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AVE is short for Automated Verification Environment, is a framework for test automation and designed by Sony Mobile. It is written for Linux Ubuntu 12+ in python 2.7 and consists of three parts:

  • A set of modular APIs for efficient test automation that let test designers automate all sorts of tests, functional, power, performance, security and stability using various test equipment.
  • A highly controlled test execution context to guarantee reliable test execution results, every time and regardless of location.
  • A distributed resource management system that enables hardware sharing through a self-sustaining network of resource pools.

There’s extensive documentation available online at

The documentation can also be built locally by running make html from the 'documentation' directory (which does require sphinx), or read in their original reST format.


To install it one must have administrator privileges on the target machine.


To install from source code, run:

make clean
make install-all

Alternatively, you can make a debian pakage and install it, run:

make clean
make debian
sudo dpkg -i install ave-[ver].deb
sudo apt-get install -f
sudo dpkg -i install ave-[ver].deb (try to install again if needed)

Be prepared to enter your login user names, whatever that may be.


.. rublic:: Basic handset control

Make sure that ave-broker is running in your system checked by ps aux | grep ave-broker. Then you can try to allocate a device and do whatever available in the API document. For example:

>>> import as b
>>> B = b.Broker()
>>> handset = B.get_resource({"type": "handset"})
[u'acct', u'bt_firmware', u'cache']
>>> handset.profile
{u'workstation': u'machine.s', u'power_state': u'boot_completed',
 u'product.model': u'so-03h', u'platform': u'android',
 u'sysfs_path': u'/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-7',
 u'pretty': None, u'serial': u'CB5A26YQV5', u'type': u'handset'}
>>> # You can update your .ave/config/handset.json to define pretty.
>>> # You have to restart ave-broker by `ave-broker --restart` to reload the config file.
.. rublic:: Remote handset control

One of the major features AVE has is to control handsets over network via RPC proxy. You can configure your server and client machines as in the diagram below:

Note that those config files are located under $HOME/.ave/config. Again, please restart ``ave-broker`` by ``ave-broker --restart`` on both of the machines who are communicating. Then you can use the handset from a remote machine:

ssh machine.c
adb devices # It does not show any device.
ave-broker --list # But this shows a device name
>>> import as b
>>> B = b.Broker()
>>> handset = B.get_resource({"type": "handset"}) # Handset is available
>>> handset.profile
{u'workstation': u',machine.s', u'power_state': u'boot_completed',


In 2012 Klas Lindberg, then working for Sony Mobile, designed the architecture of AVE, building on a set of crucial principles that would enforce a way of working with test automation that proved to be very successful. He continued to be the projects main contributor, followed by Fredrik Åkerlund as he joined the team. Since then, many joined in the project to maintain and help grow the project. Although several of them have left the organization and we have development footprint internally available but not at GitHub,we would like to express our gratitude to them for contribution to make this project publicly available:

Major Contributors (@GitHubAccount)

Klas Lindberg (@Mysingen), Fredrik Åkerblom


Johan Müllern-Aspegren (@johanaspegren), Wang Qiang (@WangQiang3), Xu Quanhao (@xu-quanhao), Johan Svegne (@sejosg), Martin Berg (@jamtse), Emil Billing, Nima Davoudi-Kia, Fredrik Lindell, Martin Lindblom, Li Baojian (@li-baojian), Zhang Xiaoming (@zxmsony), Duan Jianjie (@JianjieDuan), Wang Chuang, Huaming Lin, Anders Hedlund, Snild Dolkow (@Snild-Sony), David Pursehouse (@dpursehouse), Toshiaki Tanaka, Junji Shimagaki (@yiu31802), Ma Lina (@LinaMAS) and many other minor contributors

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