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Release 1.0rc2

  • Fixed #210: callbacks were not run for non-default loop (bug introduced in 1.0rc1).
  • patch_all() no longer patches subprocess unless subprocess=True is passed.
  • Fixed AttributeError in hub.Waiter.
  • Fixed #181: make hidden imports visible to freezing tools like py2exe. Patch by Ralf Schmitt.
  • Fixed #202: periodically yield when running callbacks (sleep(0) cannot block the event loop now).
  • Fixed #204: os.tp_read/tp_write did not propogate errors to the caller.
  • Fixed #217: do not set SO_REUSEADDR on Windows.
  • Fixed bug in --module argument for gevent.monkey. Patch by Örjan Persson.
  • Remove warning from about mixing fork() and threads.
  • Cleaned up from code that was needed to support older greenlets. Patch by Saúl Ibarra Corretgé.
  • Allow for explicit default loop creation via get_hub(default=True). Patch by Jan-Philip Gehrcke.

Release 1.0rc1

  • Fixed hub.switch() not to touch stacktrace when switching. greenlet restores the exception information correctly since version 0.3.2. gevent now requires greenlet >= 0.3.2
  • Added gevent.wait() and gevent.iwait(). This is like gevent.joinall() but supports more objects, including Greenlet, Event, Semaphore, Popen. Without arguments it waits for the event loop to finish (previously did that). will be removed before final release and gevent.joinall() might be deprecated.
  • Reimplemented loop.run_callback with a list and a single prepare watcher; this fixes the order of spawns and improves performance a little.
  • Fixes Semaphore/Lock not to init hub in __init__, so that it's possible to have module-global locks without initializing the hub. This fixes monkey.patch_all() not to init the hub.
  • New implementation of callbacks that executes them in the order they were added. core.loop.callback is removed.
  • Fixed 2.5 compatibility.
  • Fixed crash on Windows when request 'prev' and 'attr' attributes of 'stat' watcher. The attribute access still fails, but now with an exception.
  • Added known_failures.txt that lists all the tests that fail. It can be used by via expected option. It's used when running the test suite in travis.
  • Fixed socket, ssl and fileobject to not mask EBADF error - it is now propogated to the caller. Previously EBADF was converted to empty read/write. Thanks to Vitaly Kruglikov
  • Removed gevent.event.waitall()
  • Renamed FileObjectThreadPool -> FileObjectThread
  • Greenlet: Fixed #143: greenlet links are now executed in the order they were added
  • Synchronize access to FileObjectThread with Semaphore
  • EINVAL is not longer handled in fileobject.


  • Fixed #178: disable monkey patch
  • Fixed monkey.patch_thread() to patch threading._DummyThread to avoid leak in threading._active. Original patch by Wil Tan.
  • added Event=False argument to patch_all() and patch_thread
  • added patch_sys() which patches stdin, stdout, stderr with FileObjectThread wrappers. Experimental / buggy.
  • monkey patching everything no longer initializes the hub/event loop.


  • create_connection: do not lookup IPv6 address if IPv6 is unsupported. Patch by Ralf Schmitt.


  • Fixed #86: bytearray is now supported. Original patch by Aaron Westendorf.
  • Fixed #116: Multiline HTTP headers are now handled properly. Patch by Ralf Schmitt.


  • Fixed Windows compatibility. The wait() method now also supports 'timeout' argument on Windows.
  • Popen: Added rawlink() method, which makes Popen objects supported by gevent.wait(). Updated examples/
  • Fixed #148: read from errpipe_read in small chunks, to avoid trigger EINVAL issue on Mac OS X. Patch by Vitaly Kruglikov
  • Do os._exit() in "finally" section to avoid executing unrelated code. Patch by Vitaly Kruglikov.


  • improve getaddrinfo: For string ports (e.g. "http") resolver_ares/getaddrinfo previously only checked either getservbyname(port, "tcp") or getservbyname(port, "udp"), but never both. It now checks both of them.
  • now accepts strings as arguments
  • upgraded c-ares to cares-1_9_1-12-g805c736
  • it is not possible to configure resolver_ares directly with environ, like GEVENTARES_SERVERS


  • Renamed threadpool_read/write to tp_read/write.
  • Removed posix_read, posix_write.
  • Added nb_read, nb_write, make_nonblocking.


  • The system error is now raised immediatelly in main greenlet in all cases.
  • Dropped support for old greenlet versions (need >= 0.3.2 now)


  • allow 'callback' property of watcher to be set to None. "del w.callback" no longer works.
  • added missing 'noinotify' flag


  • gevent.thread: allocate_lock is now an alias for LockType/Semaphore. That way it does not fail when being used as class member.
  • Updated to start timeouts with ref=False.
  • pool: remove unused get_values() function
  • now recognizes GEVENTSETUP_EV_VERIFY env var which sets EV_VERIFY macro when compiling
  • Added a few micro benchmarks
  • stdlib tests that we care about are now included in greentest/2.x directories, so we don't depend on them being installed system-wide
  • updated util/
  • the testrunner was completely rewritten.

Release 1.0b4

  • Added gevent.os module with 'read' and 'write' functions. Patch by Geert Jansen.
  • Moved gevent.hub.fork to gevent.os module (it is still available as gevent.fork).
  • Fixed issue #148: Made fileobject handle EINVAL, which is randomly raised by on Mac OS X. Thanks to Mark Hingston.
  • Fixed issue #150: gevent.fileobject.SocketAdapter.sendall() could needlessly wait for write event on the descriptor. Original patch by Mark Hingston.
  • Fixed AttributeError in baseserver. In case of error, start() would call kill() which was renamed to close(). Thanks to Vitaly Kruglikov.

Release 1.0b3

  • New gevent.subprocess module
  • New gevent.fileobject module
  • Fixed ThreadPool to discard references of the objects passed to it (function, arguments) asap. Previously they could be stored for unlimited time until the thread gets a new job.
  • Fixed #138: gevent.pool.Pool().imap_unordered hangs with an empty iterator. Thanks to exproxus.
  • Fixed #127: could raise TypeError in certain cases. Thanks to Johan Mjones.
  • Fixed socket.makefile() to keep the timeout setting of the socket instance. Thanks to Colin Marc.
  • Added 'copy()' method to queues.
  • The 'nochild' event loop config option is removed. The install_sigchld offer more flexible way of enabling child watchers.
  • core: all watchers except for 'child' now accept new 'priority' keyword argument
  • gevent.Timeout accepts new arguments: 'ref' and 'priority'. The default priority for Timeout is -1.
  • Hub.wait() uses Waiter now instead of raw switching
  • Updated libev to the latest CVS version
  • Made pywsgi to raise an AssertionError if non-zero content-length is passed to start_response(204/304) or if non-empty body is attempted to be written for 304/204 response
  • Removed pywsgi feature to capitalize the passed headers.
  • Fixed util/ to work on python3.2 (#123). Patch by Alexandre Kandalintsev.
  • Added 'closed' readonly property to socket.
  • Added 'ref' read/write property to socket.
  • now parses CARES_EMBED and LIBEV_EMBED parameters, in addition to EMBED.
  • gevent.reinit() and gevent.fork() only reinit hub if it was created and do not create it themselves
  • Fixed not to add libev and c-ares to include dirs in non-embed mode. Patch by Ralf Schmitt.
  • Renamed util/ to util/
  • now saves more information about the system; the stat printing functionality is moved to a separate util/ script.

Release 1.0b2

Major and backward-incompatible changes:

  • Made the threadpool-based resolver the default. To enable the ares-based resolver, set GEVENT_RESOLVER=ares env var.
  • Added support for child watchers (not available on Windows). - Libev loop now reaps all children by default. - If NOCHILD flag is passed to the loop, child watchers and child reaping are disabled.
  • Renamed gevent.coros to gevent.lock. The gevent.coros is still available but deprecated.
  • Added 'stat' watchers to loop.
  • The now recognizes gevent_embed env var. When set to "no", bundled c-ares and libev are ignored.
  • Added optional 'ref' argument to sleep(). When ref=false, the watchers created by sleep() do not hold from exiting.
  • ThreadPool now calls Hub.handle_error for exceptions in worker threads.
  • ThreadPool got new method: apply_e.
  • Added new extension module gevent._util and moved gevent.core.set_exc_info function there.
  • Added new extension module gevent._semaphore. It contains Semaphore class which is imported by gevent.lock as gevent.lock.Semaphore. Providing Semaphore in extension module ensures that trace function set with settrace will not be called during __exit__. Thanks to Ralf Schmitt.
  • It is now possible to kill or pre-spawn threads in ThreadPool by setting its 'size' property.


  • Make sure the default loop cannot be destroyed more than once, thus crashing the process.
  • Make Hub.destroy() method not to destroy the default loop, unless destroy_loop is True. Non-default loops are still destroyed by default.
  • loop: Removed properties from loop: fdchangecnt, timercnt, asynccnt.
  • loop: Added properties: sigfd, origflags, origflags_int
  • loop: The EVFLAG_NOENV is now always passed to libev. Thus LIBEV_FLAGS env variable is no longer checked. Use GEVENT_BACKEND.


  • Check that the argument of link() is callable. Raise TypeError when it's not.
  • Fixed TypeError in baseserver when parsing an address.
  • Pool: made add() and discard() usable by external users. Thanks to Danil Eremeev.
  • When specifying a class to import, it is not possible to use format path/
  • pywsgi: Made sure format_request() does not fail if 'status' attribute is not set yet
  • pywsgi: Added REMOTE_PORT variable to the environment.


  • now shows how to use to implement graceful shutdown of a server.
  • Changed execute() to return rowcount.
  • Added fetchall() and fetchiter() methods.

Developer utilities:

  • When building, CYTHON env variable can be used to specify Cython executable to use.
  • util/ now recongizes --fast and --revert options. Previous --rsync option is removed.
  • Added util/ which automates building/testing/making binaries on Windows VM.
  • Fixed typos in exception handling code in
  • Fixed patching unittest.runner on Python2.7. This caused the details of test cases run lost.
  • Made kill the whole process group after test is done.

Release 1.0b1

Backward-incompatible changes:

  • Removed "link to greenlet" feature of Greenlet.
  • If greenlet module older than 0.3.2 is used, then greenlet.GreenletExit.__bases__ is monkey patched to derive from BaseException and not Exception. That way gevent.GreenletExit is always derived from BaseException, regardless of installed greenlet version.
  • Some code supporting Python 2.4 has been removed.

Release highlights:

  • Added thread pool: gevent.threadpool.ThreadPool.
  • Added thread pool-based resolver. Enable with GEVENT_RESOLVER=thread.
  • Added UDP server: gevent.server.DatagramServer
  • A "configure" is now run on libev. This fixes a problem of 'kqueue' not being available on Mac OS X.
  • Gevent recognizes some environment variables now: - GEVENT_BACKEND allows passing argument to loop, e.g. "GEVENT_BACKEND=select" for force select backend - GEVENT_RESOLVER allows choosing resolver class. - GEVENT_THREADPOOL allows choosing thread pool class.
  • Added new examples: portforwarder,,,
  • Fixed non-embedding build. To build against system libev, remove or rename 'libev' directory. To build against system c-ares, remove or rename 'c-ares'. Thanks to Örjan Persson.

misc: - gevent.joinall() method now accepts optional 'count' keyword. - gevent.fork() only calls reinit() in the child process now. - now returns False when exiting because of timeout or event (previous None). - Hub got a new method: destroy(). - Hub got a new property: threadpool.

ares.pyx: - Fixed issue #104: made ares_host_result pickable. Thanks to Shaun Cutts.

pywsgi: - Removed unused deprecated 'wfile' property from WSGIHandler - Fixed issue #92: raise IOError on truncated POST requests. - Fixed issue #93: do not sent multiple "100 continue" responses

core: - Fixed issue #97: the timer watcher now calls ev_now_update() in start() and again() unless 'update' keyword is passed and set to False. - add set_syserr_cb() function; it's used by gevent internally. - gevent now installs syserr callback using libev's set_syserr_cb. This callback is called when libev encounters an error it cannot recover from. The default action is to print a message and abort. With the callback installed, a SystemError() is now raised in the main greenlet. - renamed 'backend_fd' property to 'fileno()' method. (not available if you build gevent against system libev) - added 'asynccnt' property (not available if you build gevent against system libev) - made loop.__repr__ output a bit more compact - the watchers check the arguments for validness now (previously invalid argument would crash libev). - The 'async' watcher now has send() method; - fixed time() function - libev has been upgraded to latest CVS version. - libev has been patched to use send()/recv() for evpipe on windows when libev_vfd.h is in effect

resolver_ares: - Slightly improved compatibility with stdlib's socket in some error cases.

socket: - Fixed close() method not to reference any globals - Fixed issue #115: _dummy gets unexpected Timeout arg - Removed _fileobject used for python 2.4 compatibility in - Fixed issue #94: fallback to buffer if memoryview fails in _get_memory on python 2.7

monkey: - Removed patch_httplib() - Fixed issue #112: threading._sleep is not patched. Thanks to David LaBissoniere. - Added get_unpatched() function. However, it is slightly broken at the moment.

backdoor: - make 'locals()' not spew out __builtin__.__dict__ in backdoor - add optional banner argument to BackdoorServer

servers: - add server.DatagramServer; - StreamServer: 'ssl_enabled' is now a read-only property - servers no longer have 'kill' method; it has been renamed to 'close'. - listeners can now be configured as strings, e.g. ':80' or 80 - modify baseserver.BaseServer in such a way that makes it a good base class for both StreamServer and DatagramServer - BaseServer no longer accepts 'backlog' parameter. It is now done by StreamServer. - BaseServer implements start_accepting() and stop_accepting() methods - BaseServer now implements "temporarily stop accepting" strategy - BaseServer now has _do_read method which does everything except for actually calling accept()/recvfrom() - pre_start() method is renamed to init_socket() - renamed _stopped_event to _stop_event - 'started' is now a read-only property (which actually reports state of _stop_event) - post_stop() method is removed - close() now sets _stop_event(), thus setting 'started' to False, thus causing serve_forever() to exit - _tcp_listener() function is moved from to - added 'fatal_errors' class attribute which is a tuple of all errnos that should kill the server

coros: - Semaphore: add _start_notify() method - Semaphore: avoid copying list of links; rawlink() no longer schedules notification

Release 1.0a3

Added 'ref' property to all watchers. Settings it to False make watcher call ev_unref/ev_ref appropriately so that this watcher does not prevent from exiting. Made resolver_ares.Resolver use 'ref' property for internal watcher.

In all servers, method "kill" was renamed to "close". The old name is available as deprecated alias.

Added a few properties to the loop: backend_fd, fdchangecnt, timercnt.

Upgraded c-ares to 1.7.5+patch.

Fixed getaddrinfo to return results in the order (::1, IPv4, IPv6).

Fixed getaddrinfo() to handle integer of string type. Thanks to kconor.

Fixed gethostbyname() to handle '' (empty string).

Fixed getaddrinfo() to convert UnicodeEncodeError into error('Int or String expected').

Fixed getaddrinfo() to uses the lowest 16 bits of passed port integer similar to built-in _socket.

Fixed getnameinfo() to call getaddrinfo() to process arguments similar to built-in _socket.

Fixed gethostbyaddr() to use getaddrinfo() to process arguments.

version_info is now a 5-tuple.

Added handle_system_error() method to Hub (used internally).

Fixed Hub's run() method to never exit. This prevent inappropriate switches into parent greenlet.

Fixed Hub.join() to return True if Hub was already dead.

Added 'event' argument to Hub.join().

Added run() function to gevent top level package.

Fixed Greenlet.start() to exit silently if greenlet was already started rather than raising :exc:`AssertionError`.

Fixed Greenlet.start() not to schedule another switch if greenlet is already dead.

Fixed gevent.signal() to spawn Greenlet instead of raw greenlet. Also it'll switch into the new greenlet immediately instead of scheduling additional callback.

Do monkey patch create_connection() as gevent's version works better with gevent.socket.socket than the standard create_connection.

pywsgi: make sure we don't try to read more requests if socket operation failed with EPIPE

pywsgi: if we failed to send the reply, change 'status' to socket error so that the logs mention the error.

Release 1.0a2

Fixed a bug in gevent.queue.Channel class. (Thanks to Alexey Borzenkov)

Release 1.0a1

TODO: - gevent.http? - gevent.httplib? - gevent.wsgi? (Currently gevent/ imports classes from gevent/

Backward-incompatible changes:

Release highlights:

  • The :mod:`gevent.core` module now wraps libev's API and is not compatible with gevent 0.x.
  • Added a concept of pluggable event loops. By default gevent.core.loop is used, which is a wrapper around libev.
  • Added a concept of pluggable name resolvers. By default a resolver based on c-ares library is used.
  • Added support for multiple OS threads, each new thread will get its own Hub instance with its own event loop.
  • The release now includes and embeds the dependencies: libev and c-ares.
  • The standard :mod:`signal` works now as expected.
  • The unhandled errors are now handled uniformely by Hub.handle_error function.
  • Added :class:`Channel` class to :mod:`gevent.queue` module. It is equivalent to Queue(0) in gevent 0.x, which is deprecated now.
  • Added method :meth:`peek` to :class:`Queue` class.
  • Added :func:`idle` function which blocks until the event loop is idle.
  • Added a way to gracefully shutdown the application by waiting for all outstanding greenlets/servers/watchers: :meth:`Hub.join`.
  • Added new :mod:`gevent.ares` C extension which wraps c-ares and provides asynchronous DNS resolver.
  • Added new :mod:`gevent.resolver_ares` module provides synchronous API on top of :mod:`gevent.ares`.

The :mod:`gevent.socket` module:

  • DNS functions now use c-ares library rather than libevent-dns. This fixes a number of problems with name resolving: - Issue #2: DNS resolver no longer breaks after fork(). You still need to call :func:`gevent.fork` (os.fork is monkey

    patched with it if monkey.patch_all() was called).

    • DNS resolver no longer ignores /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/hosts.
  • The following functions were added to socket module - gethostbyname_ex - getnameinfo - gethostbyaddr - getfqdn

  • Removed undocumented bind_and_listen and tcp_listener

The :class:`Hub` object:

  • Added :meth:`join` method which waits until the event loop exits or optional timeout expires.
  • Added :meth:`wait` method which waits until a watcher has got an event.
  • Added :meth:`handle_error` method which is called by all of gevent in case of unhandled exception.
  • Added :meth:`print_exception` method which is called by handle_error to print the exception traceback.

The :class:`Greenlet` objects:

  • Added __nonzero__ implementation that returns True after greenlet was started until it's dead. Previously greenlet was False after start() until it was first switched to.

The mod:gevent.pool module:

  • It is now possible to add raw greenlets to the pool.
  • The :meth:`map` and :meth:`imap` methods now start yielding the results as soon as possible.
  • The :meth:`imap_unordered` no longer swallows an exception raised while iterating its argument.


  • gevent.sleep(<negative value>) no longer raises an exception, instead it does sleep(0).
  • Added method clear to internal Waiter class.
  • Removed wait method from internal Waiter class.
  • The :class:`WSGIServer` now sets max_accept to 1 if wsgi.multiprocessing is set to True.
  • Added :func:`monkey.patch_module` function that monkey patches module using __implements__ list provided by gevent module. All of gevent modules that replace stdlib module now have __implements__ attribute.

Release 0.13.6 (May 2, 2011)

  • Added __copy__ method to :class:`gevent.local.local` class that implements copy semantics compatible with built-in threading.local. Patch by Galfy Pundee.
  • Fixed :class:`StreamServer` class to catch EWOULDBLOCK rather than EAGAIN. This fixes lots of spurious tracebacks on Windows where these two constants are not the same. Patch by Alexey Borzenkov.
  • Fixed issue #65: :func:`fork` now calls event_reinit only in the child process; otherwise the process could hang when using libevent2. Patch by Alexander Boudkar.

Release 0.13.5 (Apr 21, 2011)

  • Fixed build problem on Python 2.5

Release 0.13.4 (Apr 11, 2011)

Release 0.13.3 (Feb 7, 2011)

Release 0.13.2 (Jan 28, 2011)

Release 0.13.1 (Sep 23, 2010)

Release highlights:

:mod:`gevent.socket` module:

:mod:`gevent.ssl` module:

  • Imported a number of patches from stdlib by Antoine Pitrou:
    • Calling :meth:`makefile` method on an SSL object would prevent the underlying socket from being closed until all objects get truely destroyed (Python issue #5238).
    • SSL handshake would ignore the socket timeout and block indefinitely if the other end didn't respond (Python issue #5103).
    • When calling :meth:`getpeername` in SSLSocket.__init__, only silence exceptions caused by the "socket not connected" condition.
  • Added support for ciphers argument.
  • Updated SSLSocket.send and SSLSocket.recv methods to match the behavior of stdlib :mod:`ssl` better.
  • Fixed :class:`ssl.SSLObject` to delete events used by other greenlets when closing the instance (issue #34).


  • Made :class:`BaseServer` accept long values as pool argument in addition to int.
  • Made :attr:`http._requests` attribute public.
  • Updated webchat example to use file on disk rather than in-memory sqlite database to avoid :exc:`OperationalError`.
  • Fixed example to be runnable under external WSGI server.
  • Fixed bogus failure in
  • Added new test to check PEP8 conformance:
  • Fixed :class:`BackdoorServer` close the connection on :exc:`SystemExit` and simplified the code.
  • Made :class:`Pool` raise :exc:`ValueError` when initialized with size=0.
  • Updated --libevent to configure and make libevent if it's not built already.
  • Updated to use setuptools if present and add dependency on greenlet.
  • Fixed doc/ to work with Sphinx 1. Thanks by Örjan Persson.

Release 0.13.0 (Jul 14, 2010)

Release highlights:

Backward-incompatible changes:

:mod:`gevent.socket` module:

  • Fixed issues #26 and #34: closing the socket while reading/writing/connecting is now safe. Thanks to Cyril Bay.
  • Imported :func:`getfqdn` from :mod:`socket` module.
  • The module now uses sys.platform to detect Windows rather than :mod:`platform` module.
  • Fixed issue #27: :func:`getaddrinfo` used to handle the case when socktype or proto were equal to 0. Thanks to Randall Leeds.

:mod:`gevent.coros` module:

:mod:`gevent.event` module:

:mod:`gevent.wsgi` module:

:mod:`gevent.pywsgi` module:

:mod:`gevent.core` module:

:mod:`gevent.http` and :mod:`gevent.wsgi` modules:



Thanks to Ralf Schmitt for :mod:`pywsgi`, a number of fixes for :mod:`wsgi`, help with :mod:`baseserver` and :mod:`server` modules, improving and various other patches and suggestions.

Thanks to Uriel Katz for :mod:`pywsgi` patches.

Release 0.12.2 (Mar 2, 2010)

  • Fixed http server to put the listening socket into a non-blocking mode. Contributed by Ralf Schmitt.

Release 0.12.1 (Feb 26, 2010)

  • Removed a symlink from the distribution (that causes pip to fail). Thanks to Brad Clements for reporting it.
  • automatically create symlink from build/lib.../gevent/ to gevent/
  • :mod:`gevent.socket`: Improved compatibility with stdlib's socket:

Release 0.12.0 (Feb 5, 2010)

Release highlights:

:mod:`gevent.wsgi` module:

  • Made env["REMOTE_PORT"] into a string.
  • Fixed the server to close the iterator returned by the application.
  • Made wsgi.input object iterable.

:mod:`gevent.core` module:

  • Made DNS functions no longer accept/return IP addresses in dots-and-numbers format. They work with packed IPs now.
  • Made DNS functions no longer accept additional arguments to pass to the callback.
  • Fixed DNS functions to check the return value of the libevent functions and raise :exc:`IOError` if they failed.
  • Added :func:`core.dns_err_to_string`.
  • Made core.event.cancel not to raise if event_del reports an error. instead, the return code is passed to the caller.
  • Fixed minor issue in string representation of the events.

:mod:`gevent.socket` module:


Release 0.11.2 (Dec 10, 2009)

Release 0.11.1 (Nov 15, 2009)

  • Fixed bug in :func:`` function. Passing non-empty list of write descriptors used to cause this function to fail.
  • Changed to go ahead with the compilation even if the actual version of libevent cannot be determined (version 1.x.x is assumed in that case).

Contributed by Ludvig Ericson:

  • Fixed :mod:`wsgi`'s start_response to recognize exc_info argument.
  • Fixed to look for libevent.dylib rather than .so on Darwin platforms.

Release 0.11.0 (Oct 9, 2009)

Release 0.10.0 (Aug 26, 2009)

The following items were added to the gevent top level package:

The following items were marked as deprecated:

Internally, gevent.greenlet was split into a number of modules:

Thanks to Jason Toffaletti for reporting the installation issue and providing a test case for WSGI double content-length header bug.

Release 0.9.3 (Aug 3, 2009)

  • Fixed all known bugs in the :mod:`gevent.queue` module and made it 2.4-compatible. :class:`LifoQueue` and :class:`PriorityQueue` are implemented as well. :mod:`gevent.queue` will deprecate both coros.Queue and coros.Channel.
  • Fixed :class:`Timeout` to raise itself by default. TimeoutError is gone. Silent timeout is now created by passing False instead of None.
  • Fixed bug in :func:`` where it could silent the wrong timeout.
  • :func:`spawn` and :func:`spawn_later` now avoid creating a closure and this decreases spawning time by 50%.
  • kill's and killall's wait argument was renamed to block. The polling is now implemented by greenlet.join and greenlet.joinall functions and it become more responsive, with gradual increase of sleep time.
  • Renamed proc.RunningProcSet to proc.ProcSet.
  • Added :func:`shutdown` function, which blocks until libevent has finished dispatching the events.
  • The return value of event_add and event_del in core.pyx are now checked properly and :exc:`IOError` is raised if they have failed.
  • Fixed, accidentally broken in the previous release.

Release 0.9.2 (Jul 20, 2009)

Release 0.9.1 (Jul 9, 2009)

  • Fixed compilation with libevent-1.3. Thanks to Litao Wei for reporting the problem.
  • Fixed :class:`Hub` to recover silently after event_dispatch() failures (I've seen this happen after fork even though event_reinit() is called as necessary). The end result is that :func:`fork` now works more reliably, as detected by - it used to fail occasionally, now it does not.
  • Reorganized the package, most of the stuff from gevent/ was moved to gevent/ gevent/ imports some of it back but not everything.
  • Renamed gevent.timeout to :class:`gevent.Timeout`. The old name is available as an alias.
  • Fixed a few bugs in :class:`queue.Queue`. Added from standard tests to check how good is :class:`queue.Queue` a replacement for a standard :mod:`Queue` (not good at all, timeouts in :meth:`queue.Queue.put` don't work yet)
  • :mod:`monkey` now patches ssl module when on 2.6 (very limited support).
  • Improved compatibility with Python 2.6 and Python 2.4.
  • Greenlet installed from PyPI (without py.magic prefix) is properly recognized now.
  • core.pyx was accidentally left out of the source package, it's included now.
  • :class:`GreenSocket <socket.socket>` now wraps a socket object from _socket module rather than from :mod:`socket`.

Release 0.9.0 (Jul 8, 2009)

Started as eventlet 0.8.11 fork, with the intention to support only libevent as a backend. Compared to eventlet, this version has a much simpler API and implementation and a few severe bugs fixed, namely

There's a test in my repo of eventlet that reproduces both of them:

Besides having less bugs and less code to care about the goals of the fork are:

  • Piggy-back on libevent as much as possible (use its http and dns code).
  • Use the interfaces and conventions from the standard Python library where possible.