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Minecraft mod
Branch: 1.7.10
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sor1n - Fixed all of the bugs mentioned on github
- Added new config options
- Rabbits paw now increases the chance of spawning hearts, rather than
itself spawning some
- Hearts now have a much lower chance to spawn by default
- You can no longer increase your health past 20 hearts (aka double the
default health)
- The guide now also shows the total number of pages on each tab
- A new luck stat has been added to the Curse API
- Cleaned up the code a bit (removed unused methods, imports etc)
- The displayer's info now has a purple solid color background; the text
also has a much closer shadow and now shrinks in height as well as in
width when too big
- I have modified the potion list to use Mithion's code, credits have
been given
Latest commit 01c8701 Dec 1, 2015

Jewelrycraft 2 was created by DarkKnight with the help of domi1819, pau101, Oli and others. I was told this needs a README, so here it is.

You are allowed to submit changes in the form of pull requests. You are also allowed to use my code as long as you credit me. You can add my mod to any modpack as long as you notify me first.

I reserve all rights to the mod.

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