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This is a PR job. There is not a whole lot you can learn except about the man. The synopsis =


  • Michael Gervais
  • Kidder's 'The Soul of a New Machine'
  • Dweck's Mindset: The New Psych. of Success

Running Companies

  • Big picture:
    • Lead with pride
    • Instill confidence in people you are leading
    • Have a mission. "He who has a why to live for can bear almost any 'how'' - important for companies.
      • empower each person and organization to achieve more
    • Communicate the 'sense of mission', ambition, clearly
    • Bring clarity to those you work with
    • Generate energy
  • Build new and surprising partnerships
  • Known Knowns
    • Obsess About Customers
      • Learn about their business w/ a 'beginner's mind'
      • Get engineers along to meets with customers
    • In a meeting, actively get ideas from everyone
    • 4 common keys of modern tech. companies (that S. learned from Bing) =
      • Fast iteration
      • Experimentation
      • UI focus
      • Build a two-sided market
  • Advice to software eng.
    • Own a customer scenario, not the code
  • To change the org.
    • Need to get it to change from inside. To do that:
      • When leading the server biz, he:
        • Didn't bring his team from Bing
        • Met all the leadership 1 to 1
      • Hacks to Get MSFT Leadership Aboard:
        • Invited founders of acquired companies to the senior leadership retreat
        • Customer visits with a joint team spanning disciplines
  • Listen and adjust in coming in new:
    • so didn't abandon server biz. in the near-term but went for a 'hybrid' solution.

Personal Growth

  • What keeps people back = fear (of being ridiculed, failing, etc.)/via Michhael Gervais

  • Growth mindset via Dweck

    • learn, adapt
  • Empathy

    • via Zain

The Man

  • son of an IAS officer, who was considering admission to Ph.D. Econ. in the U.S. on a Fullbright
  • has a kid with cerebral palsy
  • moved around a bunch. defining influence = HPS
  • got computer at 15
  • EE from Manipal, Masters UW-Milwaukee MBA from Teper part-time
  • 1st job at MSFT = evangelist
  • wife = daughter of IAS officer also, architect

Key Innovations

  • MSFT framing =

    • empower each person and organization to achieve more
  • Deliver MSFT on all platforms

    • Showcased MSFT prod. working on iPhone in a demo.
  • Deals with Samsung and Yahoo!

Why is Tech. Useful?

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