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No Maintenance Intended

Simple and powerful IDE for tutorials on any technology, a mind blowing concept.


TryBox is a proof of concept for a new learning platform. Built with Django, Google Closure, nginx, fabric, 0mq, postgres, among others.

Just select the tutorial, start it and keep learning anytime anywhere (GitHub integration). Forget about installing all the tools in your computer to learn that new technology, use TryBox to keep learning just using a browser. This app takes the concept of "learn by doing" to a whole new level, were you only need your browser and thirsty for knowledge. The tutorial will deploy your application automatically so you can see the results while you are learning.


This application was created by the Sophilabs Team during the DjangoDash competition, a demanding sprint of 48 hours. Thanks Eduardo Veiga, Pablo Ricco, Sebastián Sassi for participating on this. Keep up the great work, this is just the beginning! We also want to thanks the rest of the Team that supported these runners: Martín Beracocha, Kelian Puppi, Martín Prunell and Santiago Paragarino.

Enjoy it and please come with your pull requests.

The Sophilabs Team.


Try-Box is Copyright (c) 2017 sophilabs, inc. It is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the license file.


Try-Box is maintained and funded by sophilabs, inc. The names and logos for sophilabs are trademarks of sophilabs, inc.