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.TH DUNGEONBASHRC 5 2009-09-19 "Martin Read" "Martin's Dungeon Bash User Manual"
dungeonbashrc \- configuration file for Martin's Dungeon Bash
.B $(HOME)/.dungeonbashrc
The dungeonbashrc file (usually stored as $(HOME)/.dungeonbashrc) contains per-user configuration data for Martin's Dungeon Bash.
Each line of a dungeonbashrc file should use the following format:
varname = value
(Whitespace around the equals sign is optional, and leading whitespace is discarded.)
Any lines not conforming to this format are discarded by the parser.
The following parameters are valid in a dungeonbashrc file:
name - specifies the default name for the player character.
language - specifies a preferred output language; if the requested language is not available, British English will be used instead.
preferred_display - specifies the preferred user interface; at present only the tty interface using ncurses is supported.
suppress_boringfail - suppresses output of failure messages officially decreed boring.
suppress_fluff - suppresses output of messages officially decreed to be fluff (these messages do nothing important).
suppress_taunt - suppresses output of messages officially decreed to be mere taunts (these messages do nothing important).
suppress_numeric - suppresses output of messages conveying numerical information e.g. amount of damage taken on a hit.
suppress_mon_alert - suppresses output of messages warning that a monster has noticed your presence.
Martin's Dungeon Bash, and this manual page, were written by Martin Read <>