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package SFDC;
# ABSTRACT: Command tool for interacting with
use strict;
use warnings;
use 5.10.0;
use App::SFDC;
sub usage {
join "\n",
"SFDC: Tools for interacting with",
? (
"Installed commands:",
map {"\t$_"} @App::SFDC::commands,
"\nFor more detail, run: SFDC <command> --usage"
: (
"It doesn't look like you have any modules installed!",
"Try searching CPAN for App::SFDC::Command"
# The use of shift HAS SIDE EFFECTS. Note that child modules are invoked using
# Getopt::Long, which operates on @ARGV; when this program is invoked, we
# expect @ARGV to start with an operation which would be invalid as input to
# GetOptions, which is why we shift instead of using $_[0]
my $command = shift;
exit 1 unless do {
if ($command and my ($correct_command) = grep {/^$command$/i} @App::SFDC::commands) {
} else {
print usage;
This package provides a wrapper around certain common interactions with
Salesforce, with the aim of being sufficiently powerful and flexible for the enterprise, and to make 10k+ line ant XML packages unneccesary.
By default, this application ships with
All operations use L<App::SFDC::Role::Logging> and L<App::SFDC::Role::Credentials>
to provide shared functionality. Look in those modules to see specifics of the
options they provide.
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