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This file is dedicated to the people who want to list their names (or handles) for their contribution to this work. This project is a fork of "phenny" from
This project's name is "Sopel"
The original creator: Sean B. Palmer deserves the most credit for originally creating phenny. He has done an extraordinary job at producing this project, without him this fork would not exist.
Please feel free to add your name if you have added to this project in any way.
List of contributors:
Michael Yanovich (yano)
Matt Meinwald (meinwald)
Silas Baronda (sifi)
Morgan Goose (goosemo)
Alek Rollyson (al3k)
Kenneth K. Sham (Kays)
Joel Friedly (jfriedly)
Samuel Clements (Ziaix)
Dimitri Molenaars (Tyrope)
Elsie Powell (Embolalia)
Elad Alfassa (elad661)
Lior Ramati (FireRogue)
Syfaro Warraw (Syfaro)