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Welcome to the AOSP for Xperia L wiki!

Xperia L (C2105) is a Sony smartphone powered by Android and Qualcomm MSM8230 1GHz dual-core chipset, check its product page at Sony Mobile website for more information about the phone and its features.

The AOSP for Xperia L, as one of the AOSP for Xperia devices, provides the code for building images for Xperia L by the vanilla Android code. In the README file you will find all the instructions and information required to get started, and this wiki page gives more tips and the latest project status.


  • Most of the AOSP for Xperia L device configurations are cloned from the official Xperia L software version 15.3.A.0.x, so please make sure that you upgrade the phone software to, for example 15.3.A.0.26, before flashing the AOSP for Xperia L images, or certain functions like WiFi may not work.
  • The source code of the prebuilt kernel binary could be found in the open source archive for official software 15.3.A.0.26.
  • For those who are using the old package, there is an issue in its vendor/sony/c2105/, as a workaround, please simple remove the last line from it, i.e. remove the line below,
vendor/sony/c2105/proprietary/system/bin/akmd8963:system/bin/akmd8963 \

Current status

Smoke test was done with the Kitkat code from branch android-4.4_r1, android-4.4.1_r1 and android-4.4.2_r2.

Even though the software is not suited for everyday use, there are actually a lot of things working or partially working already:

  • Telephony: making/receiving phone calls;
  • Messaging: sending/receiving SMS and MMS;
  • Mobile data connection
  • Camera: taking pictures and video clips by the main camera, taking picture by the front camera; not possible to take video clips by the front camera.
  • Sound recorder
  • Media playback: playing video clips taken by the camera, or playing mp3 music tracks;
  • WiFi: including tethering
  • USB: adb works, and go to Settings->Storage->USB computer connection to turn on/off the MTP or PTP;
  • NFC: it could recognize the Google I/O 2013 badge~
  • Sensors: accelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and sound sensor are working; the orientation sensor and magnetic sensor don't work without AKM's proprietary binary.
  • Storage: for some reasons the 4GB internal eMMC card could not be managed by vanilla vold, so a workaround is used to mount the /data/media as the fuse /sdcard, so don't be surprised if you notice a fairly small sdcard 'partition'. Good news is that the removable SD card works normally.

The following functions are unavailable yet:

  • Bluetooth: Xperia™ L is using bluez but Android has moved to bluedroid
  • GPS: GPS is disabled because it doesn't work without a patch in frameworks/base
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