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/* SCCS Id: @(#)xwindowp.h 3.4 1992/03/07 */
/* Copyright (c) Dean Luick, 1992 */
/* NetHack may be freely redistributed. See license for details. */
#ifndef _xwindowp_h
#define _xwindowp_h
#include "xwindow.h"
#ifndef SYSV
#define PRESERVE_NO_SYSV /* X11 include files may define SYSV */
/* include superclass private header file */
#include <X11/CoreP.h>
# ifdef SYSV
# undef SYSV
# endif
/* define unique representation types not found in <X11/StringDefs.h> */
#define XtRWindowResource "WindowResource"
typedef struct {
int empty;
} WindowClassPart;
typedef struct _WindowClassRec {
CoreClassPart core_class;
WindowClassPart window_class;
} WindowClassRec;
extern WindowClassRec windowClassRec;
typedef struct {
/* resources */
Dimension rows;
Dimension columns;
Pixel foreground;
Pixel black;
Pixel red;
Pixel green;
Pixel brown;
Pixel blue;
Pixel magenta;
Pixel cyan;
Pixel gray;
Pixel orange;
Pixel bright_green;
Pixel yellow;
Pixel bright_blue;
Pixel bright_magenta;
Pixel bright_cyan;
Pixel white;
XFontStruct *font;
XtCallbackList expose_callback;
XtCallbackList input_callback;
XtCallbackList resize_callback;
/* private state */
/* (none) */
} WindowPart;
typedef struct _WindowRec {
CorePart core;
WindowPart window;
} WindowRec;
#endif /* _xwindowp_h */