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/* SCCS Id: @(#)wingem.h 3.4 1999/12/10 */
/* Copyright (c) Christian Bressler, 1999 */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
#ifndef WINGEM_H
#define WINGEM_H
#define E extern
/* menu structure */
typedef struct Gmi{
struct Gmi *Gmi_next;
int Gmi_glyph;
long Gmi_identifier;
char Gmi_accelerator, Gmi_groupacc;
int Gmi_attr;
char *Gmi_str;
long Gmi_count;
int Gmi_selected;
} Gem_menu_item;
#define MAXWIN 20 /* maximum number of windows, cop-out */
extern struct window_procs Gem_procs;
/* ### wingem1.c ### */
E void NDECL(setclipped);
E void FDECL(docorner, (int, int));
E void NDECL(end_glyphout);
E void FDECL(g_putch, (int));
E void NDECL(win_Gem_init);
E int NDECL(mar_gem_init);
E char NDECL(mar_ask_class);
E char * NDECL(mar_ask_name);
E int FDECL(mar_create_window, (int));
E void FDECL(mar_destroy_nhwindow, (int));
E void FDECL(mar_print_glyph, (int, int, int, int));
E void FDECL(mar_print_line, (int, int, int, char *));
E void FDECL(mar_set_message, (char *, char *, char *));
E Gem_menu_item *NDECL(mar_hol_inv);
E void FDECL(mar_set_menu_type,(int));
E void NDECL(mar_reverse_menu);
E void FDECL(mar_set_menu_title, (const char *));
E void NDECL(mar_set_accelerators);
E void FDECL(mar_add_menu, (winid, Gem_menu_item *));
E void FDECL(mar_change_menu_2_text, (winid));
E void FDECL(mar_add_message, (const char *));
E void NDECL(mar_status_dirty);
E int FDECL(mar_hol_win_type, (int));
E void NDECL(mar_clear_messagewin);
E void FDECL(mar_set_no_glyph, (int));
E void NDECL(mar_map_curs_weiter);
/* external declarations */
E void FDECL(Gem_init_nhwindows, (int *, char **));
E void NDECL(Gem_player_selection);
E void NDECL(Gem_askname);
E void NDECL(Gem_get_nh_event) ;
E void FDECL(Gem_exit_nhwindows, (const char *));
E void FDECL(Gem_suspend_nhwindows, (const char *));
E void NDECL(Gem_resume_nhwindows);
E winid FDECL(Gem_create_nhwindow, (int));
E void FDECL(Gem_clear_nhwindow, (winid));
E void FDECL(Gem_display_nhwindow, (winid, BOOLEAN_P));
E void FDECL(Gem_dismiss_nhwindow, (winid));
E void FDECL(Gem_destroy_nhwindow, (winid));
E void FDECL(Gem_curs, (winid,int,int));
E void FDECL(Gem_putstr, (winid, int, const char *));
E void FDECL(Gem_display_file, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
E void FDECL(Gem_start_menu, (winid));
E void FDECL(Gem_add_menu, (winid,int,const ANY_P *,
CHAR_P,CHAR_P,int,const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
E void FDECL(Gem_end_menu, (winid, const char *));
E int FDECL(Gem_select_menu, (winid, int, MENU_ITEM_P **));
E char FDECL(Gem_message_menu, (CHAR_P,int,const char *));
E void NDECL(Gem_update_inventory);
E void NDECL(Gem_mark_synch);
E void NDECL(Gem_wait_synch);
E void FDECL(Gem_cliparound, (int, int));
E void FDECL(Gem_update_positionbar, (char *));
E void FDECL(Gem_print_glyph, (winid,XCHAR_P,XCHAR_P,int));
E void FDECL(Gem_raw_print, (const char *));
E void FDECL(Gem_raw_print_bold, (const char *));
E int NDECL(Gem_nhgetch);
E int FDECL(Gem_nh_poskey, (int *, int *, int *));
E void NDECL(Gem_nhbell);
E int NDECL(Gem_doprev_message);
E char FDECL(Gem_yn_function, (const char *, const char *, CHAR_P));
E void FDECL(Gem_getlin, (const char *,char *));
E int NDECL(Gem_get_ext_cmd);
E void FDECL(Gem_number_pad, (int));
E void NDECL(Gem_delay_output);
E void FDECL(Gem_change_color,(int color,long rgb,int reverse));
E char * NDECL(Gem_get_color_string);
/* other defs that really should go away (they're tty specific) */
E void NDECL(Gem_start_screen);
E void NDECL(Gem_end_screen);
E void FDECL(genl_outrip, (winid,int));
#undef E
#endif /* WINGEM_H */