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This file is used to auto-generate the "Changelog" section of Sopel's website.
When adding new entries, follow the style guide in to avoid
causing problems with the site build.
Changes between 7.0.6 and 7.0.7
Core changes
* Make sure Sopel continues to install smoothly on all of its supported Python
versions after November 2020 changes in `urllib3` 1.26
* Updated a few spots in tests and documentation to keep our 7.0.x maintenance
branch in tip-top shape
Changes between 7.0.5 and 7.0.6
Core changes
* Tweak `reddit` plugin's requirements to mitigate install problems on older
versions of Python [[#1919][]]
Changes between 7.0.4 and 7.0.5
Core changes
* Update `ip` plugin's requirements to prevent install problems on older
versions of Python [[#1909][]]
* Also includes a tweak to one of DuckDuckGo's tests in the `search` plugin,
and a backported update to the `ip` plugin's tests.
Changes between 7.0.3 and 7.0.4
Plugin changes
* Relax DuckDuckGo test in `search` plugin that was causing CI issues
Core changes
* Fix plugin name in bot's internal command-group tracking [[#1863][]]
Changes between 7.0.2 and 7.0.3
Plugin changes
* Tweak Bing result matching in `search` plugin again [[#1854][]]
Core changes
* Fix URL callbacks missing required attributes [[#1855][]]
Changes between 7.0.1 and 7.0.2
Plugin changes
* Fix version comparison in `find_updates` plugin [[#1832][]]
* Suppress link when `xkcd` plugin is triggered by a URL [[#1848][]]
* Fix `reddit` grammar when post/comment only has 1 point [[#1849][]]
* Handle missing data when `safety` plugin uses VirusTotal [[#1851][]]
* Update `search` plugin for changed Bing SERPs [[#1852][]]
* Also fixes `xkcd` plugin's find-comic-by-keywords functionality
Core changes
* Fixed that per-channel configuration didn't work as documented for some
plugin types [[#1840][]]
* Show how to use channel key (password) in configuration examples [[#1844][]]
* Fixed URL callbacks bypassing user/channel restrictions [[#1845][]]
* Capped `urllib3` (transitive dependency from `requests`) version on Python
3.3 to avoid a recent release breaking things
* Meta: Fixed incorrect links in changelog entry for 7.0.1
API changes
* Handle 0 seconds properly in `tools.time.seconds_to_human()` [[#1843][]]
Changes between 7.0.0 and 7.0.1
Sopel 7.0.1 contains small fixes and tweaks for core code, core plugins, and
documentation. As this is a maintenance release, there are no new API features
or deprecations to report—but stay tuned for a few new things in version 7.1.0.
Plugin changes
* The `reddit` plugin now displays when a redditor is an admin [[#1764][]]
* When triggered by a native media link, `reddit` plugin output will include a
link to the submission page (comments view) [[#1814][]]
* Fixed `reddit` plugin not matching links with encoded characters [[#1827][]]
* `clock` plugin's `.setchanneltz` command now emits an error message if an
unprivileged user attempts to use it [[#1828][]]
* Fixed the `units` plugin's handling of 16 ounces / 1 pound [[#1829][]]
* Fixed loading `remind` database with reminder(s) containing certain IRC
formatting characters [[#1831][]]
Core changes
* Hotfixed a crash that could occur if the connection was lost [[#1820][]]
* Sopel now prints the used config file path at startup [[#1822][]]
Changes between 6.6.9 and 7.0.0
Sopel 7.0 contains numerous fixes, tweaks, new features, and internal
improvements. While we maintain no official statistics on such things, it's
probably the biggest release the project has ever seen.
The full, detailed list of changes is below, but you can just read the
[migration guide][sopel-7-migration] if all you care about is the really
important stuff. All breaking changes (including those planned for the *next*
release) are explained there.
Plugin changes
* The `spellcheck` plugin has been removed to simplify dependencies [[#1675][]]
* An updated version with added features and tweaks, based on `aspell`, is
installable separately [from PyPI][spellcheck-pypi] [[#1164][], [#1545][]]
* See [#1142][] & [#1642][] for background on why we decided to separate
`spellcheck` into a separate package (tl;dr: dependency hell)
* Similarly, the `ipython` plugin is now an external package, eliminating from
Sopel itself a dependency which most users will never need [[#1684][]]
* Find the new `sopel-ipython` package [on PyPI][ipython-pypi]
* The `.choose`/`.choice` command has been moved from `dice` into a standalone
plugin, aptly named `choose` [[#1679][]]
* Moved `.py` into its own plugin, named `py` [[#1710][], [#1711][], [#1712][]]
* In case of issues with our "official" instance, there's now a setting to
configure the address of your own [Oblique][oblique] service
* The `currency` plugin changed data sources to support more currencies, and
can optionally use for even *more* [[#1430][], [#1627][], [#1629][]]
* requires a free API key, which gives plenty of calls per month
(the plugin caches exchange rates for 24 hours)
* Choose any of five pastebin services for `help` output [[#1451][], [#1651][]]
* This is intended mostly for resilience (so one pastebin service going
down, as ptpb did during the 6.6.x life-cycle, won't force a new Sopel
release), but it's also just good to have choices
* Optionally hide IRC server name/address in `help` command listing [[#1459][]]
* New `help` plugin setting, `reply_method` [[#1700][]]
* `wiktionary` now supports many more parts of speech [[#1443][]]
* Definitions can be retrieved for things like proper nouns, prepositional
phrases, and punctuation marks—things that were unsupported in Sopel 6.x
* This means that the `wiktionary` plugin is now somewhat case-sensitive, to
account for common and proper nouns that differ only in capitalization
* `url` will now ignore "private" addresses by default [[#1439][], [#1624][]]
* New config settings for the `url` plugin allow overriding the checks, in
cases where loading previews of e.g. LAN servers is safe
* The default is off, so users don't unwittingly open themselves to attackers
fishing for running HTTP services on the local machine or network
* `url` now correctly ignores invalid URLs (e.g. `http://*\.com`) [[#1788][]]
* Various improvements to the `clock` functions [[#1592][]]
* Improved guessing in `.t`/`.time` command, which no longer falls back all
the way to the bot's default timezone if given an unrecognized argument
* New `.tz` command, to explicitly get time for a timezone name (in case of
conflict between a known nick and a timezone name)
* The `tell` & `remind` plugins' ".db" files have changed names [[#1699][]]
* Both will attempt automatic migration of existing files, if they exist,
and output debugging information if the migration fails
* The `.at` command (in `remind`) understands dates now [[#1590][], [#1736][]]
* Finally, it's possible to set a reminder more than 24 hours ahead without
first converting the future date/time to a duration for use with `.in`!
* A new `tell` plugin setting allows delivering messages privately [[#1694][]]
* The `reddit` plugin now also handles short `` links, direct links to
comments, inline `u/` and `r/` references, & reddit-hosted image/video links
[[#1503][], [#1720][], [#1722][], [#1734][], [#1760][], [#1773][]]
* Spoilers & NSFW are now separate concepts in the `reddit` plugin [[#1620][]]
* Reddit implemented spoilers as a distinct post flag some time ago. Sopel's
plugin supports independently setting channels as "SFW" or "spoiler-free".
* Rolling `.dice` now officially supports trailing `# comments` [[#1577][]]
* Python version is now included in `.version` command output [[#1462][]]
* The `.version` command's output format is improved [[#1633][]]
* Using the `.reload` command shows the specific file reloaded [[#1762][]]
* The `.seen` command's output now uses relative time [[#1661][]]
* Readability of `.choose` command output is significantly improved [[#1425][]]
* Added `.invite` command [[#1497][]]
* Both Sopel and the inviting user must have privileges in the target channel
* A `.restart` command is added [[#1333][]]
* Usable by admins only, just like `.quit`
* The `.msg` command is now known as `.say` [[#1606][]]
* `.msg` will continue to work for now, likely until being removed in Sopel 8
* The `admin` plugin auto-saves channels when using `.join`/`.part`, and added
`.tmpjoin`/`.tmppart` commands to bypass this behavior [[#1492][]]
* Added command to `.unset` config values in the `admin` plugin [[#1556][]]
* Restored commands in `adminchannel` plugin for managing op/voice [[#1498][]]
* These were removed some time ago, seemingly without reason, by the
project's previous maintainers
* Since there was some desire from users to have them back, we restored them
* Fixed/tweaked hostmask handling in `adminchannel` ban functions [[#1791][]]
* `find` also collects Sopel's own messages now, so users can "correct" the bot
if they wish to be extra cheeky [[#1470][]]
* Fixed that the `url` plugin had to be enabled or some link-handling functions
wouldn't work [[#1510][]]
* Tweaked `.ddg` command output so it's less likely to mangle URLs [[#1713][]]
* `remind` commands now "reply" with error messages [[#1715][]]
* Fixed `etymology` plugin error with empty argument [[#1677][]]
* Fixed an uncaught exception in `instagram` plugin [[#1702][]]
* Handle JSON fetch/parse errors in `find_updates` plugin [[#1779][]]
* Removed nonsensical uses of the `core.verify_ssl` setting [[#1706][]]
* Unused `clock` plugin settings have been removed [[#1696][]]
* Updated MaxMind database handling in `ip` plugin [[#1797][]]
* Reworked `safety` plugin's cache management [[#1753][], [#1802][]]
* General code cleanup and tweaks all around [[#1402][], [#1486][], [#1505][],
[#1569][], [#1573][], [#1578][], [#1579][], [#1581][], [#1592][], [#1606][],
[#1607][], [#1609][], [#1678][], [#1681][], [#1696][], [#1717][], [#1721][],
[#1725][], [#1735][], [#1741][], [#1754][]]
Core changes
* Brought back support for non-SQLite databases by switching to SQLAlchemy
[[#1446][], [#1652][], [#1729][], [#1755][], [#1774][], [#1777][], [#1783][]]
* For details on using non-SQLite databases, see the [README][readme-db] or
[configuration instructions][db-config-docs]
* You will probably need to install additional dependencies if you wish to
use something other than SQLite
* Migrating an existing database from SQLite to your chosen option is
probably easy, but we do not offer instructions for doing so
* Be aware that plugins written for older versions of Sopel might not work
properly with non-SQLite databases
* The `db_filename` config setting (for SQLite) is now interpreted as relative
to the config's `homedir` setting [[#1574][]]
* `homedir` itself has a default value that will be used if not set
* Added separate server & nickname authentication options [[#1513][]]
* See [authentication configuration docs][auth-config-docs]
* Added `commands_on_connect` setting to send a list of commands automatically
when Sopel's IRC connection is successfully established [[#1528][]]
* Log files have become *much* more configurable [[#1678][], [#1714][]]
* Logs are named based on the config name
* Many, many new settings added to customize logging
* The default log format includes timestamp, source package, & level (which
will make logs *much* more useful when reporting bugs)
* Logs now have information about which plugin file was reloaded [[#1762][]]
* This is helpful for owners of Sopel instances with multiple versions of a
plugin available for testing or development purposes
* Sopel's own rate-limiting & flood protection parameters are now configurable,
and can even be turned off entirely if Sopel is behind a bouncer or other IRC
proxy that handles flood protection itself [[#1518][], [#1638][]]
* Added more control over JOIN throttling [[#1751][]]
* Includes a new `throttle_wait` setting instead of a hard-coded time value
* Log timestamp and log line formats are now configurable [[#1512][]]
* See details in [the logging configuration docs][logging-config-docs]
* Log filenames now include the config name, to help keep track of logs from
multiple Sopel instances [[#1547][]]
* Home directory is no longer assumed to be `~/.sopel` on first run [[#1404][]]
* Restarting Sopel via CLI is added [[#1333][]]
* Sopel's CLI is restructured [[#1493][], [#1509][], [#1718][]]
* New subcommands (`start`, `stop`, `restart`, and `configure`) replace many
of the old `--option`s, cleaning up the syntax
* The legacy `--option`s will continue to work for the life of Sopel 7.x, and
will be removed in Sopel 8
* New `--config-dir` common option [[#1598][]]
* Added a new `sopel-config` command for working with config files [[#1507][]]
* Currently supports `list` (existing files), `init` (new config file), and
`get` (config value) actions
* The old `--list` argument to `sopel` is considered deprecated, and will be
removed in Sopel 8
* See detailed usage in your terminal with `sopel-config --help`, or review
[the online CLI docs][docs-cli-config] at our website
* Added a new `sopel-plugins` command for managing plugins [[#1588][]]
* Currently supports `list` (available plugins), `show` (plugin details &
status), `enable` & `disable` (edits config on the user's behalf)
* See detailed usage in your terminal with `sopel-plugins --help`, or review
[the online CLI docs][docs-cli-plugins] at our website
* Sopel now also looks for plugins in `$HOMEDIR/plugins` [[#1747][]]
* This is part of a longer-term plan to reduce confusion over the term
"module", which Sopel has been using in conflicting ways; see [[#1738][]]
* The config file Sopel should use can be specified via the `SOPEL_CONFIG`
environment variable [[#1473][]]
* List values in config can be separated by newlines [[#1628][], [#1690][]]
* Newline-separated values support commas within each value
* Comma-separated value support will end someday, but likely not till Sopel 9
* Find more details in [the `ListAttribute` documentation][docs-listattr]
* Config options can be set/overridden via environment variables [[#1096][]]
* Variable naming format: `SOPEL_SECTION_OPTION`
* Underscores in `SECTION` and `OPTION` names are preserved, e.g.
* Example multi-instance systemd template is now available [[#1059][]]
* Example systemd unit files wait until networking is connected before starting
Sopel [[#1511][]]
* Running Sopel on an unknown OS platform will output a warning encouraging the
user to report any issues (because test coverage on an unrecognized platform
name is likely to be nil) [[#1487][]]
* Cleaned up or refactored a bunch of places [[#1424][], [#1429][], [#1456][],
[#1458][], [#1472][], [#1479][], [#1510][], [#1522][], [#1527][], [#1542][],
[#1557][], [#1561][], [#1567][], [#1579][], [#1580][], [#1583][], [#1597][],
[#1610][], [#1635][], [#1685][], [#1697][], [#1708][], [#1716][], [#1723][],
[#1724][], [#1728][], [#1730][], [#1731][], [#1732][], [#1735][], [#1739][],
[#1740][], [#1741][], [#1742][], [#1743][], [#1754][], [#1759][], [#1787][]]
* Sopel 7 will emit warnings when run under Python 2, as Python 2.7 support
officially ended on January 1, 2020 [[#1488][], [#1795][], [#1800][]]
* Sopel's warnings are set to become more dire around the time when Python's
maintainers plan to release the final version of 2.7
* While Sopel 7 is intended to remain compatible with Python 2, future
compatibility is not guaranteed, and users should plan for Sopel 8 to
officially drop Python 2 support (see [upgrade notes][sopel-7-migration])
* Added support for IRCv3 `echo-message` capability, which Sopel will now
request upon connecting to an IRC server [[#1470][], [#1672][], [#1674][]]
* Added support for disabling commands (or entire plugins) on a per-channel
basis [[#1235][]]
* See how it works: [Per-channel configuration][per-channel-conf]
* Fixed tracking user `away` state [[#1663][], [#1664][], [#1666][], [#1703][]]
* User information is now periodically updated [[#1664][]]
* Fixed a case in which MODE tracking could break [[#1737][]]
* Handle non-standard `+y`/`+Y` OPER modes [[#1671][]]
* A new `OPER` constant in `sopel.module` now exists for these channel modes,
which (at least on InspIRCd) use the privilege prefix `!`
* This is a stopgap for one specific case; we are working on further changes
to support dynamic parsing of privilege modes/prefixes at connect time
* Stopped sending TOPIC command on JOIN [[#1749][]]
* IRC servers should send the topic on join without being asked, per spec
* Greatly improved the warning printed when a deprecated function is used,
adding detail and removing unnecessary traceback lines [[#1568][], [#1613][]]
* Typical length of output for each deprecated function call reduced from
roughly 15 lines to 3 (warning, file/line, and offending code snippet)
* Added optional `@deprecated` decorator arguments:
* `reason`: why this item was deprecated
* `version`: the version in which the deprecation happened
* `removed_in`: the version in which the deprecated item will be removed
* The end-of-life warning for users on Python 2.x is now date-aware [[#1756][]]
* Made sure ignored users cannot trigger URL handlers [[#1806][]]
* Tightened up some more dependency version specifiers [[#1807][]]
API changes
* [API documentation][api-docs] has been almost entirely overhauled [[#1563][],
[#1566][], [#1646][], [#1668][], [#1669][], [#1680][], [#1719][], [#1727][],
[#1735][], [#1750][], [#1766][], [#1770][], [#1771][], [#1772][], [#1775][],
[#1776][], [#1778][], [#1782][], [#1813][]]
* Nearly every file, both for the public API and Sopel's internals, was
reviewed in its entirety to make these improvements globally:
* More consistent style
* Better use of Sphinx features (e.g. parameter definitions, return value
notes, & version annotations)
* General cleanup and copy-editing
* Add more detail and examples to help new bot users and plugin authors
* Remove or correct outdated information left over from previous versions
* Most of Sopel's submodules now define `__all__`, limiting namespace pollution
from using `*` in imports [[#1582][], [#1727][]]
* Plugins can register themselves via `setuptools` entry points [[#1585][]]
* This feature is an evolution of the previous mechanism to install plugins
via PyPI packages, which required a specific directory structure and
package name format (`sopel_modules.plugin_name`)
* See [the entry point plugin documentation][entry-point-plugin] for more
* Logging has been reworked [[#1678][]]
* The `sopel.logger.get_logger()` function is deprecated in favor of a new
`` utility with plugin-specific behavior
* `sopel.logger.get_logger()` will begin emitting deprecation warnings in
version 8.0, and will be removed in 9.0
* Testing tools have been overhauled [[#1731][], [#1732][], [#1781][]]
* The old "Mock" classes in `sopel.test_tools` are now deprecated:
* `MockConfig`
* `MockSopel`
* `MockSopelWrapper`
* New pytest fixtures make the real objects usable in tests directly
* The bot keeps track of running triggered threads, so tests can be sure that
processing has finished before evaluating results
* Sopel also now exports a `pytest` plugin, for convenience
* `module.event()` decorator no longer requires a rule [[#1693][], [#1709][]]
* Since 99% (unscientific guesstimate) of event decorators were paired with
`@module.rule('.*')`, that's now implied if no rule decorator is present
* Added `` (replaces `sopel.web`) [[#1616][], [#1670][]]
* Both old and new import locations will work until Sopel 7 end-of-life
* The `sopel.web` package will be removed completely in Sopel 8
* Functions marked as deprecated in the old location (e.g. `web.get()`) do
*not* carry forward to the new package namespace; they remain deprecated
* Added `tools.web.unquote()`, the reverse of `tools.web.quote()` [[#1681][]]
* Note: This is not available in the `sopel.web` compatibility layer
* Added a set of methods in the `bot` object to manipulate URL callbacks:
`bot.register_url_callback`, `bot.unregister_url_callback`, and
`bot.search_url_callbacks` [[#1508][], [#1808][]]
* Modules should switch to using these new API methods instead of directly
accessing `bot.memory['url_callbacks']`
* There are no definite plans to remove `bot.memory['url_callbacks']`, but it
should be considered deprecated
* Added `kick()` method to `bot` object [[#1539][]]
* `bot.kick(nick, channel, optional_message)` is shorthand for the pattern
`bot.write(['KICK', channel, nick], optional_message)`, used by a number
of both core and third-party plugins
* Added `bot.myinfo`, containing the server's RPL_MYINFO (004) data [[#1769][]]
* More information in [the MYINFO documentation][docs-myinfo]
* Added `bot.isupport`, exposing network-specific settings and properties from
the server's RPL_ISUPPORT (005) data [[#1758][]]
* This includes useful things like the network's maximum nickname length
(`NICKLEN`), maximum topic length (`TOPICLEN`), number of targets allowed
per command (`TARGMAX`), and channel-privilege mappings (`PREFIX`)
* More information in [the ISUPPORT documentation][docs-isupport]
* Added `session()` method to `bot.db` [[#1811][]]
* `db.connect()` now logs a message when used with a non-SQLite database
connected, as raw connection behavior for different DB types varies
* Added `delete_{nick,channel}_value` methods in `bot.db` [[#1526][]]
* Added "plugin value" API to `bot.db` [[#1621][]]
* Functionally identical to "nick" and "channel" values, but in a separate
namespace intended for plugins' use to store key-value data that isn't
associated with a nick or channel and doesn't belong in the config file
* Added optional `default` kwarg to `db.get_*_value()` functions [[#1673][]]
* This allows streamlining some uses of values fetched from the database
* New `sopel.module.output_prefix` decorator [[#1701][]]
* Defines a prefix for all output sent from the decorated callable via
`bot.say` or `bot.notice` (`bot.action` & `bot.reply` don't fit the use
cases this feature is intended to address)
* New `sopel.module.require_account` decorator [[#1733][]]
* This is useful to require services login on networks where Sopel can track
users' authentication status, but will block *all* use of the decorated
callable on networks without the necessary features
* `sopel.module` decorators work much more consistently [[#1632][]]
* All relevant decorators accept multiple arguments at once, and will work
properly if used multiple times on the same function
* Added `reply` option to `module.require_*` decorators [[#1456][], [#1500][]]
* Passing `reply=True` will send the error message as if via `bot.reply()`,
prefixing it with the name of the calling user to get their attention
* Passing `reply=False` (or omitting the argument) will behave exactly as
before, with the error message sent as if via `bot.say()`
* Fixed the `@module.url` decorator to work always, regardless of whether any
core plugins are enabled [[#1510][], [#1576][]]
* Added `bot.hostmask` property (read-only) [[#1537][]]
* This property is a shortcut for `bot.users.get(bot.nick).hostmask`, so it
will throw an error if the bot is not connected to a network **and** joined
to at least one channel. Basically, don't try to use it in plugin `setup()`
or `shutdown()` methods.
* Added `bot.get_plugin_meta()` method to fetch plugin information [[#1762][]]
* Added `module.echo` decorator [[#1470][]]
* Decorated callables will receive messages that Sopel itself sends,
regardless of whether the IRC server actually supports `echo-message`
* Don't send output from `@echo`-decorated callables; this will cause loops
* Added `module.action_commands` decorator [[#1660][]]
* This presently conflicts with other command/trigger decorators because of
internal implementation details, but fixing that is on our to-do list
* If you want both `action_commands` and another command type (`commands`,
`nickname_commands`, etc.), use `@action_commands('foo')` to decorate a
wrapper function that simply calls the main one
* Officially deprecated the methods `SopelMemory.contains()` and
`SopelMemoryWithDefault.contains()`, to be removed in Sopel 8 [[#1563][]]
* Use the `in` operator instead
* Officially deprecated the `bot.msg()` method [[#1606][]]
* Adds a warning to Sopel's output for any third-party code that is still
using `bot.msg()` (which was declared deprecated and removed from the API
docs in 6.0) instead of `bot.say()`
* Added a new `user_help` kwarg to `@module.example` decorator [[#1403][]]
* This allows multiple help examples per command, as requested in [#1200][]
* See the [Sopel 7 migration guide][sopel-7-migration] for details on using
this new parameter, and about backwards compatibility
* Added a new `online` kwarg to `@module.example` decorator [[#1555][]]
* Example tests that require an Internet connection may be marked with
`online=True` to indicate this fact (the default is `False`)
* This facilitates running only offline-safe plugin tests, by passing
`--offline` to pytest, if an Internet connection is unavailable
* Outside of the test suite, this parameter has no effect
* Corrected case-mapping in `tools.Identifier` class [[#1744][]]
* See [the Sopel 7 migration guide][sopel-7-migration] for details,
particularly if your plugin interacts with the database and/or user/channel
identifiers in their lowercase form
* Added more utilities to `tools.time`:
* `tools.time.seconds_to_human()`, for generating human-readable fuzzy
relative timestamps from `timedelta` or raw number of seconds [[#1560][]]
* `tools.time.get_nick_timezone()` and `tools.time.get_channel_timezone()`,
for cases where the fallback behavior(s) of `tools.time.get_timezone()`
would be undesired [[#1592][]]
* Made `tools.time.validate_timezone()` more robust [[#1707][]]
* Added alias for 462 numeric in `` [[#1665][]]
* [RFC 2812][] defined an incorrect spelling, `ERR_ALREADYREGISTRED`, and
Sopel copied it verbatim
* The spelling `ERR_ALREADYREGISTERED` can be used now, too
* Fixed invalid raw lines in generated `@example` tests [[#1499][]]
* Fixed `PreTrigger` objects missing the `text` attribute sometimes [[#1782][]]
[RFC 2812]:
Changes between 6.6.8 and 6.6.9
Module changes
* Also block changing `core.owner_account` setting in `admin` plugin [[#1599][]]
* Fixed `instagram` parsing after changes to the website [[#1608][]]
* `tld` plugin decodes HTML entities before output [[#1612][]]
* Handle an error condition when querying `ip` module using nickname [[#1631][]]
Core changes
* Fixed populating `user` & `host` in the bot's user database when `NAMES` reply
arrives first [[#1630][]]
Changes between 6.6.7 and 6.6.8
Module changes
* `admin` module no longer allows setting `core.owner` value [[#1587][]]
* Allowing any bot admin to change the owner opened Sopel to a
privilege-escalation attack
* Even with this patch, you still should add only users you really trust to
the `admins` list, for obvious reasons
API changes
* Fixed some content & formatting errors in documentation [[#1589][]]
Changes between 6.6.6 and 6.6.7
Fixing this bug, which was discovered after the previous release, serves to
exorcise the curse brought upon us by version 6.6.6.
Core changes
* Fixed incorrect `MODE` message parsing that could lead to Sopel thinking
some users had higher channel privileges than they did [[#1575][]]
Changes between 6.6.5 and 6.6.6
This slightly cursed version of Sopel is brought to you by the following happy
coincidences. When this release cycle began:
* 6.6.6 was the next patch version number
* Tax Day (in the U.S.) was just a few weeks off — the perfect release date
As it happens, the [v6.6.6 GitHub milestone][ms-666] ended up with 13 closed
issues/PRs in total. We *definitely* didn't try to *plan* any of this. Promise.
Module changes
* Potential denial-of-service via repeated long output in the `.py` and `.calc`
commands was mitigated [[#1552][]]
* `admin` module's `.set` command no longer throws an exception if missing
arguments [[#1520][]]
* Fixed `admin` module's `.mode` command sending invalid raw line [[#1549][]]
* Tweaked output-formatting code in the `meetbot` & `reddit` modules [[#1516][]]
* The most visible effect of this is that moderators' names will now appear
green in `reddit`'s output, like on the site, instead of the old brown/purple
* Updated example/test output for `.ip` command [[#1523][]]
Core changes
* Flood protection delay is now capped at 2 seconds [[#1552][]]
* The flood delay penalty is calculated using the message length before
truncation. Very long command output could thus "hang" the bot for many
minutes at a time, meaning some modules could be used to DoS the bot.
* Sopel 7 will add configuration for flood protection and perhaps reorganize
the logic to reduce silly bugs like this. (See: [#1518][], [#1559][])
* Fixed a few cases where keyboard interrupt (Control + C) wasn't handled
correctly [[#1534][], [#1558][]]
* Fixed invalid `MODE` command sent during connection phase [[#1544][]]
API changes
* Fixed a regression in testing modules by running them directly [[#1529][]]
* Fixed that `bot` output methods (`say`, `reply`, etc.) would cause errors
during tests if passed certain keyword arguments [[#1538][]]
Changes between 6.6.4 and 6.6.5
Module changes
* Fixed url module not cleaning punctuation when auto-titling [[#1515][]]
* Fixed url module's punctuation-cleaning on Python 2 [[#1517][]]
* Fixed `.redditor` command with newer `praw` versions (4.0+) [[#1506][]]
* Reloading modules now runs their `shutdown()` routines [[#1412][]]
Changes between 6.6.3 and 6.6.4
Module changes
* Replaced `help` pastebin with ``
* `` shut down due to abuse — see [ptpb/pb#246]( for more
* More news on this front (reducing Sopel's dependence on specific pastebins)
in a future release. Several ideas are under consideration.
* Cleaned up code in `instagram` and `unicode` modules
* Core modules now use `bot.channels` instead of deprecated `bot.privileges`
Core changes
* Privilege tracking now always updates both `bot.channels` & `bot.privileges`,
where before some handlers only updated one or the other
* This *should* have zero effect on behavior, but do report any observed.
Changes between 6.6.2 and 6.6.3
Module changes
* Fixed loading etymology module on Python 3.3
* Added Unicode support to calc module's `.py` output
* Correctly quote URL parameters in etymology and search modules
Core changes
* Added docstrings to the privilege level constants in `sopel.module`
Changes between 6.6.1 and 6.6.2
Module changes
* wiktionary tries harder to get a valid result before erroring out
Core changes
* Fixed an inconsistency between interpretations of the `--config` option in
normal operation vs. wizard mode
* Requirement specifiers tightened up to reduce/prevent `pip` trying to install
incompatible dependency versions (`IPython`, `dnspython`)
* SASL token is now split when required according to spec
* Multi-byte Unicode characters are now handled correctly when splitting lines
Changes between 6.6.0 and 6.6.1
Module changes
* spellcheck's `pyenchant` dependency is no longer required for py3.7+
* This should alleviate a lot of installation problems due to `pyenchant`
being unmaintained. If use of the spellcheck module is desired, the
necessary libraries may be installed manually.
Changes between 6.5.3 and 6.6.0
Sopel 6.6.0 has been a long time coming, but it contains a metric ton of fixes
and enhancements. The big stuff is yet to come in Sopel 7, though; stay tuned!
(You can get some hints by browsing the [GitHub milestones][].)
View and contribute toward Sopel's budgetary needs by visiting the project's
new [Open Collective page](
Now that Sopel 6.6.0 is released, the focus will shift from preparing the new
release to migrating the website and documentation off of Embolalia's personal
infrastructure. Once this migration is complete, Sopel's [documentation][docs]
will be updated to reflect the changes/additions listed below. Questions about
the new (and old) API methods are welcome in [#sopel][] on Freenode, of course,
as always. Thank you for bearing with this transitional period!
Importantly, a couple of broken modules have been removed in this release. For
easy reference, they and their PyPI-installable replacements are listed near
the top of the "[Module changes](#module-changes)" section.
Because this is the last release planned before Sopel 7, it's important to note
some upcoming changes. They're mostly for module developers, or for bot owners
who run unmaintained third-party modules (which might need manual updating).
But first, a user-facing change. Sopel is drifting toward a more streamlined
release model, which will see most of the core module library split out into
separate packages. Moving modules to their own packages will enable faster
fixes when APIs change, and easier module adoption by members of the community.
Further process details will appear in future changelogs as modules are moved
out of core, but the plan is to have Sopel "require" modules it used to include
for a release or two after their removal. Existing installations should thereby
have a smooth transition, as long as they get updated reasonably often. To
discuss this plan, visit issue [#1291][].
And now, for the developer stuff.
There will be some attention given to how `Identifier` objects work in Sopel 7.
In particular, the way lowercase works appears to have been wrong for some
time. Subscribe to issue [#1389][] for updates, or to join the discussion on
the best plan for addressing this.
Also in Sopel 7, the following deprecated functions in `sopel.web` will be
removed: `get()`, `head()`, `post()`, `get_urllib_object()`. Module authors
should replace these with equivalent code using `requests`. If you don't know
what that is, you're in for a treat: <>
Remaining `sopel.web` functions might also move in a future major release. See
[#1318][] and comment your opinion if you are a module developer. There is
still plenty of time to give feedback; nothing will happen before Sopel 8 at
the earliest.
Support for multiple help examples on each module command is planned for Sopel
7 and will allow for clearer command and argument documentation. The current
help system uses a deterministic but unintuitive method to choose a single
example to output. The current plan is to make the new multi-example behavior
opt-in, so only help for modules that are explicitly updated to support it will
change. Follow this initiative in [#1200][].
Bot owners and admins might appreciate the new ignore system proposal, which
would (among other things) make "hostmask" blocks actually block hostmasks! See
[#1355][] to participate in the design process; this change is tentatively
planned for Sopel 7 but may be pushed back.
And finally, for users who hate SQLite with a passion: Work on bringing back
alternate DB support has begun! It's unclear how soon this will be ready, but
users who want to switch off SQLite to another database engine might be able to
do so as early as Sopel 7. Follow the ups and downs of this long-awaited
journey at [#1446][] for the time being.
[#sopel]: irc://
[GitHub milestones]:
Module changes
* Added emoticons module: includes `.shrug`, `.tableflip`, `.lenny`, and other
common kaomoji
* Added instagram module: displays information about Instagram links in chat
* Removed movie: The OMDb API went private some time ago (Q2 2017)
* See [``][pypi-imdb] on PyPI for a functional replacement
* Removed weather: Yahoo deprecated its weather service, the last known keyless
weather API
* See [``][pypi-weather] on PyPI for a functional
replacement that also adds the forecast command originally planned to
launch with Sopel 6.6.0.
* admin module's `.set` command handles spaces properly now
* bugzilla no longer spits out an error on shutdown if its domain list is empty
* dice module's `.roll`/`.dice`/`.d` command gives friendlier errors, and its
`.choice`/`.choose`/`.ch` command has cleaner output (will be further
improved in a later release)
* etymology module updated to work with's changes
* ip module can now look up nicknames (user's hostname) & IPv6 addresses
* ip module switched from deprecated GeoIP database to GeoIP2
* isup module can be forced to ignore untrusted/broken HTTPS with a new command
alias, `.isupinsecure`
* lmgtfy module gained improved output URLs (HTTPS, encoded query) and help
* reddit module now picks up links under all commonly used subdomains
* reload's habit of duplicating packaged modules' command output has been
significantly curtailed
* There are still some edge cases (like reloading a module with a removed
function) that might still cause problems, but the majority of module
updates should be OK now.
* This feature will continue to improve over the next few releases.
* search module should behave better when encountering Unicode in URLs on py2
* search now warns `.ddg`/`.g` users of a bug affecting multiple "site:"
operators in a single query
* This is a bug in DuckDuckGo's plain-HTML SERP, and they have ignored all
attempts to report it. Sopel's DuckDuckGo code might be rewritten to use an
unaffected interface in the future.
* tld module gracefully handles missing arguments now
* translate now handles API failures gracefully
* url module can now create a short URL for convenience when fetching title
* only URLs longer than configured minimum length
* off by default
* url module will say an error if `.title` command fails
* url module's URL finder will ignore suspicious trailing punctuation, making
the auto-title feature more reliable when links are included in sentences
* version module no longer prints "wat" to the console/log when answering CTCP
`VERSION` requests
* wiktionary module now decodes HTML entities in its output before sending, and
it should also now give correct results for affixes & definitions containing
reference tags
* xkcd fetching by comic title should work again (switched back-end search
* Many modules updated to use HTTPS in both API calls and output
Core changes
* Added `userserv` option for `auth_method`
* Added default value of `'UTC'` to `default_timezone`
* Added `alias_nicks` option
* Lets Sopel respond to (a) nickname(s) other than the name it uses for its
IRC nick
* Made handling `CNAME`'d TLS hostnames more forgiving
* Raw logging is no longer enabled by default
* Comparisons between Identifiers and other types were improved
* Sopel no longer sends the sticky modifier for capabilities
* Database tables are now created using "IF NOT EXISTS" to reduce error
* Deprecated `sopel.web` calls in various modules updated to use `requests`
* Intents/CTCP handling fixed
* Fixed more cases where module shutdown routines weren't running
API changes
* New formatting methods: `italic`, `strikethrough`, `monospace`, `hex_color`,
`reverse` (inverted video)
* With the exception of italics, these are all "niche" formatting codes that
have relatively limited client support, but they are included for
* `sopel.db.get_uri()` was returning an incorrectly formatted result, now fixed
* Fixed populating `bot.channels` privileges dicts on connect
* Fixed updating `User` objects when receiving `NICK` events from the server
* Documentation added/corrected in several places
* Command prefix in examples is now assumed to match the default regex pattern
(currently `\.`)
* This fixes some issues with incorrect help output, but might cause new
problems in modules that use non-standard prefixes in their examples.
* Sopel's maintenance team regrets not providing advance warning of this
change, but the potential impact is limited to perhaps a few misplaced
characters in help output, at most—same as the bug itself, but likely with
a much lower incidence.
Changes between 6.5.2 and 6.5.3
Module changes
* tell module takes nicknames up to 30 characters long now (previously 20)
* reddit module (and Sopel, by extension) once again accepts any installed
version of PRAW
Core changes
* Specified which `IPython` versions pip should give Sopel depending on Python
version in use
* Fixed trying to use `pytest` stuff in production
* Various testing tweaks
Changes between 6.5.1 and 6.5.2
Larger than the usual "patch" release because it's been so long since the last
version and a number of bugs crept in. New maintainer (dgw) says hi.
To reduce the "dependency hell" of installing things that Sopel doesn't need
unless specific modules are used, the `spellcheck` and `ipython` modules will
likely be removed from core and published separately in a future release
(tentatively, Sopel 7).
Module changes
* Added (restored) `.bing` command to search module, and fixed Bing results
* Updated DDG ad filtering, and converted query URLs in search module to HTTPS
* Fixed search module `.suggest` command using Google suggestions API
* Fixed reddit and updated PRAW version requirement
* reload module no longer tries to reload nonexistent modules when passed the
name of a system package (e.g. "time" or "re")
* remind module will now give the reminder time in the correct timezone when
using `.at`
* wikipedia module ignores `File:` namespace links, and output from other Sopel
bots' wikipedia modules
* Fixed retrieving xkcd comics by number
* Fixed currency module (updated API URLs)
* Tweaked url module's title finder to reduce garbage from Gawker/Kinja sites
* help module now filters out duplicate commands from its command list
* Fixed wikipedia module's handling of special characters like `&`
* Prevent wikipedia module spewing an error if someone posts a link to an
article that doesn't exist
* help module now sends the command list to, as GitHub removed their
anonymous Gist API
* Switched calc module to use new backend service for `.py` command, to reduce
* Added physical temperature limit to units module
* Tweaked argument handling in pronouns module
Core changes
* Logger bug squashed
* Shutdown method handling fixed
* Added documentation in a few places
* Made finding the system SSL/TLS certificate trust store more robust
* Modules with example tests no longer need to hack around `pytest` running
their `setup()` routines
* Corrected `IPython` dependency for ipython module (now installs with Sopel
* Widened acceptable `requests` version range
API changes
* Module `shutdown()` methods should fire correctly now
* `ListAttribute` config values now return `[]` (empty list) when blank instead
of `[""]` (empty string in list)
* Updated documentation for (still deprecated) `sopel.web` (the documentation
for `post()` included a nonexistent kwarg, `headers`)
Changes between 6.5.0 and 6.5.1
Module changes
* A module to track users' pronouns is added
* A few bug and regression fixes
Changes between 6.4.0 and 6.5.0
Module changes
* xkcd module can now recognize urls
* SSL is verified for HTTP requests when not turned off in the config
* The command list is placed in a gist, to prevent flooding
* Title finding uses a custom user-agent, to prevent issues with some sites
Core changes
* Intent handling is improved
API changes
* A `@url` decorator is added to simplify URL handling
Changes between 6.3.1 and 6.4.0
Module changes
* For some subreddits where NSFW is used to mark spoilers, an appropriate tag
is shown.
* `.ddg` avoids giving ad results.
* `.wa` is fully removed
* See [`sopel-modules.wolfram`][pypi-wolfram] on PyPI for a replacement
Core changes
* Support for authenticating with Quakenet's Q is added.
* Errors from empty PID files are fixed.
* Issues with errors not being logged to the logging channel are fixed.
* Topic tracking is improved
* `extended-join` is supported properly
* Error messages being reported to the triggering channel/user can be disabled.
API changes
* Channel privileges are no longer checked in private messages.
* Rate limiting can now be done by channel and globally, not just per user.
Changes between 6.3.0 and 6.3.1
Module changes
* The xkcd module is working again
* Fix an issue causing Unicode errors to show for some URLs when using Python 2
(but you should really switch to 3!)
Core changes
* Fix a bug in QUIT message parsing which caused certain users to be flooded
with PMs if their nick matched the first word of a user's QUIT message (such
as "disconnected" or "ping")
* Fix a rare Python 3 incompatibility bug when quitting due to too many core
* We no longer show a warning when detecting a non-Unicode system locale if
you're still using Python 2
Changes between 6.2.0 and 6.3.0
Module changes
* Many modules ported to use `requests` package for stability and security
* Weather location lookup is fixed
* Confusing and unnecessary commands like .op were removed
* Splitting of options in `.choice` is now more intuitive
* Some edge cases in reddit post information were fixed
Core changes
* A check is added to warn about an obscure environment issue that can cause
strange errors
* Regex characters in the bot's nick no longer cause issues when a rule has the
nickname added
* Rate limiting is tweaked slightly, which should reduce the severity of the
`.commands` flood bug until a proper solution is found
API changes
* The current topic of a channel is now available as the `Channel` object's
`topic` attribute
* `sopel.web` has been reworked as a wrapper around requests; it remains
Changes between 6.1.1 and 6.2.0
Module changes
* An error in excluding URLs from title display is fixed
* Case sensitivity issues in currency and dice commands are fixed
* Guards to require channel or private message are added to a number of
commands, to avoid confusing errors
* A calculation bug in the countdown command is fixed
* Misc. minor bugfixes and improvements
Core changes
* An occasional error with SSL connections on Python 3 is fixed
* On servers which support IRCv3 account extensions, the services account name
can be used to authenticate the owner
* Numerous additional IRCv3 features are supported
API changes
* `bot.privileges` is now deprecated in favor of `bot.channels`
* `bot.channels` contains more information about the channels the bot is in
* `bot.users` is now available with information about the users Sopel is aware
* `sopel.web` is now deprecated in favor of the third-party `requests` library
* `trigger.time` is added with the current time, or server-time if the server
supports it
* `` is now available as an enum of IRC numeric replies
Changes between 6.1.0 and 6.1.1
If you are updating from a pre-6.0 version (i.e. Willie), there are backwards-
incompatible changes which you should be aware of. See
<> for more information.
Core changes
* A regression which caused the config wizard to be unusable is fixed
Changes between 6.0.0 and 6.1.0
If you are updating from a pre-6.0 version (i.e. Willie), there are backwards-
incompatible changes which you should be aware of. See
<> for more information.
Module changes
* A regression which prevented the URL safety detection from working is fixed.
* Issues with some special characters in DuckDuckGo searches are fixed
* `lxml` is no longer required by any modules, greatly simplifying the install
* Misc. minor bugfixes and improvements
Core changes
* A regression which disabled blocking functionality is fixed
* Examples are no longer mangled by the `.help` command, and show the correct
* The listing from `.commands` is now separated by module
* Issues with reloading folder modules are fixed
API changes
* `ListAttribute` configs can be set to a list or set, with the same effect
* The configure method of validated config attributes now takes the parent
config and section name
Changes between 5.5.1 and 6.0.0
This release contains backwards-incompatible changes. See
<> for more information.
This is the first release in which the bot will have a new name. Current
tentative name is Sopel.
Module changes
* chanlogs, rss, github, and radio modules are removed
* Default in admin module is now to join on invite from anyone; the old default
of only joining on invite from admins can be configured
* Wikipedia module's per-channel default language configuration is deprecated;
a database-backed option will be added in a future version
* `.seen` replies on action messages now display action messages differently
* `.kick` no longer truncates the message, and `.kickban` works properly
Core changes
* Deprecated login configs have been removed in favor of the new `auth_*`
* Module reloading has been redone to enable modules to be installed from PyPI
* IRCv3 capability negotiation is updated for v3.2
API changes
* Configuration has been entirely reworked. Old wizard functions and the
`get_list()` function are removed, but most other uses of the config should
continue to work.
* The reorganization of `` introduced in 5.3.0 is finalized; the
old import locations no longer work.
* `bot.msg` is deprecated in favor of `bot.say`, which can now be used in
un-triggered contexts with an additional `recipient` argument
Changes between 5.5.0 and 5.5.1
This release continues preparations for Willie 6. See
Module changes
* The URL safety module correctly checks URLs
* The URL for the service used for `.py` and `.wa` is updated
Changes between 5.4.1 and 5.5.0
This release starts preparations for Willie 6. See
API changes
* The ability to import from the `sopel` package, rather than `willie`, is
added to enable forward compatibility with the rename in 6.0
* A `version_info` tuple, similar to Python's own `sys.version_info`, is added
* An error when setting a validated config attribute to `None` is fixed
Changes between 5.4.0 and 5.4.1
This release starts preparations for Willie 6. See
Core changes
* Regression which prevented SSL verification from being disabled is fixed
Changes between 5.3.0 and 5.4.0
This release starts preparations for Willie 6. See
Module changes
* Dropping the lowest results from `.dice` rolls works properly
* `.blocks` listing is now on one line
* HTML entities in reddit post titles are now displayed correctly
Core changes
* DB nick group merging now works properly
* A few combinations of authentication configuration that were broken are fixed
API changes
* The core config section now uses a 6.0-style config definition. Deprecated
attributes will give a warning.
* Accessing core config values directly from the `config` object itself (rather
than `config.core`) now appropriately prints a warning
* `@require_chanmsg` now works properly
Changes between 5.2.0 and 5.3.0
Module changes
* The YouTube module is removed due to breakage of its API by Google
* Fixes for Unicode in channel logging
* `.py` hits an updated service running Python 2.7, rather than 2.5
* Multiple new features are added in the reddit module
* Wind direction arrows in weather now point the right way
API changes
* Time and calculation tools are split out into multiple modules. The moved
things will also be available in `tools` itself until 6.0, whereupon they
will only be available in their new locations.
* Functions and classes used internally for scheduling jobs are moved. They are
still available in their old location, but are no longer documented and will
not be considered part of the public API in 6.0.
Changes between 5.1.1 and 5.2.0
Module changes
* An exception that failed the chanlogs module from loading is fixed
* Meetbot meeting subjects no longer fail with Unicode
Core changes
* The various ways of authenticating the bot are now configured using the same
set of attributes. The old settings will be used as fallback until 6.0.0.
API changes
* Privilege decorators no longer cause an error when no message is given
* A new `@intent` decorator is added as a shortcut for triggering on a message
with an intent
Changes between 5.0.0 and 5.1.1
Module changes
* Fixed a regression that caused getting weather for a nick to fail
* Bugs related to channel log filenames are fixed
* Channel logs can now use the bot's preferred time zone
* Getter and setter methods for timezone and format are more consistently named
* `.seen` persists across bot restarts
* `.seen` no longer shows message or channel unless used within the same
* Special characters in Wikipedia URLs are handled correctly
Core changes
* `help_prefix` can now be given in `[core]` to change the command prefix used
in help
API changes
* The `Trigger` object is now immutable, as expected
* New decorators for checking privileges on callables are added
Changes between 4.6.2 and 5.0.0
This release contains backwards-incompatible changes. See
<> for more information.
Module changes
* YouTube no longer shows bizarre lengths when the bot is running under Python
* When Wikipedia links are posted, a snippet of the article is shown
Core changes
* `WillieDB` is entirely rewritten, meaning migration will be needed to access
old data
* Logging output to the debug channel is improved
* The name of the NickServ user can be configured with `nickserv_name` in
* SSL is disabled on Python 2.7 when `backports.ssl_match_hostname` is not
API changes
* Deprecated `WillieDB` functions are removed
* CTCP actions are stripped prior to matching, and added to the `'intent'` key
of `trigger.tags`
* Deprecated `Trigger` functions are removed
* `bot.debug` is removed, in favor of standard Python logging
* `tools.Nick` is removed, in favor of the `tools.Identifier` introduced in
Changes between 4.6.1 and 4.6.2
This release starts preparations for Willie 5. See
<> for more information.
Module changes
* Due to API deprecation and instability, `.g` now uses DuckDuckGo instead of
Core changes
* Fix remaining regression in db update function
Changes between 4.6.0 and 4.6.1
This release starts preparations for Willie 5. See
<> for more information.
Module changes
* Fix regression in table creations and erroneously changed column names
Core changes
* Fix regression in db update function
API changes
* Correctly print out deprecation warnings
Changes between 4.5.1 and 4.6.0
This release starts preparations for Willie 5. See
<> for more information.
Module changes
* The `^` operator in `.calc` is now equivalent to `**`
* `.dice`, `.tr`, and `.addtrace` give meaningful errors when no argument is
* A number of database issues were fixed (more will be fixed in Willie 5)
* A number of Python 3-related issues were fixed.
* Malicious URLs are now detected with VirusTotal and malwaredomains
* `.weather` no longer shows pressure
Core changes
* The config wizard no longer configures the database, instead automatically
creating a SQLite DB
* MySQL and Postgres databases are deprecated; only SQLite will be supported in
Willie 5
* Logging channel and level can be configured with `logging_channel` and
`logging_level` in the config
* A `--version` switch was added to the `willie` command, to show the version
in use
* Corrupt PID files will no longer prevent the bot from starting
* Non-ASCII values no longer crash the config wizard
API changes
* Numerous functions were added to the db to ease the transition to Willie 5
* `tools.Nick` has been renamed to `tools.Identifier`. `Nick` will be removed
in Willie 5
* `willie.web` functions now specify a meaningful default user agent
* `` now supports dicts as the payload, and can optionally return
* `config.get` was added as an alias to `config.parser.get`
* Callables can now handle more than one event by stacking decorators
Changes between 4.5.0 and 4.5.1
Module changes
* Version checking module no longer causes an error at startup
* URL handling modules no longer repeat themselves after being reloaded
* `.isup` now adds a `.com` TLD if none is used
* IPython integration now works with older versions of IPython
Changes between 4.4.1 and 4.5.0
Module changes
* Willie will now alert the owner at startup, and every 24 hours, when a new
version is available
* `.calc` will now time out on excessively long calculations, and is less
likely to error out
* `.help` now works properly for command aliases
* `.help` will now output multi-line help in multiple messages, rather than all
at once
* A new `.uptime` command tells how long the bot has been running
* `.length` can now handle astronomical units
* Absolute vote counts are no longer shown in reddit output
* Using `.setlocation` without a location will no longer set your location to
* Time units for `.in` are now case-insensitive
* `.duck` no longer gives a long, unrelated URL
Core changes
* Scheduled tasks now work properly under Python 3
* Willie no longer accepts partial matches for admin status
API changes
* Setting attributes on the bot object now works as expected
* The status code is now returned from `web.get` as `_http_status` in the
* `web.get` now attempts to decode based on headers, rather than assuming utf-8
* `web.iri_to_uri` is now available to decode internationalized domain names
* A `willie.formatting` module is now available to simplify IRC bold, underline
and color formatting
Changes between 4.4.0 and 4.4.1
Module changes
* RSS no longer checks for malformed XML
* Starting RSS manually after bot restart is no longer needed
* Youtube video search properly handles spaces
* The `.at` command defaults to UTC if user's timezone is not set
Core changes
* Ping timeout handling is working again
* `bind_host` configuration option is working again
Changes between 4.3.0 and 4.4.0
Module changes
* `.cur` behaves better when bad arguments are given
* Fixed numerous Unicode errors
* Added a command to open an IPython console within the module context
* Added mass units and millimeters to .cur
* GitHub pull requests now get extended URL info
* `.weather` now displays wind in m/s instead of kts
* A security issue involving improperly named channel logs was fixed
* Misc. bugfixes
Core changes
* Channel joins at bot startup can be rate limited with the `throttle_joins`
option in the `[core]` config section to work around server limits
* Added the ability for SASL login where the nickname and username are
* Improved loop protection and rate limiting
* Fixed multiple Python 3 errors
* Enable logging the bot in to Authserv at startup
* Added support for Postgres as the database backend
* SSL cert location detection now works on Debian-based systems
* Misc. bugfixes
API changes
* Unicode in command decorators now works properly
* `web.get` now decodes the result from UTF-8, with a `dont_decode` argument to
Changes between 4.2.0 and 4.3.0
Module changes
* A new channel logging module is added
* Misc. bugfixes, especially when running with Python 3
Core changes
* Fixed a regression that caused numerous errors in `willie.web`
* Misc. bugfixes
API changes
* Nick instances now have an `is_nick` attribute, which is `True` when the
value is a valid nickname (as opposed to a channel)
Changes between 4.1.0 and 4.2.0
Module changes
* A new `.cur` command can convert a number of currencies, including Bitcoin
* `.c` can now understand a comma used as a radix point (rather than a period)
* `.w` can now look in the Wikipedia for a specified (or configurable default)
* Timezones are now more user-friendly, and used more consistently across
* Misc. bugfixes
Core changes
* `willie.web` now verifies HTTPS connections properly
* The SQLite database file respects use of `~` in the configured filename
* Willie can now run in Python 3
* Willie now depends on `python-backports.ssl_match_hostname` (see README.rst
for installation instructions)
* Misc. bugfixes
API changes
* `trigger.is_privmsg` is added for an easy way to see if a trigger was created
in a private or channel message
* `get_timezone` and `format_time` are added to `tools` to make displaying time
according to user/channel format easier
* Added `bot.notice` and an optional notice parameter for `bot.reply` for
easier sending of IRC `NOTICE` messages
Changes between 4.0.1 and 4.1.0
Module changes
* Admin-only `.set` command can now set non-existent config values
* The meetbot `.endmeeting` command now works properly
* Significant improvements made to RSS module
* The database structure for storing RSS feeds has been modified. The module
will attempt to migrate old data.
* Command syntax has changed in multiple ways
* `.rss` help is now available with more detailed information on usage.
* Module is overall better-behaved and less buggy
* Traceback can now be attached to a GitHub issue from Willie's logs
* GitHub module no longer puts "IRC" tag on issues it creates
* A `.listactions` command is added to allow actions to be listed before the
end of a meeting
* Dice now limits itself to 1000 dice, and output is cleaned up
* Willie now joins channels when invited
* Reddit module no longer gives an error if the submitter's account has been
* A new `.comments` feature allows optional comments on meetings, e.g. from
those muted in the channel
* `.xkcd` is more robust, and can now access the nth-latest comic
* calc module now uses an internal calculator, rather than the discontinued
iGoogle calculator
Core changes
* Memory lock and unlock no longer cause errors
* Debugging target no longer needs to be a channel
* Whitespace can now be used in the command prefix
* Line numbers are given when modules fail to load
* Error messages are more consistent across core and modules
* Willie now retries joining channels if it fails initially
* SQLite is now the default and recommended database type
* MySQL remains supported; support may be dropped in a later version
* `MySQLdb` is no longer listed as a recommended dependency
* IRCv3 is now largely supported
* Willie can now authenticate with SASL
API changes
* Modules can now provide a `shutdown()` function to clean up when the bot is
quitting or the module is reloading
* `web.get` and `` can be told to limit how much they read from a URL,
to prevent malicious use
* A new `@unblockable` decorator allows callables to be run even when triggered
by otherwise blocked users
* Willie can now connect over IPv6
* If the channel given to `bot.join` contains a space, the part after the space
will be used as the password
* IRCv3 is now largely supported
* Modules can now request capabilities from the server.
* Message tags, if enabled, can be read from `trigger.tags`
Changes between 4.0.0 and 4.0.1
Core changes
* Setup script once again works properly
* Message splitting now works properly
* Bug fixes in handling of nick and hostmask blocks
Changes between 3.2.0 and 4.0.0
Module changes
* The following modules have been moved to the willie-extras repository:
* ai
* bucket
* fuckingweather
* nws
* roulette
* twit
* slap
* oblique
* The information of the last URL seen in a channel can now be replayed with
* The YouTube module was reworked to use the YouTube JSON API
* The IP module is now independent of 3rd party services, and requires a local
copy of the (free) GeoLite database. If such database is not installed,
Willie will download it automatically.
* `.commands` now gives better output (no more truncated output due to message
length limit)
* Added a unit conversion module
* Better handling for non-Unicode page titles in the URL titler
* Removed bing support from search
* Various minor improvements and bugfixes across all modules
Core changes
* Module discovery was reworked. Willie will now try to load additional modules
from `~/.willie/modules` by default, if installed.
* The home directory, usually `~/.willie`, can now be configured by adding
`homedir` under `[core]`
* The location of PID files can now be configured by adding `pid_dir` under
* Willie can now be run as a systemd service
* Case sensitivity in nick blocking is fixed
* Better handling of ping timeouts (connection problems)
* Major code cleanup
API changes
* Improved Unicode UTF-8 support across all codepaths
* Triggers, and the appropriate attributes thereof, are now `unicode` objects
* Decorators were introduced for setting attributes on callables, available in
* The `NOLIMIT` return value was moved from the `Willie` class to
* Callables with the same name in different modules no longer override each
* `willie.channels` is now properly maintained
* trigger.isvoice can now be used to determine if a user has voice privileges
* Added the max_messages parameter for `willie.msg()` and `willie.say()`. See
documentation for details.
* Added interval callable support (see documentation for details)
* Numerous minor features, and stability and usability fixes
Changes between 3.1.2 and 3.2.0
* `tools.Nick` class added for RFC-compliant nickname comparison and storage
* Returning `willie.NOLIMIT` from a callable ignores the rate limit for that
* `get_list()` added to `ConfigSection`. Will reliably return a list from a
config attribute.
* A number of bugs regarding admin and operator lists were fixed
* Unusual mode changes no longer cause errors
* Times shown by `.t`, `.in`, etc. all now use formats set by `.settimeformat`
* sed feature can use backslashed slashes in substitutions
* Weather module was rewritten, and now uses Yahoo! Weather
* Numerous stability and usability fixes