Gilp: A node tool to implement pre-commit and other git hooks over gulp
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Git has a lot of hooks for client and server side but the most used and known hook is pre-commit, where you can run some validations (like linters) and cancel a commit if something fails. Gilp is a tool to define (using gulp tasks), install and run hooks.

Why gilp over gulp?

There are 2 main reasons:

  • The regular pre-commit hook managers run using the local file's content instead of git staged content. Gulp comes with vinyl, a virtual file format where we can create an in-memory version of a file to use as content for the tasks. Like gulp.src, we created a new stream provider for that: srcFromStaged. If we need to run the same tools but over a commit, branch or tag instead (e.g. in a CI), you can do it using srcFromCommit without a checkout.

  • Gulp is plenty of plugins ready to use, just check it.

Yarn, please.

We recommend to use yarn instead of npm because the error report is less verbose when gulp returns a non-zero code (on error) so we can focus on the "real" error.


yarn add --dev gilp


You can use any gulp or gilp plugin.

Define a hook

var gulp = require('gulp');
var eslint = require('gulp-eslint');
var gilp = require('gilp')(gulp);

gilp.hook('pre-commit', function () {
  return gilp.srcFromStaged(['**/*.js']) 

** Get a stream of files to be committed: **


** Get a stream of files from a commit: **


Install defined hooks (.git/hooks)

yarn run gulp gilp-install

To auto-install the hooks after yarn installation, add in your package.json the following postinstall command:

  // ...
  "scripts": {
    // ...
    "gulp": "gulp",
    "postinstall": "gulp gilp-install"
  // ...

Run a task on the CI to check the commit

var gulp = require('gulp');
var eslint = require('gulp-eslint');
var gilp = require('gilp')(gulp);

gulp.task('check-commit', function () {
  return gilp.srcFromCommit('e3bca34', ['**/*.js']) 


See full working example.


Gilp is Copyright (c) 2016 sophilabs, inc. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license file.



Gilp is maintained and funded by sophilabs, inc. The names and logos for sophilabs are trademarks of sophilabs, inc.