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Simple ol tool for Estonian geocache game (and more)


Dev.env Requirements

  • Node and npm
  • Python 3.7

To build app for debug:

npm run build

To rebuild translations

npm run build:translations

To build app for production

npm run build:prod

To run dev.server

npm start

To run dev.server with HTTPS

npm run start:ssl

To test production build

npm run start:prod

Deploy to prod:

Make sure all changes are commited in current branch. Usually you want to merge all development branches (done) to master before deploy.

npm run deploy

It will build:prod app and commit dist folder to gh-pages branch and push to github.

Layers configuration


  type: 'WMTS',
  title: 'Fin',
  url: '<your_key>',
  projection: 'EPSG:3067',
  layer: 'rk',
  matrixSet: 'ETRS-TM35FIN',
  matrixSetPrepend: 'ETRS-TM35FIN:',
  matrixSetCount: 16,
  extent: [-2097152, 5242880, 3145728, 9437184],
  maxResolution: 8192,
  format: 'image/png8',
  style: 'default'


  • Get rid of python dep.