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/* SCCS Id: @(#)patchlevel.h 3.4 2003/12/06 */
/* Copyright (c) Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, 1985. */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
/* NetHack 3.4.3 */
* PATCHLEVEL is updated for each release.
#define PATCHLEVEL 3
* Incrementing EDITLEVEL can be used to force invalidation of old bones
* and save files.
#define EDITLEVEL 0
"NetHack, Copyright 1985-2003"
" By Stichting Mathematisch Centrum and M. Stephenson."
" See license for details."
* If two or more successive releases have compatible data files, define
* this with the version number of the oldest such release so that the
* new release will accept old save and bones files. The format is
* 0xMMmmPPeeL
* 0x = literal prefix "0x", MM = major version, mm = minor version,
* PP = patch level, ee = edit level, L = literal suffix "L",
* with all four numbers specified as two hexadecimal digits.
#define VERSION_COMPATIBILITY 0x03040000L /* 3.4.0-0 */
/* Version 3.4.x */
/* Patch 3, December 7, 2003
* Several dozen general bug fixes including at least one fatal bug
* Correct several inconsistencies
* Handle level completely filled with monsters better
* Performance enhancements for win32tty port on Windows 98 and Me
* win32gui player selection fixes
* X11 player selection fixes, one of which could be fatal
* Eliminated a gold-in-shop-container cheat
* Include bones file version compatibility info in options file
/* Patch 2, August 30, 2003
* Fix a fatal bug that caused a crash when applying figurine, candle, or
* bell that gets used up
* Fix a fatal bug that triggered a panic when your secondary weapon was
* cursed during bones file creation
* Several dozen general bug fixes
* Fixed some Gnome compilation problems on Redhat 7.2 and 8.0
* Fixed a problem in the util Makefile
* Use random() by default under linux instead of lrand48()
* win32 tty adjustments and support for loading alternative key handlers
/* Patch 1, February 22, 2003
* Fix a few fatal errors including one for reentering shops, one
* involving land mines and boulders/statues, one for delayed
* polymorph, and one from a chest trap exploding ball and chain
* Fix a buffer overflow that could lead to security problems
* Hundreds of general bug fixes
* Several message and other glitches corrected
* Travel command adjustments and ability to disable travel command
* message recall window extensions (by Christian Cooper)
* win32: some interface improvements
* unix: improved tile support
* gnome: some fixes, and some enhancements by Dylan Alex Simon
* winCE: Windows CE port included (by Alex Kompel)
* NetHack 3.4.0, March 20, 2002
* Hundreds of general bug fixes including some for sliming, zapping, conduct,
* and several more for riding
* Eliminated a few potentially fatal bugs including one for stone-to-flesh,
* trouble-fixing during prayer, riding down stairs while punished,
* polyd player demon summoning, throwing digging tools into shops, and
* a couple from having the vision system enabled at inappropriate times
* Corrected some incorrect calculations in final scoring
* Enhanced config file processing and alert to duplication of entries
* Player selection prompt enhancements for TTY and X11
* Objects merge in containers
* Wish for "nothing", and genocide "none" to preserve your conduct
* Changes to Wizard quest
* Added the travel command which works by mouse click or '_' command
* Config file BOULDER option to specify the symbol for displaying boulders
* Incorporate modified versions of several 3.3.1 patches that have been
* in circulation in the NetHack community
* New Gnomish Mines levels (courtesy Kelly Bailey)
* Mac: command-key shortcuts in the player selection dialog
* Amiga: screenmode requester, and several amiga specific bug fixes
* Win32 graphical port contributed by Alex Kompel is now included
/* Version 3.4 */
/* Version 3.3.x */
/* Patch 1, August 9, 2000
* Many, many general fixes, including a number for riding, twoweapon,
* and invisible monsters
* A security fix for a couple of potentially exploitable buffer overflows
* in previous versions
* Redo Ranger quest
* Introduction of differentiation between different causes of blindness
* Overhaul of warning
* Functionality restored to Amiga (courtesy Janne Salmijarvi) and Atari
* (courtesy Christian "Marvin" Bressler) ports
* Mac: multiple interface fixes
* win32: fixed bug that caused messages to stop displaying after escape
* tty: use ANSI color (AF) over standard color (Sf) when given the choice
* several ports: offer for player selection only choices consistent with
* those already made by config file/command line (e.g., only offer roles
* that are compatible with specified race)
* NetHack 3.3.0, December 10, 1999
* Implement the differentiation of character class or role from the
* character race.
* Removal of the Elf class, in preference to the Elf as a race.
* Introduction of Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes and Orcs as distinct races in
* addition to the Human "norm".
* Addition of the Monk and Ranger classes.
* Integrate some of the features of several branch versions of the game,
* notably NetHack--, NHplus, SLASH, and Slash'em.
* Adopt "the wizard patch" spellcasting system.
* Support for the Qt widget set.
* Y2K fix: use 4 digit year values for the dates in the score file
* updated COPYRIGHT_BANNER_A to reflect year of release.
* Dozens of other bug fixes, and minor improvements.
/* Version 3.3 */
/* Version 3.2.x */
/* Patch 3, December 10, 1999
* Released simultaneously with 3.3.0 for the benefit of
* ports and platforms that were unable to get working
* versions of 3.3.0 ready prior to the year 2000. It
* consisted of just a few bug fixes and offered no new
* functionality changes over 3.2.2.
* Y2K fix: use 4 digit year values for the dates in the score file
* updated COPYRIGHT_BANNER_A to reflect year of release
* Fatal Mac bug removed
* DOS Makefile problem removed
* several bugs that could potentially trigger crashes removed
/* Patch 2, December 10, 1996
* fix the `recover' utility
* fix priest/minion name overflow which could cause Astral Plane crashes
* avoid crash when hit by own thrown boomerang
* " " " worn blindfold pushed off by applying cursed towel
* handle returning live Wizard correctly in deep dungeon levels
* don't occasionally display unseen areas of new levels during level change
* other minor display fixes
* fix several minor reason for death inconsistencies and shop bugs
* high dexterity doesn't guarantee that thrown eggs & potions will hit
* Selected platform- or configuration-specific changes:
* Mac: update `mrecover'
* MSDOS: don't switch into tiles mode when resuming play on rogue level
* tty: support object class characters for 'I' command in menu mode
* Unix: work around several <curses.h> compilation problems
* X11: as tty above, plus implement tty-style count handling in menus;
* better window placement support for old window managers
/* Patch 1, May 28, 1996
* eliminate `#qualifications'; fix weapon proficiency handling for missiles
* keep Medusa from continuing to move after she's been killed by reflection
* of her own gaze (fixes relmon panic)
* make monsters a little smarter; assorted eating and chatting changes
* fix object amnesia for spellbooks; fix Nazgul's sleep gas attack
* fix bullwhip usage for case of having recently been in a trap
* egg hatching fixes, oil potion fixes, magic marker fixes
* support object class chars as selection accelerators for some menus
* stricter parsing of run-time options at startup time
* interactive setting of options via menu (courtesy Per Liboriussen)
* Selected platform- or configuration-specific changes:
* Amiga: fix panic for tiles display in Gnomish mines
* BeOS: preliminary support for new BeBox platform; initially tty only
* DLB: avoid excessive fseek calls (major performance hit for MSDOS)
* HPUX: workaround for gcc-2.6.3 bug adversely affecting monster generation
* Mac: avoid MW 68K struct copy optimization bug which caused crashes;
* fix dragging of scrollbar; boost partitions to 2MB minimum
* MSDOS: wasn't safe to enter endgame for MFLOPPY configuration;
* fix re-entry into game after "!" (shell escape) + chdir + EXIT;
* F3/F4/F5 display interface swapping improvements;
* add support for preloading all tiles in protected mode environment
* TERMINFO: colors were wrong for some systems, such as Linux
* X11: display help files properly
* NetHack 3.2.0, April 11, 1996
* enhancements to the windowing systems including "tiles" or icons to
* visually represent monsters and objects (courtesy Warwick Allison)
* window based menu system introduced for inventory and selection
* moving light sources besides the player
* improved #untrap (courtesy Helge Hafting)
* spellcasting logic changes to balance spellcasting towards magic-using
* classes (courtesy Stephen White)
* many, many bug fixes and abuse eliminations
/* Version 3.2 */
/* Version 3.1.x */
* Patch 3, July 12, 1993
* further revise Mac windowing and extend to Think C (courtesy
* Barton House)
* fix confusing black/gray/white display on some MSDOS hardware
* remove fatal bugs dealing with horns of plenty and VMS bones levels,
* as well as more minor ones
* Patch 2, June 1, 1993
* add tty windowing to Mac and Amiga ports and revise native windowing
* allow direct screen I/O for MS-DOS versions instead of going through
* termcap routines (courtesy Michael Allison and Kevin Smolkowski)
* changes for NEC PC-9800 and various fixes by Yamamoto Keizo
* SYSV 386 music driver ported to 386BSD (courtesy Andrew Chernov) and
* SCO UNIX (courtesy Andreas Arens)
* enhanced pickup and disclosure options
* removed fatal bugs dealing with cursed bags of holding, renaming
* shopkeepers, objects falling through trapdoors on deep levels,
* and kicking embedded objects loose, and many more minor ones
* Patch 1, February 25, 1993
* add Windows NT console port (courtesy Michael Allison)
* polishing of Amiga, Mac, and X11 windowing
* fixing many small bugs, including the infamous 3.0 nurse relmon bug
* NetHack 3.1.0, January 25, 1993
* many, many changes and bugfixes -- some of the highlights include:
* display rewrite using line-of-sight vision
* general window interface, with the ability to use multiple interfaces
* in the same executable
* intelligent monsters
* enhanced dungeon mythology
* branching dungeons with more special levels, quest dungeons, and
* multi-level endgame
* more artifacts and more uses for artifacts
* generalization to multiple shops with damage repair
* X11 interface
* ability to recover crashed games
* full rewrite of Macintosh port
* Amiga splitter
* directory rearrangement (dat, doc, sys, win, util)
/* Version 3.1 */
/* Version 3.0 */
* Patch 10, February 5, 1991
* extend overlay manager to multiple files for easier binary distribution
* allow for more system and compiler variance
* remove more small insects
* Patch 9, June 26, 1990
* clear up some confusing documentation
* smooth some more rough edges in various ports
* and fix a couple more bugs
* Patch 8, June 3, 1990
* further debug and refine Macintosh port
* refine the overlay manager, rearrange the OVLx breakdown for better
* efficiency, rename the overlay macros, and split off the overlay
* instructions to Install.ovl
* introduce NEARDATA for better Amiga efficiency
* support for more VMS versions (courtesy Joshua Delahunty and Pat Rankin)
* more const fixes
* better support for common graphics (DEC VT and IBM)
* and a number of simple fixes and consistency extensions
* Patch 7, February 19, 1990
* refine overlay support to handle portions of .c files through OVLx
* (courtesy above plus Kevin Smolkowski)
* update and extend Amiga port and documentation (courtesy Richard Addison,
* Jochen Erwied, Mark Gooderum, Ken Lorber, Greg Olson, Mike Passaretti,
* and Gregg Wonderly)
* refine and extend Macintosh port and documentation (courtesy Johnny Lee,
* Kevin Sitze, Michael Sokolov, Andy Swanson, Jon Watte, and Tom West)
* refine VMS documentation
* continuing ANSIfication, this time of const usage
* teach '/' about differences within monster classes
* smarter eating code (yet again), death messages, and treatment of
* non-animal monsters, monster unconsciousness, and naming
* extended version command to give compilation options
* and the usual bug fixes and hole plugs
* Patch 6, November 19, 1989
* add overlay support for MS-DOS (courtesy Pierre Martineau, Stephen
* Spackman, and Norm Meluch)
* refine Macintosh port
* different door states show as different symbols (courtesy Ari Huttunen)
* smarter drawbridges (courtesy Kevin Darcy)
* add CLIPPING and split INFERNO off HARD
* further refine eating code wrt picking up and resumption
* make first few levels easier, by adding :x monsters and increasing initial
* attribute points and hitting probability
* teach '/' about configurable symbols
* Patch 5, October 15, 1989
* add support for Macintosh OS (courtesy Johnny Lee)
* fix annoying dependency loop via new color.h file
* allow interruption while eating -- general handling of partially eaten food
* smarter treatment of iron balls (courtesy Kevin Darcy)
* a handful of other bug fixes
* Patch 4, September 27, 1989
* add support for VMS (courtesy David Gentzel)
* move monster-on-floor references into functions and implement the new
* lookup structure for both objects and monsters
* extend the definitions of objects and monsters to provide "living color"
* in the dungeon, instead of a single monster color
* ifdef varargs usage to satisfy ANSI compilers
* standardize on the color 'gray'
* assorted bug fixes
* Patch 3, September 6, 1989
* add war hammers and revise object prices
* extend prototypes to ANSI compilers in addition to the previous MSDOS ones
* move object-on-floor references into functions in preparation for planned
* data structures to allow faster access and better colors
* fix some more bugs, and extend the portability of things added in earlier
* patches
* Patch 2, August 16, 1989
* add support for OS/2 (courtesy Timo Hakulinen)
* add a better makefile for MicroSoft C (courtesy Paul Gyugyi)
* more accomodation of compilers and preprocessors
* add better screen-size sensing
* expand color use for PCs and introduce it for SVR3 UNIX machines
* extend '/' to multiple identifications
* allow meta key to be used to invoke extended commands
* fix various minor bugs, and do further code cleaning
* Patch 1, July 31, 1989
* add support for Atari TOS (courtesy Eric Smith) and Andrew File System
* (courtesy Ralf Brown)
* include the uuencoded version of termcap.arc for the MSDOS versions that
* was included with 2.2 and 2.3
* make a number of simple changes to accommodate various compilers
* fix a handful of bugs, and do some code cleaning elsewhere
* add more instructions for new environments and things commonly done wrong
* NetHack 3.0 baseline release, July, 1989
/* Version 3.0 */