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# Copyright (C) 2013 Sony Mobile Communications AB.
# All rights, including trade secret rights, reserved.
import os
import sys
import StringIO
import select
import signal
import traceback
import ave.cmd
from ave.workspace import Workspace
from ave.exceptions import *
from decorators import smoke
class RedirectedStderr(object):
def __enter__(self):
self._orig = sys.stderr = StringIO.StringIO()
sys.stderr =
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_value, traceback):
sys.stderr = self._orig
def setup(fn):
def decorated_fn():
w = Workspace()
result = fn(w)
if result:
return result
return decorated_fn
# check that a Timeout is raised on timeout
def t1():
pretty = '%s t1' % __file__
try:['sleep','10'], timeout=1)
print('FAIL %s: there was no timout' % pretty)
except Timeout, e:
pass # good
except Exception, e:
print('FAIL %s: wrong exception type: %s' % (pretty, type(e)))
if not e.message.endswith(' timed out'):
print('FAIL %s: wrong error message: %s' % (pretty, str(exc)))
return True
# check that a strings are accepted and split on whitespace, that timeouts
# work
def t2():
pretty = '%s t2' % __file__
exc = None
try:'sleep 10', timeout=1)
print('FAIL %s: there was no timout' % pretty)
except Timeout, e:
exc = e # good
except Exception, e:
print('FAIL %s: wrong exception type: %s' % (pretty, type(e)))
if exc.details['cmd'] != ['sleep','10']:
print('FAIL %s: wrong RunError.cmd value %s' % (pretty, exc.cmd))
if exc.message != 'command timed out':
print('FAIL %s: wrong error message: %s' % (pretty, exc.message))
return True
# check that debugging outputs turn on and off properly
def t3():
pretty = '%s t3' % __file__
def internal(dbg):
# redirect stderr during so we can see afterwards what was really
# written to the file descriptors
redirect = RedirectedStderr()
with redirect:
(s, o, e) =['echo','-n','hello'], debug=dbg)
value = internal(dbg=True)
expected = ['echo -n hello','hello']
for x in expected:
if x not in value:
print('FAIL %s: "%s" missing in stderr: "%s"' % (pretty, x, value))
value = internal(dbg=False)
if value != "":
print('FAIL %s: non-empty stderr: "%s"' % (pretty, value))
return True
# check that the file descriptor returned by run_bg() is pollable
def t4():
pretty = '%s t4' % __file__
pid, fd = ave.cmd.run_bg('echo hello')
poller = select.poll()
poller.register(fd, select.POLLIN)
events = poller.poll(1000) # milliseconds
tmp = ''
for e in events:
if not (e[1] & select.POLLIN):
print('FAIL %s: unexpected poll event: %d' % (pretty, e[1]))
os.kill(pid, signal.SIGKILL)
tmp +=, 1024)
if not tmp.startswith('hello'):
print('FAIL %s: wrong result: "%s"' % (pretty, tmp))
os.kill(pid, signal.SIGKILL)
os.waitpid(pid, 0)
return True
# check that return value from executed program is correct
def t5():
pretty = '%s t5' % __file__
# if we redirect stderr during we get rid of output from ls in
# console, we only want to print failures here.
with RedirectedStderr():
(s, o, e) =['ls'])
if not s == 0:
'FAIL %s: execution of "ls" returned: %d, expected: 0' % (pretty, s)
with RedirectedStderr():
(s, o, e) =['ls', 'thisdoesnotexist'], debug=True)
if not s == 2:
'FAIL %s: execution of "ls thisdoesnotexist" returned: %d, '
'expected: 2' % (pretty, s)
return True
# check that we don't run into the OS limit on how many pseudo terminals can be
# allocated when using a lot
def t6():
pretty = '%s t6' % __file__
with open('/proc/sys/kernel/pty/max') as f:
limit = int( + 1
for i in range(limit):
try:'echo hello')
except Exception, e:
print('FAIL %s: error in iteration %d: %s' % (pretty, i, e))
return False
return True
# check that run() reads all the output -- regression test for when it didn't
def t7():
pretty = '%s t7' % __file__
from tempfile import NamedTemporaryFile
# generate a file with some familiar content:
with NamedTemporaryFile(mode='w', delete=False) as f:
print >> f, "in the beginning, there was zero."
for i in xrange(500):
print >> f, "so you have", i
print >> f, "if you add one to that"
print >> f, "you get", i+1
fname =
cmd = ['sh','-c','cat %s | while read line; do echo $line; done' % fname]
# the bug was timing-dependent, so test lots of times...
for i in xrange(1,100):
status, out, err =
last = out.splitlines()[-1].strip()
if last != "you get 500":
print('FAIL %s: attempt %d, last line was "%s"' % (pretty, i, last))
return False
return True
# Check that possible to set working directory
def t8(w):
pretty = '%s t8' % __file__
try:'echo hello > test.txt', cwd=w.get_path())
except Exception, e:
print('FAIL %s: error writing to file: %s' % (pretty, e))
return False
ave.cmd.run_bg('echo hello > test_bg.txt', cwd=w.get_path())
except Exception, e:
print('FAIL %s: error writing to file (bg): %s' % (pretty, e))
return False
return True
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