeteer start browser maximized or
Puppeteer with Jest
QRCode library Java and
Regex to remove URL and anything after
Regex to replace a string that has substring start with X and end with
SSL Configuration
Sample and concept of installing SSL certificate on Apache web
Sample how to use
Sample implementation of Moment.js in PHP and
Sample of Google Maps basic skeleton for
Sample of ImageMagick image resize and optimization with command
Sample of block and open IP range with firewall-cmd on CentOS
Sample of firewall-cmd useful
Sample ot firewall-cmd with rich
Sample scraping using chrome remote interface and chrome
Scraping with
Select node based on string content on
Sending hit to Google Analytics
Set NULL from PHP for MySQL
Setting focus on an HTML input box on page
Setup MySQL server using Docker in Linux AMI2 on
Setup Nginx + PHP 7.2 on RHEL 7 on EC2
Should we register http and https version on Google Search Console?.md
Solution to corrupted rpmdb on CentOS
Some MySQL server tuning
Some knowledge related to
Some nice Javascript
Some nice PHP online
Some nice knowledge resource about
Some notes about
Some notes about blockchain and
Some notes about variable in Go programming
Some notes on AQL operation on
Some notes on Chrome
Some notes on Docker and
Some notes on
Some notes on performance tuning for
Some notes on query on
Some notes on sign-in with Google using
Standard Google ad sizes and its
Strange character  appear when I am doing XPath with
String encoding fixer in
Symfony 2.3 doing query with parameters with
Symfony 2.3 error when accessing
Symfony behind load balancer or proxy
The concept of Sign-In with Google in
The concept of new GROUP BY handling behaviour on
The concept of templating in
The default nginx config
The difference between jQuery data and
The simple guide to create instance EC2 on AWS similar to traditional
Things to do after install CentOS
This is to do if composer run out of
To remove duplicate lines in Atom, I am using this
Tools to know our HTTP request
Twitter cards
Understanding JOINs in MySQL and Other Relational
Understanding Promise and async await in
Understanding nginx location blocks and rewrite
Understanding the GitHub
Use phpenv to simplify PHP version
Useful SystemD
VIPS image
Want to do hot-backup in MySQL?.md
Web color for white but not so
What to do after install CentOS 7 minimal
What to do if composer stuck on Updating
What to do if standard update fails, duplicated packages on
What to do if suddenly you cannot do git pull on Git
What to do if your browser display error secure connection (Windows 10).md
What to do if yum update broken in the middle and process and after that all suddenly
Where is firewall-cmd store the configuration?.md
Where is firewalld save the rule
Why WordPress return blank on installation on
Why are Node.js modules not global by default?.md
XPath select node by node value
XPath: How to select node that has multiple
XPath: Select just text directly in node, not in child
YUICompressor 2.4.8 cannot be used in Symfony 2.3
gulpfile.js for the Superlist theme by
jQuery cheat

Sony AK Knowledge Center

This is my open source personal notes.

My favorite topics include PHP, MySQL, XPath, DOMDocument, Linux, Infrastructure, Redis, Nginx, Javascript , Node.js, Go, ArangoDB, DevOps, Docker and any other useful tools.

You can fork and clone and add your knowledge here. If you have any question, please just create new issue here.

You can send me donation to my Bitcoin address 339niD2giUYdYMCpMDYKArapHwFmNq7DhW

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