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Sophos AI GPT-3 for Cybersecurity Repository

A key lesson of recent deep learning successes is that as we scale neural networks, they get better, and sometimes in game-changing ways. This repo provides two applications which demonstrate how GPT-3 opens new vistas for cybersecurity.

How do I get started?

There are two use cases for spam detection and command analysis. As the code in this repo uses OpenAI API, set the OPENAI_API_KEY enviroment variable as your api key. Refer to the OpenAI documentation in

Spam detector

Spam detector demonstrates how to identify spam messages using GPT-3 few-shot learning or fine-tuning.

Change directory to spam_detector folder and follow the instructions.

Command analyzer

Command analyzer shows how to analyzer complex command lines using GPT-3 few-shot learning.

Change directory to command_analyzer folder and follow the instructions.

How do I cite GPT-3 for Cybersecurity?

Questions, ideas, feedback appreciated, please email

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