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WebGL for Android Browser
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This repository holds modifications that will enable WebGL
functionality in the Android browser. It is based on ics-mr1,
and requires that webkit is built with USE_ACCELERATED_COMPOSITING
and that the browser application is built with hardwareAccelerated=true.

To try this out, apply the patch to external/webkit in ics-mr1,
and build with "make libwebcore".

This is still work in progress but we wanted to make it available
as soon as possible. Feedback is welcome!

===== 27 Jan 2012 =====

Some updates:
  - stability fixes
  - image decoder
  - redesign of how the FBOs are used
  - other bug fixes

===== 31 Jan 2012 =====

  - added implementation for WEBGL_lose_context extension
  - some code cleanup and bug fixes

===== 15 March 2012 =====

  - cleaned up buffer handling, allowing for arbitrary
      number of buffers
  - removed rect from invalidation
  - removed screen update request from drawGL
  - releasing buffers when the browser is paused
  - added missing method 'slice' for typed arrays
  - fixed bug in bindFramebuffer

===== 16 April 2012 =====

Updates to fix some test failures in Khronos Conformance Test Suite:
  - Increase max identifier length in shaders to 256
  - Add length check on uniforms and attributes
  - Add minimal support for compressed textures
      (that is, just return the correct error codes)
  - Add support for Uint8ClampedByteArray
  - Modify how error checking is done on framebuffer operations
  - Activate the GL_OES_packed_depth_stencil extension
  - Activate the GL_OES_texture_float extension

-- Anders Edenbrandt, Sony Mobile Communications AB
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