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BrawlCrateLib / BrawlCrate

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BrawlCrate is a BrawlBox fork with a variety of features aiming to improve ease of modding for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

BrawlBox and BrawlLib were maintained initially by Kryal, then by BlackJax96, and currently by libertyernie.

BrawlCrate also incorporates a modified version of the Color Smash tool originally by Peter Hatch and modifed versions of the BrawlManagers by libertyernie.

Current BrawlCrate contributors: soopercool101, NuclearNecrosis, Simon381, Onium

Join the Brawl Knowledge Compendium Discord to talk to the developers.

Older versions can be found on the BrawlCrate-depreciated repository.

Documentation for the latest version to be used with the API can be found here.