A Python package for operating cross region AWS resources
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A Python package for operating cross region Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources.


Lifecycle: sunset Support: unsupported Maintenance: passive

This project is being sunsetted and is no longer supported.

  • the project's goals have been mostly obsoleted by the excellent AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) - remaining unique functionality should probably be implemented as an AWS CLI plugin, see botocross/issues/44 for details
  • if you should choose to fork it, please let us know so we can link to your project


Botocross is a Python package extending the excellent boto with functionality for operating cross region AWS resources - currently it is comprised of:

  • a module structured similar to boto, adding cross region functionality on top of boto's API (very early stages, most of this is still provided inline in the scripts and needs to be refactored into the respective sub modules still)
  • a set of Python scripts for orchestrating cross region AWS resources, i.e. a partial replacement for some AWS command line tools, specifically adding cross region functionality


The functionality originated in the Amazon EC2 clock accuracy research project and has been extracted due to being of general use in various contexts.


The package is actively used in the Amazon EC2 clock accuracy research as well as a few other internal projects, but still in it's early stages and mainly demand driven - therefore the AWS API coverage is incomplete and likely also inconsistent here and there.


The scripts are based on Python 2.7 and have the following dependencies (handled automatically if installed via pip, see below):

  • A recent version of boto (tested against 2.15.0), which provides the interface to Amazon Web Services


Install via pip from PyPI:

NOTE: botocross is not yet published to PyPI, please use Install from GitHub or Install from source below).

$ pip install botocross

Install via pip from GitHub:

$ pip install git+https://github.com/sopel/botocross.git

Install from source:

$ git clone git://github.com/sopel/botocross.git
$ cd botocross
$ python setup.py install


The scripts provide common command line argument parsing and help functionality (invoke with no arguments, --help or -h).

AWS credentials are obviously required, which can provided via the command line as well, but are more easily served via environment variables or a configuration file for day to day usage, see section Getting Started with Boto for details.

  • The validate-credentials script provides a convenience method to both validate the AWS credentials and display respective account/user information, which helps when juggling multiple AWS accounts.


Licensed under the MIT License (MIT), see LICENSE for details.