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/* SCCS Id: @(#)xwindow.h 3.4 1992/03/07 */
/* Copyright (c) Dean Luick, 1992 */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
#ifndef _xwindow_h
#define _xwindow_h
* Window widget
/* Resources:
Name Class RepType Default Value
---- ----- ------- -------------
background Background Pixel XtDefaultBackground
border BorderColor Pixel XtDefaultForeground
borderWidth BorderWidth Dimension 1
destroyCallback Callback Pointer NULL
height Height Dimension 0
mappedWhenManaged MappedWhenManaged Boolean True
sensitive Sensitive Boolean True
width Width Dimension 0
x Position Position 0
y Position Position 0
rows Width Dimension 21
columns Height Dimension 80
foreground Color Pixel XtDefaultForeground
black Color Pixel "black"
red Color Pixel "red"
green Color Pixel "pale green"
brown Color Pixel "brown"
blue Color Pixel "blue"
magenta Color Pixel "magenta"
cyan Color Pixel "light cyan"
gray Color Pixel "gray"
//no color//
orange Color Pixel "orange"
bright_green Color Pixel "green"
yellow Color Pixel "yellow"
bright_blue Color Pixel "royal blue"
bright_magenta Color Pixel "violet"
bright_cyan Color Pixel "cyan"
white Color Pixel "white"
font Font XFontStruct* XtDefaultFont
exposeCallback Callback Callback NULL
callback Callback Callback NULL
resizeCallback Callback Callback NULL
/* define any special resource names here that are not in <X11/StringDefs.h> */
#define XtNrows "rows"
#define XtNcolumns "columns"
#define XtNblack "black"
#define XtNred "red"
#define XtNgreen "green"
#define XtNbrown "brown"
#define XtNblue "blue"
#define XtNmagenta "magenta"
#define XtNcyan "cyan"
#define XtNgray "gray"
#define XtNorange "orange"
#define XtNbright_green "bright_green"
#define XtNyellow "yellow"
#define XtNbright_blue "bright_blue"
#define XtNbright_magenta "bright_magenta"
#define XtNbright_cyan "bright_cyan"
#define XtNwhite "white"
#define XtNexposeCallback "exposeCallback"
#define XtNresizeCallback "resizeCallback"
extern XFontStruct *WindowFontStruct(/* Widget */);
extern Font WindowFont(/* Widget */);
#define XtCWindowResource "WindowResource"
#define XtCRows "Rows"
#define XtCColumns "Columns"
/* declare specific WindowWidget class and instance datatypes */
typedef struct _WindowClassRec *WindowWidgetClass;
typedef struct _WindowRec *WindowWidget;
/* declare the class constant */
extern WidgetClass windowWidgetClass;
#endif /* _xwindow_h */