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The throttling script
The throttling and queue processing starts with a request to
ajax/mailing_send4.php. This file starts the throttling process and calls itself
when the scripts times out. This process is repeated until the mailing is sent
to all recipients.
What it does (in general terms)
- Gets the throttling configuration values from the DB.
- Initlizes the spawn counter (this is stored in a session).
- Create a Pommo_Mta object ($mailing).
- Retrieves the actual email (subject, body, etc...) from the DB.
- Verifies if there is a command (stop mailing, pause mailing, etc) in
the database ($mailing->poll()).
- Check if the mail has personalizations and store in session.
- Create and configure a Pommo_Mailer(extends PHPMailer) object ($mailer).
- Associate $mailer to $mailing->_mailer.
- Create Pommo_Throttler object ($throttler). This object checks that the
throttling limits set in the configuration are respected.
- Associate $throttler to $mailing->_throttler.
- Get a slice of subscribers from the DB ($mailing->pullQueue()). At this point we
are only getting their id and email address.
- Pass queue to throttler ($mailing->pushThrottler()).
- Process the queue ($mailing->processQueue()).
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