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Added Monotype to the list of foundries known to require an extended …

…license and cleared some confusion regarding fonts licensed by Adobe (which Adobe does not own).
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sorccu committed Feb 26, 2010
1 parent 3446f21 commit 6345f55f2fe3215c82dc011d64110521ef47c810
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@@ -89,13 +89,14 @@ <h3>Select the font you'd like to use</h3>
<p class="info">See <a href="" class="external">Fonts and the Law</a> at <a href="" class="external"></a> for more information.
Fonts produced by the following foundries/vendors/creators are <em>known to be safe</em>:
- <a href="" class="external">Adobe Systems</a>.
+ <a href="" class="external">Adobe Systems</a> (but only if Adobe is the sole copyright and trademark holder).
The following are <em>known to require separate or extended licenses</em> for Web Embedding:
<a href="" class="external">Berthold</a> (separate),
<a href="" class="external">FontFont</a> (separate),
<a href="" class="external">Fontsmith</a> (separate),
<a href="" class="external">ITC</a> (separate),
- <a href="" class="external">Linotype</a> (extended).</p>
+ <a href="" class="external">Linotype</a> (extended),
+ <a href="" class="external">Monotype</a> (extended).</p>

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