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use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use Config;
use ExtUtils::Embed;
use File::Spec::Functions qw(rel2abs);
use File::Path qw(rmtree);
diag('osname = '.$Config{osname});
# get the right flags to embed p5
my $ccopts = `perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ccopts`;
my $ldopts = `perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ldopts`;
my $number = 0;
sub test {
my ($opts,$desc) = @_;
my $path = "tmp";
for my $cc ("$Config{cc}","$Config{cc} -m32") {
do_test($number,$path,{cc=>$cc,csc=>"gmcs"},$opts,$desc." using $cc");
# rmtree($path);
sub do_test {
my $ok;
my ($number,$path,$env,$opts,$desc) = @_;
my $cc = $env->{cc};
my $csc = $env->{csc};
my $p5flags = $opts->{embed_p5} ? " $ccopts $ldopts" : "";
if ($opts->{so}) {
system("$cc -shared -o $path/test${number}lib.$Config{so} test${number}lib.c $p5flags");
if ($opts->{cc}) {
my $flags = defined $opts->{cc_flags} ? $opts->{cc_flags} : $p5flags;
system("$cc test$number.c -o $path/test$number $flags");
$ok = `$path/test$number`;
# we write a .config file to portably specify where the dynamic library is
if ($opts->{config}) {
my $lib_path = rel2abs("$path/test${number}lib.$Config{so}");
open(my $test_config,">$path/test$number.exe.config");
print $test_config <<END;
<dllmap dll="test${number}lib" target="$lib_path" />
if ($opts->{mono}) {
$ok = `mono $path/test$number.exe`;
is $ok,"OK $number\n",$desc;
test({cc=>1},"We have a working C compiler.");
test({cc=>1,embed_p5=>1},"We can embed p5.");
test({mono=>1},"We can run programs under mono");
test({config=>1,so=>1,mono=>1},"We can call C code from mono");
test({config=>1,so=>1,embed_p5=>1,mono=>1},"We can call p5 code from mono");
test({cc=>1,cc_flags=>"tmp/test6lib.$Config{so}",so=>1,embed_p5=>1},"We can call p5 code from a shared library");
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