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Github mirror of "wikidata/query/gui" - our actual code is hosted with Gerrit (please see for contributing)
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Wikibase Query Service GUI

This repository contains the GUI for the OSM Sophox Service.

Download & setup

Clone git repo, go into created folder and then pull all dependencies via npm package manager.

$ git clone
$ cd gui
$ npm install

Alternatively, use npm install.

npm install wikidata-query-gui

Run tests

Run JSHint, JSCS and QUnit tests.

$ npm test


Start a test server for local debugging. Do not use it in production.

$ npm start


Create a build with bundled and minified files.

$ npm run build


Create a build and push it to the deployment branch via git review.

$ npm run deploy

Please make sure you have defined a gitreview username:

git config --global --add gitreview.username "[username]"



A CodeMirror based SPARQL editor with code completion (ctrl+space) and tooltips (hover).

var editor = new wikibase.queryService.ui.editor.Editor();
editor.fromTextArea( $( '.editor' )[0] );

See examples/editor.html.

Example dialog

A dialog that allows browsing of SPARQL examples.

new wikibase.queryService.ui.dialog.QueryExampleDialog(  $element, querySamplesApi, callback, previewUrl );

See examples/dialog.html.


var api = new wikibase.queryService.api.Sparql();
api.query( query ).done( function() {
	var json = JSON.parse( api.getResultAsJson() );

} );

See examples/sparql.html.

Result Views

Views that allow rendering SPARQL results (see documentation).

var api = new wikibase.queryService.api.Sparql();
api.query( query ).done(function() {
	var result = new wikibase.queryService.ui.resultBrowser.CoordinateResultBrowser();
	result.setResult( api.getResultRawData() );
	result.draw( element );
} );

See examples/result.html.

Release Notes and npm package

Unfortunately there are no releases and the provided code and interfaces are not considered to be stable. Also the dist/ folder contains a build that may not reflect the current code on master branch.

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