Tracery: a story-grammar generation library for javascript
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Welcome to Tracery!

How to use this

Go here to galaxykate's tracery to understand how to use & modify this

Go here to @DesignAdviceBot to see the end output of this on

or go here to to see how to generate Tweets from this code

Basic outline of how the grammar works

The origin gives the basic sentence structure of the Tweet

	"origin": ["#enhance# your #meetings# by #engaging with# #whiteboarding#"]

Everything in the origin enclosed by "#" is treated as a variable. These are modified by adding to or removing from the associated array e.g.

	"enhance" : ["Enhance", "Optimize", "Drive", "Rethink", "Hack", "Intensify", "Boost", "Innovate", "Streamline", "Simplify", "Extend", "Reinvent", "Augment", "Strengthen", "Upgrade", "Invigorate", "Advance", "Raise the profile of", "Progress", "Elevate", "Over-complicate", "Revise", "Rework", "Revolutionize", "Bring new life to", "Create engagement with", "Polish"]

An example of a Tweet created by this

@DesignAdviceBot Tweet