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Common use-cases should be streamlined:
* I have a URL that I want to sign (given consumer key/secret, optional
token/secret, optional nonce/timestamp).
* I have a URL that I want to sign AND I want to see what the components
(e.g. signature base string, etc.) are while it's being signed (i.e. verbose
* I have a URL that I want to sign and I only want the signature.
* I have a URL that I want to sign and I want something suitable to put in
{the header, the querystring, XMPP}.
* I want to make a query to an OAuth-enabled web service (with sensible
errors, if available).
* I want to host an OAuth-enabled web service.
* I want to test my OAuth-enabled web service (i.e. test helpers)
Example applications for:
* Ning
* Fire Eagle
* Google (blogger, contacts)
* Twitter
* Netflix
In addition to providing best practices of use, these can also be part of
the pre-release checks to make sure that there have been no regressions.
Random TODOs:
* finish CLI
* sensible Exception hierarchy
* Tokens as Modules
* don't tie to Net::HTTP
* Take a look at Curb HTTP Verbs
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