Get your own storefront [EXPERIMENTAL]

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The SOOMLA project lets you create your own in-app purchasing storefront quickly and easily. We're creating store templates you can use for your own games by just replacing the assets. You can even create your own themes (read Creating a new theme).

In order to use SOOMLA's storefront, we've created another open-source project called storefront. This project is written in html/css/js and contains everything you need for your store's presentation and it works seamlessly with ios-store.

Getting Started

  1. Follow ios-store's Getting Started to get it into your game.

  2. Clone storefront to your game's resources folder into a folder called "soomla_ui". (make sure you add this folder to the project in XCode)

    git clone

  3. According to your selected theme, create a JSON file that contains your specific game's definitions and place it in the resources folder. The file must be called 'theme.json'. Your JSON file should look something like this (taken from our storefront-themes/muffinRush Example):

  4. When you want to open the store, call StorefrontController's openStoreWithParentViewController with the current UIViewController.

    [[StorefrontController getInstance] openStoreWithParentViewController:self];

That's it! Your store will show up when you need it and it'll be connected to the whole in-app billing process.

Example Usage