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/* SCCS Id: @(#)engrave.h 3.4 1991/07/31 */
/* Copyright (c) Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1985. */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
#ifndef ENGRAVE_H
#define ENGRAVE_H
struct engr {
struct engr *nxt_engr;
char *engr_txt;
xchar engr_x, engr_y;
unsigned engr_lth; /* for save & restore; not length of text */
long engr_time; /* moment engraving was (will be) finished */
xchar engr_type;
#define DUST 1
#define ENGRAVE 2
#define BURN 3
#define MARK 4
#define ENGR_BLOOD 5
#define HEADSTONE 6
#define N_ENGRAVE 6
#define newengr(lth) (struct engr *)alloc((unsigned)(lth) + sizeof(struct engr))
#define dealloc_engr(engr) free((genericptr_t) (engr))
#endif /* ENGRAVE_H */
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