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/* SCCS Id: @(#)decl.h 3.4 2001/12/10 */
/* Copyright (c) Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1985. */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
#ifndef DECL_H
#define DECL_H
#define E extern
E int NDECL((*occupation));
E int NDECL((*afternmv));
E const char *hname;
E int hackpid;
#if defined(UNIX) || defined(VMS)
E int locknum;
#ifdef DEF_PAGER
E char *catmore;
#endif /* DEF_PAGER */
E char SAVEF[];
#ifdef MICRO
E char SAVEP[];
E NEARDATA int multi;
#if 0
E NEARDATA int warnlevel;
E NEARDATA int nroom;
E NEARDATA int nsubroom;
E NEARDATA int occtime;
#define WARNCOUNT 6 /* number of different warning levels */
E uchar warnsyms[WARNCOUNT];
E int x_maze_max, y_maze_max;
E int otg_temp;
#ifdef REDO
E NEARDATA int in_doagain;
E struct dgn_topology { /* special dungeon levels for speed */
d_level d_oracle_level;
d_level d_bigroom_level; /* unused */
d_level d_rogue_level;
d_level d_medusa_level;
d_level d_stronghold_level;
d_level d_valley_level;
d_level d_wiz1_level;
d_level d_wiz2_level;
d_level d_wiz3_level;
d_level d_juiblex_level;
d_level d_orcus_level;
d_level d_baalzebub_level; /* unused */
d_level d_asmodeus_level; /* unused */
d_level d_portal_level; /* only in goto_level() [do.c] */
d_level d_sanctum_level;
d_level d_earth_level;
d_level d_water_level;
d_level d_fire_level;
d_level d_air_level;
d_level d_astral_level;
xchar d_tower_dnum;
xchar d_sokoban_dnum;
xchar d_mines_dnum, d_quest_dnum;
d_level d_qstart_level, d_qlocate_level, d_nemesis_level;
d_level d_knox_level;
} dungeon_topology;
/* macros for accesing the dungeon levels by their old names */
#define oracle_level (dungeon_topology.d_oracle_level)
#define bigroom_level (dungeon_topology.d_bigroom_level)
#define rogue_level (dungeon_topology.d_rogue_level)
#define medusa_level (dungeon_topology.d_medusa_level)
#define stronghold_level (dungeon_topology.d_stronghold_level)
#define valley_level (dungeon_topology.d_valley_level)
#define wiz1_level (dungeon_topology.d_wiz1_level)
#define wiz2_level (dungeon_topology.d_wiz2_level)
#define wiz3_level (dungeon_topology.d_wiz3_level)
#define juiblex_level (dungeon_topology.d_juiblex_level)
#define orcus_level (dungeon_topology.d_orcus_level)
#define baalzebub_level (dungeon_topology.d_baalzebub_level)
#define asmodeus_level (dungeon_topology.d_asmodeus_level)
#define portal_level (dungeon_topology.d_portal_level)
#define sanctum_level (dungeon_topology.d_sanctum_level)
#define earth_level (dungeon_topology.d_earth_level)
#define water_level (dungeon_topology.d_water_level)
#define fire_level (dungeon_topology.d_fire_level)
#define air_level (dungeon_topology.d_air_level)
#define astral_level (dungeon_topology.d_astral_level)
#define tower_dnum (dungeon_topology.d_tower_dnum)
#define sokoban_dnum (dungeon_topology.d_sokoban_dnum)
#define mines_dnum (dungeon_topology.d_mines_dnum)
#define quest_dnum (dungeon_topology.d_quest_dnum)
#define qstart_level (dungeon_topology.d_qstart_level)
#define qlocate_level (dungeon_topology.d_qlocate_level)
#define nemesis_level (dungeon_topology.d_nemesis_level)
#define knox_level (dungeon_topology.d_knox_level)
E NEARDATA stairway dnstair, upstair; /* stairs up and down */
#define xdnstair (
#define ydnstair (
#define xupstair (
#define yupstair (
E NEARDATA stairway dnladder, upladder; /* ladders up and down */
#define xdnladder (
#define ydnladder (
#define xupladder (
#define yupladder (
E NEARDATA stairway sstairs;
E NEARDATA dest_area updest, dndest; /* level-change destination areas */
E NEARDATA coord inv_pos;
E NEARDATA dungeon dungeons[];
E NEARDATA s_level *sp_levchn;
#define dunlev_reached(x) (dungeons[(x)->dnum].dunlev_ureached)
#include "quest.h"
E struct q_score quest_status;
E NEARDATA char pl_character[PL_CSIZ];
E NEARDATA char pl_race; /* character's race */
E NEARDATA char pl_fruit[PL_FSIZ];
E NEARDATA int current_fruit;
E NEARDATA struct fruit *ffruit;
E NEARDATA char tune[6];
E struct linfo level_info[MAXLINFO];
E NEARDATA struct sinfo {
int gameover; /* self explanatory? */
int stopprint; /* inhibit further end of game disclosure */
#if defined(UNIX) || defined(VMS) || defined (__EMX__) || defined(WIN32)
int done_hup; /* SIGHUP or moral equivalent received
* -- no more screen output */
int something_worth_saving; /* in case of panic */
int panicking; /* `panic' is in progress */
#if defined(VMS) || defined(WIN32)
int exiting; /* an exit handler is executing */
int in_impossible;
int in_paniclog;
} program_state;
E boolean restoring;
E const char quitchars[];
E const char vowels[];
E const char ynchars[];
E const char ynqchars[];
E const char ynaqchars[];
E const char ynNaqchars[];
E NEARDATA long yn_number;
E const char disclosure_options[];
E NEARDATA int smeq[];
E NEARDATA int doorindex;
E NEARDATA char *save_cm;
#define KILLED_BY_AN 0
#define KILLED_BY 1
E NEARDATA int killer_format;
E const char *killer;
E const char *delayed_killer;
#ifdef GOLDOBJ
E long done_money;
E char killer_buf[BUFSZ];
E const char *configfile;
E NEARDATA char plname[PL_NSIZ];
E NEARDATA char dogname[];
E NEARDATA char catname[];
E NEARDATA char horsename[];
E char preferred_pet;
E const char *occtxt; /* defined when occupation != NULL */
E const char *nomovemsg;
E const char nul[];
E char lock[];
E const char sdir[], ndir[];
E const schar xdir[], ydir[], zdir[];
E NEARDATA schar tbx, tby; /* set in mthrowu.c */
E NEARDATA struct multishot { int n, i; short o; boolean s; } m_shot;
E NEARDATA struct dig_info { /* apply.c, hack.c */
int effort;
d_level level;
coord pos;
long lastdigtime;
boolean down, chew, warned, quiet;
} digging;
E NEARDATA long moves, monstermoves;
E NEARDATA long wailmsg;
E NEARDATA boolean in_mklev;
E NEARDATA boolean stoned;
E NEARDATA boolean unweapon;
E NEARDATA boolean mrg_to_wielded;
E NEARDATA struct obj *current_wand;
E NEARDATA boolean in_steed_dismounting;
E const int shield_static[];
#include "spell.h"
E NEARDATA struct spell spl_book[]; /* sized in decl.c */
#include "color.h"
E const int zapcolors[];
E const char def_oc_syms[MAXOCLASSES]; /* default class symbols */
E uchar oc_syms[MAXOCLASSES]; /* current class symbols */
E const char def_monsyms[MAXMCLASSES]; /* default class symbols */
E uchar monsyms[MAXMCLASSES]; /* current class symbols */
#include "obj.h"
E NEARDATA struct obj *invent,
*uarm, *uarmc, *uarmh, *uarms, *uarmg, *uarmf,
#ifdef TOURIST
*uarmu, /* under-wear, so to speak */
*uskin, *uamul, *uleft, *uright, *ublindf,
*uwep, *uswapwep, *uquiver;
E NEARDATA struct obj *uchain; /* defined only when punished */
E NEARDATA struct obj *uball;
E NEARDATA struct obj *migrating_objs;
E NEARDATA struct obj *billobjs;
E NEARDATA struct obj zeroobj; /* init'd and defined in decl.c */
#include "you.h"
E NEARDATA struct you u;
#include "onames.h"
#ifndef PM_H /* (pm.h has already been included via youprop.h) */
#include "pm.h"
E NEARDATA struct monst youmonst; /* init'd and defined in decl.c */
E NEARDATA struct monst *mydogs, *migrating_mons;
E NEARDATA struct mvitals {
uchar born;
uchar died;
uchar mvflags;
} mvitals[NUMMONS];
E NEARDATA struct c_color_names {
const char *const c_black, *const c_amber, *const c_golden,
*const c_light_blue,*const c_red, *const c_green,
*const c_silver, *const c_blue, *const c_purple,
*const c_white;
} c_color_names;
#define NH_BLACK c_color_names.c_black
#define NH_AMBER c_color_names.c_amber
#define NH_GOLDEN c_color_names.c_golden
#define NH_LIGHT_BLUE c_color_names.c_light_blue
#define NH_RED c_color_names.c_red
#define NH_GREEN c_color_names.c_green
#define NH_SILVER c_color_names.c_silver
#define NH_BLUE c_color_names.c_blue
#define NH_PURPLE c_color_names.c_purple
#define NH_WHITE c_color_names.c_white
/* The names of the colors used for gems, etc. */
E const char *c_obj_colors[];
E struct c_common_strings {
const char *const c_nothing_happens, *const c_thats_enough_tries,
*const c_silly_thing_to, *const c_shudder_for_moment,
*const c_something, *const c_Something,
*const c_You_can_move_again,
*const c_Never_mind, *c_vision_clears,
*const c_the_your[2];
} c_common_strings;
#define nothing_happens c_common_strings.c_nothing_happens
#define thats_enough_tries c_common_strings.c_thats_enough_tries
#define silly_thing_to c_common_strings.c_silly_thing_to
#define shudder_for_moment c_common_strings.c_shudder_for_moment
#define something c_common_strings.c_something
#define Something c_common_strings.c_Something
#define You_can_move_again c_common_strings.c_You_can_move_again
#define Never_mind c_common_strings.c_Never_mind
#define vision_clears c_common_strings.c_vision_clears
#define the_your c_common_strings.c_the_your
/* material strings */
E const char *materialnm[];
/* Monster name articles */
#define ARTICLE_NONE 0
#define ARTICLE_THE 1
#define ARTICLE_A 2
#define ARTICLE_YOUR 3
/* Monster name suppress masks */
#define SUPPRESS_IT 0x01
#define SUPPRESS_SADDLE 0x08
#define EXACT_NAME 0x0F
/* Vision */
E NEARDATA boolean vision_full_recalc; /* TRUE if need vision recalc */
E NEARDATA char **viz_array; /* could see/in sight row pointers */
/* Window system stuff */
E char toplines[];
#ifndef TCAP_H
E struct tc_gbl_data { /* also declared in tcap.h */
char *tc_AS, *tc_AE; /* graphics start and end (tty font swapping) */
int tc_LI, tc_CO; /* lines and columns */
} tc_gbl_data;
#define AS tc_gbl_data.tc_AS
#define AE tc_gbl_data.tc_AE
#define LI tc_gbl_data.tc_LI
#define CO tc_gbl_data.tc_CO
/* xxxexplain[] is in drawing.c */
E const char * const monexplain[], invisexplain[], * const objexplain[], * const oclass_names[];
/* Some systems want to use full pathnames for some subsets of file names,
* rather than assuming that they're all in the current directory. This
* provides all the subclasses that seem reasonable, and sets up for all
* prefixes being null. Port code can set those that it wants.
#define HACKPREFIX 0
#define SAVEPREFIX 2
#define DATAPREFIX 4 /* this one must match hardcoded value in dlb.c */
#define LOCKPREFIX 6
#define PREFIX_COUNT 9
/* used in files.c; xxconf.h can override if needed */
#define FQN_MAX_FILENAME 512
# endif
/* the bare-bones stuff is unconditional above to simplify coding; for
* ports that actually use prefixes, add some more localized things
E char *fqn_prefix[PREFIX_COUNT];
E char *fqn_prefix_names[PREFIX_COUNT];
struct autopickup_exception {
char *pattern;
boolean grab;
struct autopickup_exception *next;
#undef E
#endif /* DECL_H */