Script for calculating the optimal cut-off for max. F1-score or accuracy
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Optimal Cut-Offs

Probabilities from classification models can have two problems:

  1. Miscalibration: A p of .9 often doesn't mean a 90% chance of 1 (assuming a dichotomous y). (You can calibrate it using isotonic regression.)

  2. Optimal cut-offs: For multi-class classifiers, we do not know what probability value will maximize the accuracy or F1 score. Or any metric for which you need to trade-off between FP and FN.

Here we share a solution for #2. It involves running the outputs through a brute-force optimizer. We provide a simple wrapper to make it yet easier to use.


The function get_probability takes the following arguments:

  1. true_labs (required): NumPy array or Pandas Series in which the true labels are stored.
  2. pred_prob (required): NumPy array or Pandas Series in which the predicted probabilities are stored.
  3. objective (optional): accuracy (default) or f1
  4. verbose (optional): True or False (default) to show/hide verbose messages.

The function outputs a numeric p-value that gives the lowest F1-score or FP+FN (max. accuracy).


To use the function, just download it and put it in the local directory and call import.

import optimal_cut_offs

df = ...

p = optimal_cut_offs.get_probability(df.true_labs, df.pred_prob, 'accuracy')


Check out this Jupyter notebook to see the script in action. For context, the notebook underlies the outputs you see here.


Suriyan Laohaprapanon and Gaurav Sood