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/* SCCS Id: @(#)wintty.h 3.4 1996/02/18 */
/* Copyright (c) David Cohrs, 1991,1992 */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
#ifndef WINTTY_H
#define WINTTY_H
#define E extern
/* menu structure */
typedef struct tty_mi {
struct tty_mi *next;
anything identifier; /* user identifier */
long count; /* user count */
char *str; /* description string (including accelerator) */
int attr; /* string attribute */
boolean selected; /* TRUE if selected by user */
char selector; /* keyboard accelerator */
char gselector; /* group accelerator */
} tty_menu_item;
/* descriptor for tty-based windows */
struct WinDesc {
int flags; /* window flags */
xchar type; /* type of window */
boolean active; /* true if window is active */
uchar offx, offy; /* offset from topleft of display */
short rows, cols; /* dimensions */
short curx, cury; /* current cursor position */
short maxrow, maxcol; /* the maximum size used -- for MENU wins */
/* maxcol is also used by WIN_MESSAGE for */
/* tracking the ^P command */
short *datlen; /* allocation size for *data */
char **data; /* window data [row][column] */
char *morestr; /* string to display instead of default */
tty_menu_item *mlist; /* menu information (MENU) */
tty_menu_item **plist; /* menu page pointers (MENU) */
short plist_size; /* size of allocated plist (MENU) */
short npages; /* number of pages in menu (MENU) */
short nitems; /* total number of items (MENU) */
short how; /* menu mode - pick 1 or N (MENU) */
char menu_ch; /* menu char (MENU) */
/* window flags */
#define WIN_STOP 1 /* for NHW_MESSAGE; stops output */
/* descriptor for tty-based displays -- all the per-display data */
struct DisplayDesc {
uchar rows, cols; /* width and height of tty display */
uchar curx, cury; /* current cursor position on the screen */
int color; /* current color */
int attrs; /* attributes in effect */
int toplin; /* flag for topl stuff */
int rawprint; /* number of raw_printed lines since synch */
int inmore; /* non-zero if more() is active */
int inread; /* non-zero if reading a character */
int intr; /* non-zero if inread was interrupted */
winid lastwin; /* last window used for I/O */
char dismiss_more; /* extra character accepted at --More-- */
#endif /* WINDOW_STRUCTS */
#define MAXWIN 20 /* maximum number of windows, cop-out */
/* tty dependent window types */
#ifdef NHW_BASE
#undef NHW_BASE
#define NHW_BASE 6
extern struct window_procs tty_procs;
/* port specific variable declarations */
extern winid BASE_WINDOW;
extern struct WinDesc *wins[MAXWIN];
extern struct DisplayDesc *ttyDisplay; /* the tty display descriptor */
extern char morc; /* last character typed to xwaitforspace */
extern char defmorestr[]; /* default --more-- prompt */
/* port specific external function references */
/* ### getline.c ### */
E void FDECL(xwaitforspace, (const char *));
/* ### termcap.c, video.c ### */
E void FDECL(tty_startup,(int*, int*));
#ifndef NO_TERMS
E void NDECL(tty_shutdown);
#if defined(apollo)
/* Apollos don't widen old-style function definitions properly -- they try to
* be smart and use the prototype, or some such strangeness. So we have to
* define UNWIDENDED_PROTOTYPES (in tradstdc.h), which makes CHAR_P below a
* char. But the tputs termcap call was compiled as if xputc's argument
* actually would be expanded. So here, we have to make an exception. */
E void FDECL(xputc, (int));
E void FDECL(xputc, (CHAR_P));
E void FDECL(xputs, (const char *));
#if defined(SCREEN_VGA) || defined(SCREEN_8514)
E void FDECL(xputg, (int, int, unsigned));
E void NDECL(cl_end);
E void NDECL(clear_screen);
E void NDECL(home);
E void NDECL(standoutbeg);
E void NDECL(standoutend);
# if 0
E void NDECL(revbeg);
E void NDECL(boldbeg);
E void NDECL(blinkbeg);
E void NDECL(dimbeg);
E void NDECL(m_end);
# endif
E void NDECL(backsp);
E void NDECL(graph_on);
E void NDECL(graph_off);
E void NDECL(cl_eos);
* termcap.c (or facsimiles in other ports) is the right place for doing
* strange and arcane things such as outputting escape sequences to select
* a color or whatever. wintty.c should concern itself with WHERE to put
* stuff in a window.
E void FDECL(term_start_attr,(int attr));
E void FDECL(term_end_attr,(int attr));
E void NDECL(term_start_raw_bold);
E void NDECL(term_end_raw_bold);
E void NDECL(term_end_color);
E void FDECL(term_start_color,(int color));
E int FDECL(has_color,(int color));
#endif /* TEXTCOLOR */
/* ### topl.c ### */
E void FDECL(addtopl, (const char *));
E void NDECL(more);
E void FDECL(update_topl, (const char *));
E void FDECL(putsyms, (const char*));
/* ### wintty.c ### */
E void NDECL(setclipped);
E void FDECL(docorner, (int, int));
E void NDECL(end_glyphout);
E void FDECL(g_putch, (int));
E void NDECL(win_tty_init);
/* external declarations */
E void FDECL(tty_init_nhwindows, (int *, char **));
E void NDECL(tty_player_selection);
E void NDECL(tty_askname);
E void NDECL(tty_get_nh_event) ;
E void FDECL(tty_exit_nhwindows, (const char *));
E void FDECL(tty_suspend_nhwindows, (const char *));
E void NDECL(tty_resume_nhwindows);
E winid FDECL(tty_create_nhwindow, (int));
E void FDECL(tty_clear_nhwindow, (winid));
E void FDECL(tty_display_nhwindow, (winid, BOOLEAN_P));
E void FDECL(tty_dismiss_nhwindow, (winid));
E void FDECL(tty_destroy_nhwindow, (winid));
E void FDECL(tty_curs, (winid,int,int));
E void FDECL(tty_putstr, (winid, int, const char *));
E void FDECL(tty_display_file, (const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
E void FDECL(tty_start_menu, (winid));
E void FDECL(tty_add_menu, (winid,int,const ANY_P *,
CHAR_P,CHAR_P,int,const char *, BOOLEAN_P));
E void FDECL(tty_end_menu, (winid, const char *));
E int FDECL(tty_select_menu, (winid, int, MENU_ITEM_P **));
E char FDECL(tty_message_menu, (CHAR_P,int,const char *));
E void NDECL(tty_update_inventory);
E void NDECL(tty_mark_synch);
E void NDECL(tty_wait_synch);
E void FDECL(tty_cliparound, (int, int));
E void FDECL(tty_update_positionbar, (char *));
E void FDECL(tty_print_glyph, (winid,XCHAR_P,XCHAR_P,int));
E void FDECL(tty_raw_print, (const char *));
E void FDECL(tty_raw_print_bold, (const char *));
E int NDECL(tty_nhgetch);
E int FDECL(tty_nh_poskey, (int *, int *, int *));
E void NDECL(tty_nhbell);
E int NDECL(tty_doprev_message);
E char FDECL(tty_yn_function, (const char *, const char *, CHAR_P));
E void FDECL(tty_getlin, (const char *,char *));
E int NDECL(tty_get_ext_cmd);
E void FDECL(tty_number_pad, (int));
E void NDECL(tty_delay_output);
E void FDECL(tty_change_color,(int color,long rgb,int reverse));
#ifdef MAC
E void FDECL(tty_change_background,(int white_or_black));
E short FDECL(set_tty_font_name, (winid, char *));
E char * NDECL(tty_get_color_string);
/* other defs that really should go away (they're tty specific) */
E void NDECL(tty_start_screen);
E void NDECL(tty_end_screen);
E void FDECL(genl_outrip, (winid,int));
#ifdef NO_TERMS
# ifdef MAC
# ifdef putchar
# undef putchar
# undef putc
# endif
# define putchar term_putc
# define fflush term_flush
# define puts term_puts
E int FDECL(term_putc, (int c));
E int FDECL(term_flush, (void *desc));
E int FDECL(term_puts, (const char *str));
# endif /* MAC */
# if defined(MSDOS) || defined(WIN32CON)
# if defined(SCREEN_BIOS) || defined(SCREEN_DJGPPFAST) || defined(WIN32CON)
# undef putchar
# undef putc
# undef puts
# define putchar(x) xputc(x) /* these are in video.c, nttty.c */
# define putc(x) xputc(x)
# define puts(x) xputs(x)
E void FDECL(video_update_positionbar, (char *));
# endif
# endif/*MSDOS*/
#undef E
#endif /* WINTTY_H */