🏓 A collection of simple scripts to create 2D physics game, intended for giving workshops to a young audience
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Batch Scripts


Playground Project



A collection of simple scripts to create 2D physics game, intended for giving workshops to an audience of beginner game developers to quickly enable them to make games in Unity.



This project is intended to be as flexible as possible, not enforcing a specific game genre apart from the obvious constraints of being 2D and physics-powered. It contains a lot of scripts that perform atomic tasks, that is they do mostly only one thing, so you can combine them to create any kind of gameplay.

That said, the audience should already have an idea of how Unity works, the Editor interface, the concept of GameObjects, Components, the Scene View, Play Mode, and so forth. It might be useful to guide them through these concepts before letting them play with this project.

Usage instructions

Refer to the Wiki for instructions on how to use the framework.

Software Requirements

Required: Any Unity 5.4.x, or later version

Hardware Requirements

Required: Laptop

Owner and Responsible Devs

Owner: Ciro Continisio

Change Log (only major changes)


  • 11 Jul - Project created
  • 12 Jul - Added graphic assets
  • 15 Jul - (Mike G) Updated project structure
  • 29 Jul - Example games, Editor scripts to customise the appearance of the components
  • 07 Aug - HowTo video
  • 15 Aug - Added Resource system, Action scripts
  • 24 Aug - Refactored the whole Action system
  • 25 Aug - Added Wiki, renamed Triggers to Conditions
  • 06 Sep - Area Conditions refactored to one to support different events
  • 21 Sep - Added license
  • 10 Nov - New mouse scripts added (GoToMouse, LookTowardsMouse) 2017
  • 10 Mar - Arrow gizmos for movement/rotation scripts
  • 12 Mar - Dialogue system
  • 01 Apr - Added cheatsheet images