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BUILD:=$(shell pwd)/build
all: SPDY
build/lib/libcrypto.a: OpenSSL-for-iPhone/
cd OpenSSL-for-iPhone && INSTALL_DIR=$(BUILD) ./
openssl: build/lib/libcrypto.a
spdylay/configure: spdylay/ build/lib/libz.a build/lib/libcrypto.a
cd spdylay && autoreconf -i && automake && autoconf
touch spdylay/configure
build/armv7/lib/libspdylay.a: spdylay/configure ios-configure
-cd spdylay && make clean
cd spdylay && ../ios-configure -p "$(BUILD)/armv7" -k $(PKG_CONFIG_PATH) iphone --with-xml-prefix=/unkonwn
cd spdylay/lib && make install
build/armv6/lib/libspdylay.a: spdylay/configure ios-configure
-cd spdylay && make clean
cd spdylay && ../ios-configure -p "$(BUILD)/armv6" -k $(PKG_CONFIG_PATH) iphone-armv6 --with-xml-prefix=/unkonwn
cd spdylay/lib && make install
build/i386/lib/libspdylay.a: spdylay/configure ios-configure
-cd spdylay && make clean
cd spdylay && ../ios-configure -p "$(BUILD)/i386" -k $(PKG_CONFIG_PATH) simulator --with-xml-prefix=/unkonwn
cd spdylay/lib && make install
build/native/lib/libspdylay.a: spdylay/configure
-cd spdylay && make clean
cd spdylay && ./configure --prefix="$(BUILD)/native"
cd spdylay && make install
build/lib/libspdylay.a: build/armv6/lib/libspdylay.a build/armv7/lib/libspdylay.a build/i386/lib/libspdylay.a build/native/lib/libspdylay.a
lipo -create "build/armv6/lib/libspdylay.a" "build/armv7/lib/libspdylay.a" "build/i386/lib/libspdylay.a" -output "build/lib/libspdylay.a"
cp -r build/armv7/include/* build/include
spdylay: build/lib/libspdylay.a
build/i386/lib/libz.a: zlib/
cd zlib && PLATFORM=iPhoneSimulator ARCH=i386 ROOTDIR=$(BUILD)/i386 ./
build/native/lib/libz.a: zlib/
cd zlib && ROOTDIR=$(BUILD)/native ./
build/armv7/lib/libz.a: zlib/
cd zlib && PLATFORM=iPhoneOS ARCH=armv7 ROOTDIR=$(BUILD)/armv7 ./
build/armv6/lib/libz.a: zlib/
cd zlib && PLATFORM=iPhoneOS ARCH=armv6 ROOTDIR=$(BUILD)/armv6 ./
build/lib/libz.a: build/i386/lib/libz.a build/armv7/lib/libz.a build/armv6/lib/libz.a build/native/lib/libz.a
-mkdir -p build/lib/pkgconfig
lipo -create build/armv6/lib/libz.a build/armv7/lib/libz.a build/i386/lib/libz.a -output build/lib/libz.a build/native/lib/libz.a
sed -e 's,prefix=\(.*\)/armv7,prefix=\1,g' build/armv7/lib/pkgconfig/zlib.pc > build/lib/pkgconfig/zlib.pc
zlib: build/lib/libz.a
build/lib/libSPDY.a: build/lib/libspdylay.a
cd SPDY && make
SPDY: build/lib/libSPDY.a
-rm -r build
cd spdylay && make clean
cd spdylay && git pull
-rm build/lib/libspdylay.* build/{armv6,armv7,i386}/lib/libspdylay.*
check: SPDY
cd SPDY && make check
.PHONY: all check spdylay zlib openssl SPDY clean update-spdylay
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