An open source graphic essay organizer built from the ground up using web technologies.
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EssayMaker replaces clunky on-paper essay organizers by combining them with traditional word processors. It’s the essay writing tool you didn’t know that you wish existed.

Use it just like a word processor and export your essay when you’re ready to turn it in. EssayMaker handles the process of organizing and fixing up your essay so you can focus on one thing: writing. No clunky transfer process, just one button.


  • Organize essays with ease and speed.
  • Minimalist, no BS interface.
  • Absolutely free with no ads or paywalls.
  • Platform friendly: Works on everything from a laptop to a phone to a television.
  • Faster and more organized than any other writing method.
  • HTML and plaintext file export, (PDF and Markdown types coming soon) and if you aren’t able to use those, you can also copy the finished product to your clipboard.
  • Markdown syntax is supported for output to HTML.
  • Saving and loading support: start your essays and finish them another time.
  • Preview your essay before it is finished with a simple toggle.
  • Built in sentiment analyzer lets you know about the tone of your essay as you write it.


EssayMaker runs in a web browser, but can also be downloaded for offline use. A zip file of the standalone version is included in every release. Get the latest release on GitHub, or just go to EssayMaker.


gulp and bower are required to be installed on your machine. Clone the repository, install dependencies, and run gulp setup.

git clone

# cd into the directory and install dependencies
cd essaymaker && npm install && gulp setup

open index.html



If you find something wrong with EssayMaker, or just want to suggest features, feel free to submit an issue on GitHub, chat with us on Gitter, tweet us @getessaymaker, or send us an email: getessaymaker at gmail dot com


This project is open source under the MIT license. All libraries used are subject to their own copyright. EssayMaker is (c) 2015 Ethan Arterberry.