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#RF24Node Nodejs Addon for RF24Network library for Raspberry Pi

A nodejs addon of the RF24Network library ( for Raspberry Pi. In my testing RF24Network is a great library to communicate with nrf24L01 modules. Most developments in my Raspberry Pi I use nodejs and this library lacks a nodejs support. So I decided to write one.

All the credit goes to the orginal developers of RF24 and RF24Network library. I just created an addon for Nodejs.

Note: This module created using Nodejs version 4.2.1 and node-gyp version 3.5.0. Not tested with any other version.

##How to use

  1. Clone RF24Node repository 'git clone'
  2. Enter RF24Node directory 'cd RF24Node'
  3. Follow the instructions given in RFNetwork's readme and clone RF24 and RF24Network repos to RaspberryPi.
  4. Once the above steps complete, we can see RF24 and RF24Network under RF24Node directory.
  5. Goto RF24/utility/RPi/ and rename interrupt.c to interrupt.cpp.
  6. Issue 'npm install'
  7. The new nodejs addon will created under /RF24Node/build/Release/rf24Node.node

Important: In the make file of RF24, interrupt.c build uses CXX but I couldnt find a way of telling node-gyp to compile this file using CXX. If it's .c then it compile using CC and throw errors. To tell node-gyp to use CXX compiler, I have to rename the file extension of interrup.c

##APIs begin: Accepts two parameters. Channel and Id of the device, say channel as '90' and Id as '00'

printDetails: Print the details of the connected rf24 module.

readAsync: Pass a callback function whick takes two parameters. First parameter will give the address of the device that send the message and second one is the message.

write: Send a message to another module. Accepts address and message.

Note: Message can be upto 24 character.

##Example app.js

var rf24 = require('./build/Release/nrf24Node.node');

rf24.readAsync(function(fromAddress, data){

sudo node app

For more details check my blog


Nodejs Addon for RF24Network library






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