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1.10 (in development)

[NEW] You can now use unicode ranges to select glyphs.
[NEW] Wildcards (e.g. * now cover the domain ( as well instead of just the subdomains.
[NEW] Added support for BBC Glow’s selector engine.
[NEW] The generator now remembers the glyphs you’ve previously used, and domains can be saved too.
[NEW] Shortened the glyph list and slightly improved some descriptions.
[NEW] Added Monotype to the list of foundries known to require an extended license and cleared some confusion regarding fonts licensed by Adobe (which Adobe does not own).
[NEW] New option: trim. If ‘simple’, trims all preceding and following whitespace. If ‘advanced’, does what it previously did. Defaults to ‘simple’. Defaults to ‘advanced’.
[NEW] Soft hyphens are now supported. They are enabled by default and work with fluid content. Credits go to Jung & Willich for the implementation idea.
[NEW] New hooks: modifyText(text, textNode, element, options), onBeforeReplace(element, options) and onAfterReplace(element, options). See API.
[NEW] Added a predefined glyph group for Portuguese. Thanks Graffo!
[NEW] New option: ignoreClass. Allows you to ignore elements based on a single or multiple class names. Not in use by default.
[NEW] Improved rendering on high resolution devices (e.g. iPhone 4). Thanks michal-krause!
[NEW] Opera 9.01+ is now supported. Used to be 9.5+.
[NEW] Configurable support for basic ligatures. Thanks mdumic!
[FIXED] Removed Hoefler & Frere-Jones from the list of foundries requiring a separate license. They have decided not to offer a compatible license for now.
[FIXED] Added <noscript> to the list of elements that are ignored by default.
[FIXED] Latin-1 Supplement now covers the Euro symbol too because you might expect that. Also added a new predefined glyph group for Currency Symbols.
[FIXED] Zero-width characters are now rendered like they should be (no gap).
[FIXED] Zero-width characters no longer affect letter/word-spacing.
[FIXED] Enabled copy/paste in WebKit again.
[FIXED] VML gradients now more closely match <canvas> gradients. You most likely won’t be able to tell the difference unless you’ve been using extremely large font sizes.
[FIXED] Hover now works more reliably with links that are right next to window frame. Thanks Hannu!
[FIXED] Apparently IE8 sometimes returns font-size / line-height / word-spacing as a number instead of a string. Shouldn’t cause problems anymore.
[FIXED] A glyph for the space character is now always included (and this time with correct width, too).
[FIXED] A few generator layout fixes for Internet Explorer. Wasn’t really planning on ever doing this but oh well.
[FIXED] Font-size: 0 no longer causes errors.
[FIXED] Fixed text-transform: capitalize with accented characters.
[FIXED] Fixed IE9. IE9 now uses the canvas engine, which is less prone to future breakage.
[FIXED] Fixed an issue with <link rel="stylesheet" type="totally/fake">. WebKit loads it, other browsers do not. Added tests.
[FIXED] The hover option no longer “sticks around” if a replace call with hover disabled is made.
[FIXED] Cufon.refresh() no longer attemps to track anything but selectors (strings). May have previously caused errors in IE if Cufon.replace() was called in certain ways.

1.09i (Sep 26 2010)

[FIXED] Fixed IE9. IE9 now uses the canvas engine, which is less prone to future breakage.

1.09 (Oct 13 2009)

[FIXED] Domain checks are now case-insensitive. Apparently Safari does not automatically convert hostnames to lowercase in links you click on. Thanks Bryan!
[FIXED] Generator: copying and pasting font names with tabs or other useless whitespace characters should no longer make things difficult to use.
[FIXED] Fixed an error in kerning calculation (bug introduced in 1.04). Fonts need not be converted again. Thanks Chris!

1.08 (Sep 30 2009)

[FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused Cufon.refresh() (or multiple .replace() calls on the same element) to fail in Opera.

1.07 (Sep 25 2009)

[NEW] Added numerous other fields to the font copyright notice, including Trademark, Designer, Vendor URL and License information.

1.06 (Sep 17 2009)

[NEW] It’s now possible to specify alternative options for the :hover state. In other words, you can now use a different gradient / textShadow with :hover.
[FIXED] Fixed a Safari 3.0-specific unicode issue. Before this patch characters above unicode code point 255 may have been replaced with spaces instead.

1.05 (Sep 16 2009)

[NEW] Slightly improved white-space handling by creating lists of elements to ignore and elements with no text content.
[NEW] <span> elements are no longer used at all, which means that you don’t have to be extra careful with your own <span> elements anymore.
[NEW] The generator now embeds the original font’s copyright notice to the files it creates.
[FIXED] There should no longer be any unwanted empty space after <br />.

1.04 (Sep 13 2009)

[NEW] New option: autoDetect. Allows you to specify font-family in your CSS instead of using the fontFamily option. Does NOT work in Opera, disabled by default.
[NEW] Added YUI (2.7) selector support.
[NEW] Added support for word-spacing.
[FIXED] Using a restricted font in a non-whitelisted domain no longer causes text to completely disappear, the custom font just won’t show up (i.e. nothing is done). Fixes potential issues with Google translate, Babelfish etc.
[FIXED] Font-weight was calculated incorrectly in some cases. Not anymore.
[REMOVED] Removed the experimental (undocumented) canvas-only enableTextDecoration option. Proper support for text-decoration will be added later.

1.03 (Aug 25 2009)

[NEW] The generator now automatically whitelists the www-less form (e.g. of a domain as well even if only the www-form (e.g. was specified.
[NEW] Added Fontsmith to the list of foundries that require a separate license.
[NEW] Added Berthold to the list of foundries that require a separate license.

1.02 (Aug 5 2009)

[NEW] New CSS class: cufon-ready. Added to the root element right before the magic happens.
[FIXED] Cufónized elements are now recognized more reliably.
[FIXED] Fixed a bug that caused spaces to be ignored in some cases. Thanks Louis!

1.01 (Jul 24 2009)

[NEW] First release with a version number.

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