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/* SCCS Id: @(#)nhlan.h 3.4 1997/04/12 */
/* Copyright (c) Michael Allison, 1997 */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
#ifndef NHLAN_H
#define NHLAN_H
* Here are the LAN features currently implemented:
* LAN_MAIL Mail facility allowing receipt and
* reading of mail.
* LAN_SHARED_BONES Allows bones files to be stored on a
* network share. (Does NOT imply compatibiliy
* between unlike platforms)
# ifdef LAN_MAIL
#define MAIL
#ifndef WIN32
#define MAILCKFREQ 50
* WIN32 port does the real mail lookups in a separate thread
* and the NetHack core code really just checks a flag,
* so that part of it can be done more often. The throttle
* for how often the mail thread should contact the mail
* system is controlled by MAILTHREADFREQ and is expressed
* in milliseconds.
#define MAILCKFREQ 5
#define MAILTHREADFREQ 50000
#define MAX_BODY_SIZE 1024
struct lan_mail_struct {
char sender[120];
char subject[120];
boolean body_in_ram; /* TRUE means body in memory not file */
char filename[_MAX_PATH];
char body[MAX_BODY_SIZE];
# endif
# endif /*LAN_FEATURES*/
#endif /*NHLAN_H*/