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Solr Search Engine ORM for Django
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Solr Search Engine ORM for Django



from djangosolr import documents

class Movie(documents.Document):
   id = documents.IntegerField(primary_key=True)
   title = documents.CharField()
   director = documents.CharField()
   text = TextField()

Define from an existing django model

from djangosolr import documents
from myapp import models

class Movie(documents.Document):
    class Meta:
        model = models.Movie

Save some movies

Movie(id="1", title='Jurassic Park I', director='Steven Spielberg').save()
Movie(id="2", title='Jurassic Park III', director='Steven Spielberg').save()

Save many movies at once

from djangosolr import solr[m1, m2])

Get and update

m = Movie.documents.get(2)
m.director = 'Joe Johnston'

Get all movies

ms = Movie.documents.all()

Get the first 10 Steven Spielberg's movies

ms = Movie.documents.q(director__exact='Steven Spielberg').sort('title')[:10]

Get Spielberg's or Johnston's movies

ms = Movie.documents.q(Q(text='spielberg') | Q(text='johnston'))

Delete a movie

m = Movie.documents.get(1)

Delete all movies


Getting It

You can get Django Solr by using pip or easy_install

$ pip install django-solr

or $ easy_install django-solr

Comming Soon

  • Facet
  • More Like This
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