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Directory Structure + Organizational Hierarchy of poMMo (
A.K.A. "What you should expect to be in that file"
Copyright (C) 2005, 2006, 2007 Brice Burgess <>
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or
any later version published by the Free Software Foundation.
"Base Directory"
Pommo::$_baseURL will point to this directory relative to its location on the webserver's URL
Pommo::$_baseDir will point to this directory relative to its location on the server filesystem
The configuration file. Sets up database, locale, debugging, and forced hostname/port.
This file is required to access poMMo. It sets up the enviroment and loads the API functions. All PHP scripts require this file @ their header.
"Administrative Directory" - web enabled
This directory contains all the pages available to the poMMo administrator. Since poMMo is built around a MVC framework, the "view" (or page content) for each page is found in the pommo/themes/ directory. The themes structure correlates exactly to that of pommo/user or pommo/admin, so that;
"pommo/admin/mailings/admin_mailings.php" will call;
"pommo/themes/default/admin/mailings/admin_mailings.php" for its view if the "default" theme is selected.
"AJAX directory"
Files in "AJAX" directories are called via an ajax request & typically return JSON. They are (usually) not associated with a view.
"Work directory" - web disabled (no URL's point here)
This is the default working directory, if not explicitly defined in config.php. This directory should be writable by the webserver.
"Documentation Directory"
License information, Readme, TODO, This File, etc.
"API Directory"
This directory contains poMMo's base API. Files in this directory must
start with the "Pommo_" prefix to indicate that they are part of poMMo's
core. Classes are named after the name of the file.
Pommo_Db.php = database class
Pommo_Api.php = base api functions
Pommo_Install.php = install api
Pommo_Log.php = logging class
Pommo_Mail_Ctl.php = mailing controller API
Pommo_Mailer.php = mailing class (extends PHPMailer)
Pommo.php = *** pommo class and basic API *** loaded by bootstrap.php
Pommo_Template.php = view controller
Pommo_Throttler.php = mail throttle class
Pommo_Sql.php = SQL generator -- generates grouping SQL statements
Pommo_Helper.php = common API helpers. Loaded during bootstrap process.
Pommo_Helper_Debug.php = debugging API. Provides functions to dump system info.
Pommo_Fields.php = subscriber field API (add/edit/remove/etc)
Pommo_Groups.php = subscriber groups API (add/edit/remove/etc)
Pommo_Mailing.php = mailing API (add/edit/reload/etc)
Pommo_Helper_Maintenance.php = maintenance routines. executed after successful admin login.
Pommo_Helper_Messages.php = common message routines (e.g. welcome new subscriber, unsubscribe request, etc).
Pommo_Pending.php = pending subscriber API (add/edit/remove/etc)
Pommo_Helper_Personalize.php = mailing personalization routines
Pommo_Rules.php = group rules API (add/edit/remove/etc) (used to be called "filters")
Pommo_Subscribers.php = subscriber API (add/edit/remove/etc)
Pommo_Validate.php = validation routines - e.g. verify subscriber data is sane.
"3rd Party Directory"
Holds third-party contributions and utilizations -- e.g. PHP Gettext, SafeSQL
sql.sample.php = sample data (loaded @ support library)
sql.schema.php = database schema (loaded @ install)
"Language Directory" - gettext localizations of poMMo - web disabled (no URL's point here)
".POT Translation File" - Up to date base translation file. Contains all strings to be translated.
"Translated .PO file" - A .POT file translated to [language]
"Compiled .mo file" - A compiled .po file (binary for speed)
"Theme Template Directory" - web disabled (no URL's point here)
Contains the VIEWS (page output) of pommo/admin/*.php and pommo/user/*.php files See the note under pommo/admin for more information.
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