Known bugs and issues

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Use our issue tracker to report new bugs. Also check there for other issues that may not have made it into these lists. See FAQ for solutions to common issues.

Known bugs

  • Internet Explorer: should you not call just before the closing </body> tag, there might be a short, visible delay before the text is replaced.
  • Internet Explorer: rgba() is only supported in textShadow.
  • Firefox 1.5: rgba() colors are not supported at all.
  • Opera: Cufon will refuse to load when any of your CSS files is completely empty (0 characters)

Known issues that will likely not be fixed

  • All browsers: text-align: justify is equal to text-align: left
  • All browsers: line-height may not behave as expected under non-strict doctypes.
  • Google Chrome 1.0: text with opacity of less than 100% may have white edges. This is a known bug in Chromium.

Missing features

  • Text selection: until we find a solution that works in Opera, this feature will not be added. We have solutions for other browsers.
  • text-decoration is not supported.

Planned features

  • Text rotation. Based on Internet Explorer’s rotation VML CSS extension.
  • Support for right-to-left and bi-directional text
  • text-stroke (as implemented by WebKit)
  • font-variant: small-caps (for non-small-caps fonts by scaling uppercase letters)
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