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require 'rubygems'
require 'hoe'
require './lib/eycap''eycap', Eycap::VERSION) do |p| = 'Engine Yard' = ''
p.summary = 'Capistrano tasks for Engine Yard private cloud slices'
p.description = 'A bunch of useful recipes to help deployment to Engine Yard private cloud slices'
p.url = ''
p.changes = p.paragraphs_of('History.txt', 0..1).join("\n\n")
p.extra_deps << ['capistrano', '>= 2.2.0']
desc "Open an irb session preloaded with this library"
task :console do
sh "irb -rubygems -r ./lib/eycap.rb"
task :coverage do
system("rm -fr coverage")
system("rcov test/test_*.rb")
system("open coverage/index.html")
desc "Upload site to Rubyforge"
task :site do
desc 'Install the package as a gem.'
task :install_gem_no_doc => [:clean, :package] do
sh "#{'sudo ' unless Hoe::WINDOZE}gem install --local --no-rdoc --no-ri pkg/*.gem"
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