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sebak go sdk

Create new transaction


Before creating new transaction, you should check these,

  • 'secret seed' of source account
  • 'public address' of target account
  • 'network id'

You can simply check 'network id' from SEBAK node information. If the address of your sebak node is '',

$ curl -v
  "policy": {
    "network-id": "sebak-test-network",
    "initial-balance": "10000000000000000000",
    "base-reserve": "1000000",

The value of "network-id", sebak-test-network is the 'network id'.


  • target address must new account, this means, it does not exist in the SEBAK network. You can check the account status thru account API of SEBAK. Please see .
  • amount for creating account must be bigger than base reserve, you can check the amount from SEBAK node information like 'network-id'


  • target address must exist in network.

With this transaction example, you can submit transactons using following cli command. Operation type can be "create" or "payment"

$ go run sebak_go_sdk.go {source account secret seed} {target account public address} {operation type}
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