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I can spare little energy on this repository so please

Check here for newer releases:


vsfm.TextSubMod(clip clip, string file[, int charset=1, float fps=-1.0, string vfr='', int accurate=0])
vsfm.VobSub(clip clip, string file)
  • clip: Clip to process. Only YUV420P8, YUV420P10, YUV420P16 and RGB24 are supported.
  • accurate: 1: enable accurate render for 10/16bit (~2x slower). / 0: disable (default)

Knowing Issues

  • Opentype font (such as Source Han Sans) has a much smaller size when displayed vertically (used like @Source Han Sans). (subtitle renders which origin from VSFilter use GDI to render fonts, but GDI performs badly on opentype fonts.)

Use VSFilterMod in MPC-BE

  1. run regsvr32.exe VSFilterMod.dll with administrator privileges
  2. Select "VSFilter/xy-VSFilter" on the select of Options/Subtitles/Subtitle renderer