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C# front-end for the Viper verification language
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Visual Studio Plugin
csverify GUI

Soothsharp: A C# to Viper translator

Soothsharp is a transcompiler that transforms C# code into code files of the Viper Intermediate Language (.vpr), a verification language based on permission logics.

This project is currently in active development.

The corresponding thesis text is being created at:


You will need Visual Studio 2015 or newer (tested on 2015 only).

  1. Clone this repository locally.
  2. Put the Viper directory into your %PATH% environment variable. The INSTALL.txt file in that directory gives more details.
  3. Install additional programs required by the Viper tools.
    1. Install Java.
    2. Install Z3 4.4.0 and put the path to z3.exe in an environment variable named Z3_EXE. Alternatively, you may put z3.exe and all associated files into a directory in your %PATH% variable.
    3. Install Boogie by building it from source and putting the path to boogie.exe in an environment variable named BOOGIE_EXE. This is only required for the Carbon backend.
    4. After setting environment variables, you may need to restart Visual Studio and any command-line windows you use for the changes to take effect.
  4. Rebuild the solution.
    • If the fails, right-click the solution in the Solution Explorer and click "Restore NuGet packages", then try to rebuild the solution again.
  5. Run the "csverify GUI" project.
  6. You may find examples in the "Examples" project.


This class file defines a tuple of two integers that can be verifiably swapped.

using System;
using static Soothsharp.Contracts.Contract;

namespace Soothsharp.Examples.Algorithms
    public class Tuple
        public int First;
        public int Second;

        public Tuple(int first, int second)
            Ensures(Acc(First) && Acc(Second));

            First = first;
            Second = second;

        public void Swap()
            Requires(Acc(First) && Acc(Second));
            Ensures(Acc(First) && Acc(Second));
            Ensures(First == Old(Second) && Second == Old(First));

            int temp = First;
            First = Second;
            Second = temp;
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