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A framework for building automated email applications in PHP
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commented code to convert all PLAIN parts to uft8

this is optional code to convert all PLAIN and HTML parts to utf8. if you are having problems with database insert of email body this may help... commented by default because utf8 may not be the desired default encoding and this hard codes it.
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Peeker - A framework for building automated email applications.

Please read the documentation here and in the docs directory

Peeker is a wrapper around the IMAP/POP3 extension available in PHP. It helps you avoid learning all the strange things about talking to an email server and concentrate on getting email as objects and properly-decoded attachments onto your filesystem.

Start with the Quick Start in peeker_quickstart.html.

Basic usage: (gmail IMAP, make sure IMAP is enabled in your gmail account)

// class files in peeker directory
// change these lines
// the path to the peeker.php class file
// this can also be a Google Apps email account

// do not change these lines
// this should not change unless you are having problems
$config['service_flags'] = '/imap/ssl/novalidate-cert';

// you can definitely change these lines!
// because your application code goes here
$peeker = new peeker($config);
$cnt = $peeker->get_message_count();
echo $cnt.' message waiting';

// EOF

Advanced PHP developers only: Peeker also has a declarative Event programming architecture (Detector-Callback circuit) and "Traits-like" method layering (a simple Dependency Injection - just drop in a custom class and request the new methods be added to the email objects).

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