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Data and scripts behind the paper "What Future For Kirkuk?"
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What Future For Kirkuk?

The repository includes all the data and scripts behind the paper, What Future For Kirkuk? The paper is based on a deliberative intervention that we conducted in Kirkuk in early 2017.

In releasing the data, we haven't gone with the conventional, minimum dataset needed to narrowly replicate the results. We are releasing all the underlying data, including the briefing materials, questionnaires, etc.


  1. Briefing Materials in Arabic, English, and Kurdish
  2. Pre- and Post- Questionnaires in Arabic, English, and Kurdish
  3. Final Dataset we got from people on the ground (xlsx)
  4. Wave 1 Data
  5. Wave 2 Data
  6. Crosswalk between Var Name, Semantic Label, and Ordering Within Table (to group results)


  1. Data inspection
  2. Recode Data
  3. Socio-demographic Composition of the Sample (Table 1)
  4. Knowledge Gain (Table 2)
  5. Attitude Change (Tables 3 and 4)
  6. Attitude Change by Ethnicity (Table 4)


See the outputs of the scripts here.

Suggested Citation

O'Flynn, Ian, Gaurav Sood, Jalal Mistaffa, and Nahwi Saeed. 20XX. Democratization. XX--XX.

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