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Gamegear is a collaborative website created by SOOMLA for the benefit of mobile game developers and studios. The idea originated from an internal need to study the landscape of companies in the mobile gaming space, and we've decided to let the entire community benefit from our research.

So here you have it:

Contribution Guidelines

SOOMLA appreciates code contributions and encourages the gaming community to evolve this site! Here's what you need to do:

Fork -> Clone -> Implement -> Test -> Pull-Request

To complete this process, you have to start from running the website locally:

Running Gamegear Locally

Gamegear is a static website powered by a Grunt build with Node.js. To run the site locally:

  1. Install Node.js:

  2. Install the latest version of Grunt:

  3. Install the latest version of Bower:

  4. Fork the project on Github to your account.

  5. Clone the forked project:

    git clone<YOUR_USER>/
  6. Switch to the project folder:

  7. Install all dependecies:

npm install
bower install
  1. Run the website locally:

    grunt serve

That's it! Now you have the website up and running.


To add a new company or SDK: Open client/app/sdks.js and add a new entry in the sdks array. Make sure to:

  1. Add company info (name, description, year founded, HQ location) and relevant links (website, Github, Crunchbase, downloads page)
  2. Adhere to the lexicographic order of company names.
  3. Include all the platforms you support in the platforms array in your entry.
  4. Add all relevant tags, which will be used in the quick search bar. 3-6 tags should do it.
  5. Add a data URL with your company's favicon. We use data URLs to reduce network requests and speed up the site's load time.

The easiest way to quickly create a data URL from your company's favicon is to:

  • Open the favicon in a browser at (Replace with your domain).
  • Right click the image and save it locally.
  • Convert the image to a data URL with

When you're done implementing the changes and testing (including mobile and tablet resolutions!!!), commit your changes and submit a pull request

WARNING: Do not commit anything in the dist folder!

###Deployment (Only for project maintainers)

  1. Run grunt. The project is built into the dist folder
  2. Commit the changes in the dist folder. In the commit message just write "Deploy"
  3. Push changes: git push origin master
  4. Deploy the gh-pages as a subtree:
git subtree push --prefix dist/ origin gh-pages

SOOMLA, Elsewhere ...

Copyright and license

Code and documentation copyright 2015 SOOMLA, Inc. Code released under the MIT license. Happy gaming y'all!


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